Jan, Brian, and the Aunties Visit

Last week we had a house full of ladies! Jan and the Sherry’s visited for 2 days and Brian and Ty were able to meet! I’m SOOO impressed with Jan who traveled all the way from Tateyama, a 2 hr something trip, with Brian and a big bag. No stroller or sling. Amazing! She carried Brian the whole way and breastfed him while walking if needed…Ty and I could totally learn some breastfeeding tips from them!

Brian and Ty’s birthday’s are just a month apart with Brian’s on June 7th (a day after mine!) and Ty’s on July 6th!
It’s wonderful to have a friend with a baby so close in age. During pregnancy it was also great to talk to her over the phone about this and that. It’s so interesting that we both got pregnant so close together. When we were kids we would try to predict who would have a baby first. I always thought Jan would have one first and Jan thought I would have one first. Ha, I predicted right….even if its only a month earlier.

Brian is really amazing and is quite advanced for his age. He doesn’t seem like a baby, but rather a toddler. He’s super interactive….smiling and laughing tons, especially when he see’s his mum. He’s so strong too. He holds his head up real well and is a real solid baby.


Ty still spends most of his time either sleeping or eating. He still doesn’t have much of an “awake time” as Brian does and he came across as even more of a newborn next to Him.

Brian was so funny during this time. He was totally oblivious to Ty right next to him and was instead staring at all the ladies gathering around.

Brian is already a real mama’s boy and is attached  to Jan so much that she only can really have someone other than her carry him in the morning when he’s in a good mood. But this chair came in handy. He loved the vibration and hanging toys that he managed to stay in it for part of the meal times.

We took advantage of the rare time Ty is awake in the morning when he’s hungry and put them together for a little photo taking.
It was SO cute and fun!

Again, the two boys are totally oblivious of each other. haha

Ty notices something to his left and starts looking for his breakfast. Brian is not amused. heh heh

Then it was time for photo shoot for mums and Aunties. The last time I saw Jan was at my wedding 2 years ago and now we both have babies! still can’t get over it!
The following 2 photos look alike, but I love the different facial expressions of the boys.
This photo shows the difference of their hands. Ty usually has his hands wide open and Brian with clenched fists.

Haha, just look at their old man baby faces!

Hirasawa sisters.

Sato sisters.

The VERY helpful Aunties! They prepared all our meals for us and watched the babies so we could eat,shower, and get a couple more mins of shut eye! Tks so much girls!

Finally a photo w/Ty and I.

Hope to see Brian again soon! Maybe next time I’ll visit them in Tateyama!


7 thoughts on “Jan, Brian, and the Aunties Visit

  1. lilia says:

    omg soo good!! That photo of ty looking for breakfast on brians face LOLOL cracks me up sooo much knowing how obsessed he is with the boob LOL! They are both SOO adorable, and you ladies look awesome, Love the photos of both of you carrying, so funny old men faces and differences in hands. Jan is a true sato, amazonian ladies I tell you!! Mia and her and their mom are super tough, can pack, clean, carry and do everything very stoutly!

    Tiny ty looks soooo tiny compared to brian, but a month is a LOOONG time in baby time, so dont be surprised to see him suddenly become a chub chub. His cheeks are already getting so cute and chubby

  2. Nina says:

    ahh when they’re having their old man baby face i think Ty wins. lol. the younger they are, the more ‘old man’ face they make.
    every time I see Ty I just see Motozo! haha. You’re looking lovely Meg!
    And it IS so funny! Ty looking for boob and Brian is so not impressed!
    Argh babies are so cute

  3. Jewel says:

    Aww I love the pictures of the two boys and you and Jan and the babies! You girls look so good! You can’t see any belly left from the pregnancy! I’m jealous! :D:D
    Maaan I really want to meet your babies … :(((((((((((
    The two boys really are so different in size aren’t they … it makes a huge difference how long they spend in the tummy … I’m really starting to see the difference here in normal full-term babies and my Papoosie … he’s still about the size of a 3 month-old.
    But it really is true … Ty really has gotten so much chubbier!

  4. Mia says:

    Best post! So adorable the photo`s of them together… makes my heart melt. I love the one`s of you and Jan together, and the 2nd to last of you and Ty, you girls look gorgeous.
    LOL @ lils, `Stoutly` haha.
    yup, even 2 weeks apart makes a huge difference pretty much up until 1 years old. Ty was born 1 month early, yes? In Japan, for his check ups does the doc go by his birthday or due date?

  5. Yes, Ty was born a month early and the docs go by his birthday.

  6. mama says:

    wa-.sutekina shashin ga ippai . MEG chan to JAN to akachan no syashin iine-. ato simai doushi no mo iine. ikkagetsu chigauto akacha tte sugoku saizu ga chigauyone. imani TY chan mo ookiku naruyo

  7. Jan says:

    Ahh, so sweet!! Meg, you have so many good words directed towards me! I feel honored. 🙂 I must take some time and post this visit too! 🙂

    And Lils, I love the way you think of us Sato girls. Ha! Strong and stoutly! Yes, I can definitely pack, clean, carry…but sadly I can’t cook! hahaha!! The most important thing! Well, not the most…but one of the most important things that a wife and mother should know.

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