Iphone Photos

Photos are accumulating.

Some random photos from my iphone.

Last week I went to My Gym, a kiddy gym where I used to work. This time roles were reverse and I was a customer. It was fun! They have classes from 6 weeks, but I still felt Ty was a little too small to attend since he still was spending most of his time sleeping then. But at 8 weeks I got impatient and I really wanted to go to the gym. When I worked there I always thought if I had a kid I’d love to go there. Finally my chance!
Amazingly, that very day he switched from being an ultra sleeper to being quite alert. 2-3 hrs is a LONG time for him to be awake, but unfortunately he stayed awake all morning so when it came time for his 1pm class he was grouchy and only made it 20mins (the class is 45mins long) into the class and fell asleep. Bummer! I don’t have any photos to show since it was pretty hands on with songs/dances etc, but next time I go hopefully he’ll be awake more and I can’t wait to take photos of him there.
Anyway, I met up with my previous boss and his wife afterward to catch up over coffee. Was great to see Mariko and Taka. As a former employee I wasn’t charged for the trial class as well 🙂
Taking him out to places is getting a lot easier. So long as I’m carrying him he’ll sleep forever.

Taka and Mariko gave us this cute organic PJ. Still too big for him, but he’ll fit into it soon enough. Sorry, I’m too lazy to actually change him into the clothes so I just plopped them on him hehe.

That same morning a fellow mummy friend came over to discuss breastfeeding. She has two kids and breastfed her first even into her 2nd pregnancy so it was great to get some tips and personal experiences from her. She also gave Ty a pj. I think red matches him well! I hope he can fit into this around x-mas time. 🙂

Ty doesn’t spend much time in his crib, but occasionally we’ll put him in it for a nap and the other night he slept there for 3 hours. He doesn’t really like it so much, but this particular day he slept in it well….perhaps because of the white noise machine Jan gave us?

As you can see from all 3 photos of him sleeping, he’s turning his head to the right. He prefers that side, so at night I keep him facing the left to balance it out. I hope his head shape stays even from R-L.

More photos coming soon.


5 thoughts on “Iphone Photos

  1. Liene says:

    Wow, he is growing so fast!
    Looks like you getting bit more out of house time…
    We should try to meet up for tea or coffee some day!
    I would suggest wit my kids, but they might be way too noisy for little sleeping TY!
    What about some time next week?

  2. lil says:

    oh hes just the cutest, his head is rounding out so much and he’s filling out heaps!! so funny how you just plop the clothes on him, that’s the way! Cute outfits and how nice of your friends! So funny how you show up at old work to be the customer, it must be an interesting feeling, but hey free trials …not bad! Makes working there worth it eh? lol 😉

    Cant wait to see photos of him at the gym and other places And oh no with the head preference thing! I know that so well, and amelies head is still slightly lopsided, one thing for sure, you cant get them to turn their head fi they dont want to! Hopefully it isn’t such a strong preference

  3. Oh, yes, lets meet Liene! Mon or Tues is good. Pls bring your kids along. Id love to hang out with them too. Ty needs to get used to noise. noise is good for him.

  4. Mia says:

    Meg, just wants to wake him up… you know the whole, can`t wait for them to sleep so you can get some relax but miss them so bad can`t wait for them to wake up, feeling? ;D

  5. Mia says:

    Natie had a preference thing so I`d change her crib to different places in the apartment, put mobiles and toys on her unliked side, etc. I think it helped. A neighbor Mom at the time said that didn`t work for her but her baby was real scared of a certain stuffy so she put that on his perfered side (I know, meanest thing ever) lol, and that worked for her. Natie`s got a bit a flat head on the backside…but I think that`s a Japanese gene. Dunno.

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