Tummy Time to Nap Time

Sorry for the low quality photos taken by the iphone again. Its hard to get a shot of Ty lifting his head as he can only lift it up for short spells. But last night he made huge progress (not the photos below) and lifted his head up for a long time and turned his head from side to side. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cameras on hand then.

This evening was really funny though. He just had a bath and didn’t seem interested in eating much so I put him down for some tummy time. He kicked around, farted, and lifted his head up like a champ.

Then he started yawning and suddenly looked sleepy……

A couple minutes later he was sound asleep without so much as a peep or whine! First time for him to put himself to sleep!
Usually he’s pretty fussy in the evenings and takes him a long time to settle and fall asleep, so this was a welcome change (albeit brief as he was back to being fussy and inconsolable last night).
He stayed sleeping on his mat for a good hour so I had the most relaxing dinner ever! šŸ™‚ Wish every night could be like this.

Anyway, it was just too cute!

Daddy is coming home today. We’ve been home alone for two days as Motozo had a business trip to Taiwan. Were looking forward to him coming back!

Have a lovely day everyone.

3 thoughts on “Tummy Time to Nap Time

  1. lil says:

    oh waaay to cute! he’s even smiling lol. He’s only 2 months so that’s awesome! and such a good boy for giving you a relaxing dinner! Hopefully that’s the start of many šŸ™‚ One can hope eh?

  2. Merch says:

    Aw, those photos are so adorable. I can hardly wait for my son to be able to lift his head like that too. He looks so cute smiling in that first photo.

  3. Mia says:

    Such a cute laughing smile!! Turning head from side to side is great for 2 mo`s! Well done little man!

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