7 Weeks

Ty’s cousin, Celia, sent us this adorable card! On the inside is a drawing of her, her little brother Morton, and Ty and it says “I hope you love life.” So sweet and clever!
Thank you Celia!

Ty has been real lucky this week and last and received numerous presents. I’ll get around to posting and showing them when I get the time.

Last week we took a trip to Akachanhompo and got him a mobile, a couple rattles, and breastfeeding shirts for myself. Most of the clothing there were pretty frumpy and unattractive. Moms, where can I find stylish breastfeeding clothes? I did manage to buy a few shirts, a couple of which are nice, but for the most part I felt very shouganai about the clothing.
Ty doesn’t really notice the mobile yet, so we just use the mat for tummy time and a place for us to plop him down him to kick around.  He’s slowly starting to be a bit more alert during the day, but unfortunately his sleeping schedule at night has gotten a little harder for me. He used to only wake up twice at a night, eat, and go back to sleep immediately so I was able to get 4-5 hrs of sleep. He now nibbles (breastfeed for about 5mins) , looks around all wide-eyed, nibbles, and does that for about an hour. He eventually dozes off again, all the while, I’m trying to get him to burp or fart, but he usually doesn’t, which means he wakes up about an hour later crying to be burped and it takes him another hour or so to fall back asleep. That happens 2-3 times at night so I’m back to getting very very little sleep.

He’s a total grazer during the day as well and likes to just eat for 15mins at a time, falls asleep, wakes up an hour later and wants to have his 15min snack. The bugger! I’m trying really hard to get him to have a full meal by waking him etc, but there are days where he just doesn’t want to.  I suspect it’s just a change that I should expect to happen often. Babies are so unpredictable! Hopefully his eating will improve as my nipples, back and shoulders could really use the break!

Breastfeeding is hard! It’s slowly getting a little better, he latches on faster and were both feeling a little more comfortable and confident with it, but we still have our troubles.
I went from not having enough milk to an oversupply of milk that now he doesn’t ever really empty out my breasts and I’m worried he isn’t getting enough hindmilk as his poo color is greenish. Everything I read though says if the baby is gaining weight, is happy, etc then green poo isn’t an issue as all baby’s poo color varies.
Im trying to have him empty one side as much as possible before switching sides, but I don’t know how well that is working as my breasts just seem to fill right up after each feed. I’m VERY happy that we are off the bottles though and I don’t have to express milk to save for the evenings when my supply used to be low. I can now confidently take him out in the evening if I wanted to without worrying that he’ll go hungry.
The other issue we have is that I think I have a very fast letdown so he chokes and coughs a lot and gulps like he’s drowning a bit (which might explain why he’s done eating in 15mins). He has to stop and catch his breath during the feed and often has an upset stomach after. The poor guy!

Its getting a little easier to recognize what he wants. He has a sleepy cry, a hungry cry, an upset stomach cry etc. He’s quite needy still and likes to be held all day, so I take him outside in the morning (when its cool enough) in a sling and in the afternoon I’m carrying him off and on in doors. Come evening Im exhausted and really look forward to Motozo coming back so I can have a bit of a break, but I don’t get much being that he needs the boob quite frequent.

For my sake as much as his, I’m trying to get out daily and do something enjoyable. When the weather permits I take him on long walks in his stroller, go for coffee, lunch, and last Friday I went to a Mommy and Me yoga class. Of course, I didn’t manage to do any yoga as he wanted to feed the whole time. I suspected that to happen though and it was more for me to meet other moms and socialize. There was one mom there with a 5 week old baby and we had a good chat about our birthing experience. After the yoga class all the mums had a macrobiotic lunch together. It was really nice to meet and hang out with other mums that I think the yoga class will be a regular for me for the social aspect.
As far as yoga goes, I do manage to get in a couples mins on most days and if Motozo is home I could get in a proper hour or more. I’ve resumed running (more like just jogging at this point) 1-2 times a week. I would love to be able to run more often, but it’s really hard to coordinate with his current feeding pattern of only eating a little bit and wanting to eat not long after. But if he gets pushed in his stroller outside or carried around in the house when I run then I can manage 30-40mins away. I’ve lost SOO much of my stamina after 1 month in the hospital and another month postpartum of no exercise. I’m trying not to be hard on myself though as there’s very little time to exercise so I just need to do what I can when I can. I’m not really worried about losing weight as I only have 2.5kilos to go to my pre pregnancy weight which Im sure I’ll lose eventually, so my main goal is to get my fitness back, tone and shape up

I can’t believe my little man is almost 2 months old! Look at those big cheeks! He’s now 4kilos and gaining steady.

He can’t help it with the finger can he! heh heh


4 thoughts on “7 Weeks

  1. lilia says:

    He looks like a little bird! LOL I LOVE HIM! Nice mat! And great you are able to get out and about more since his feeding is abit better , hopefully he gets more predictable and you can resume a schedule of sorts! almost 2 months!!

  2. Mia says:

    LOL, and grinning too. So naughty! I love the “Welcome to the world” card… very clever. Those little breaks when daddy watches baby aren’t much but make all the difference in the world. I was so shocked at how uncomfortable bf was at first too, takes time for your body to get used to it and produce the right amount for baby, but it does eventually. Aislinn did that drink till you choke too, I thought I would drown her and asked a nurse about it once and the nurse said some babies nurse like that, and the noises just make it seem bad. I was still paranoid anyway. 😦

  3. Jewel says:

    Aww he’s really chubbing up! I wanted to do yoga when I was pregnant (I did SOME … with the WII fit) and I still want to start doing something but I dont want to do it with a video. This is something I want to go to a class for … somehow with the video I can’t get it right. Are your yoga classes done in English? Or Japanese?

  4. Its totally different taking a class at a proper yoga studio that I’d highly recommend going when u get the chance!! I teach in English and occasionally throw in a few things in Japanese if I feel there’s a need, but for the most part my students are mainly foreigners and bilingual Japanese.

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