Today is a special day. September 9th 2009 Motozo and I got officially married.

I had fun today going through our old photos. Let me reminisce a bit….

We met 7 years ago at a running a club. We started off just as friends(while I secretly wished we were more) for a few years and we ran lots together.

Before long we became a couple and I felt like the luckiest lady ever! I was with the man of my dreams. Cheezy….sorry.

We had great times traveling lots.

Training, racing, cheering each other.

And of course we did lots of yoga together.

He introduced me to his family, I introduced him to mine.

We got married! Too bad I couldn’t find our city hall photo! 😦

And its been quite a ride ever since!

Darling, u are a wonderful and u make me so happy!

I love everything about u and cherish everything we have together.

I feel so blessed to have u in my life and there’s no way I can live without u!

Here’s to many more years together.

This morning I received the sweetest email (were quite informal around here and I love it) from Motozo that brought tears to my eyes.

Rubenstein, David (JP Int) to veg_meg.20, me
show details 9:11 AM (3 hours ago)


Good morning.
Today is September 9.
2 years ago today we went down to Minato-kuyakusho, got married, and
toasted with champagne in the park. It was a great day.
Thank you for everything over the past 2 years.
It has been wonderful, and now we have a beautiful son.
It hasn’t been perfect all the time, but that is the way life is.
I look forward to the rest of our life together.
We have so much to cherish.

I love you,


Hugs and kisses to my love.


8 thoughts on “999

  1. Mia says:

    Aww, you two are so romantic. Such lovely photo`s. Congrats for the 2 years and best wishes for this next one.

  2. lilia says:

    oh so romantic, I love it. You two are so great together, that one with the ceremony pic next to the lake always makes me cry, it reminds me of the video you took and it’s just so nice!

    congratulations, time totally flies when you’re having fun! to many more years

  3. mama says:

    2nennmeno kekkonnkinennbi omedetou.
    tutekina shashinippaidane.TYchan no chashin mo sugoku kawaii!!! Kotoshi 1nen ga MEG chan to MOTOZOU san ni totte subarashii toshini naruyouni inotte imasune.

  4. Jan says:

    Waaaaa…..This is soooo sweet and heart touching! I’m so pleased with the man that you chose and I’m soooo happy to see these beautiful, romantic photos of you together. You truly are a match made in heaven.
    I wish both of you many more happy, romantic, exciting years together.

    Such beautiful photos of love! It almost made me teary-eyed! Ha.

  5. Merch says:

    Beautiful! You’re so blessed! ❤

  6. Merch says:

    And the last photo is just amazing and so sweet!

  7. randomgoods says:

    Aw congrats you guys 🙂
    You two are so cute! I love the photo at the end, it just seems so triumphant somehow.
    Two years really go by fast.
    I remember when you would tell me about Motozo, and asking if I thought he was handsome :p, I’m so glad you two got married, you’re such a cute couple.

  8. I love every single picture but the very last one is just beautiful! I LOVE IT! Congratulations on 2 years and a son. What a genuinely sweet e-mail. You make a beautiful family.

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