Belated 2 Month Update

I better get started with this before he turns 3 months! I believe he’s 9-10 weeks now? Sorry, I’m a bad mother and not really counting. Months are by far an easier way for me to count. According to Ty is 2 month and 2 weeks. According to Motozo’s counting, he’s 9 weeks. hmm….I’m a little lost how this whole counting thing works. Anyhooo…..

Weight: 4.82kg(as of yesterday)
Height: 52cm (last week. he may be taller now)

Recent developments: He found his hands! He can suck to sooth himself and often does when he’s sleeping and/or hungry or even just for the heck of sucking. He can hold his head up longer when he’s on his stomach and for the most part doesn’t protest very much so long as he isn’t hungry. He’s pretty active when he’s on his mat having a kick around and often scoots himself almost entirely off the mat. If he’s on his stomach, he scoots himself forward, especially during his sleep and he often starts sleeping in the middle of his crib and wakes up with his head smashed at the top, ha silly thing!
He stills sleeps boat loads during the day, but when he is awake he’s quite alert looking all around and turns his head to follow me if I’m talking to him and walking around. He coos when he’s hungry or if he wants to be picked up after waking up, its the cutest thing!
He hates having a wet and dirty nappy and lets me know immediately when he did number 2. He’ll scream his head off, but as soon as he’s dry and clean he stops crying immediately.

For the most part he only cries when he’s tired, hungry, and wants to be changed, but at night he’s pretty fussy and takes a couple hours to get settled.
When he does FINALLY fall asleep though he has started sleeping a solid 4 – 4.5 hrs at a time. He often only wakes up 1-2xs at night and last night he slept from 9pm – 4am! 7 hrs straight! woohoo. I got 5 hours of much needed rest! So happy and hope this continues. I now can enjoy a glass of wine after he goes down for the night and its the HIGHLIGHT of the day! 🙂
I think now that he’s sleeping in his crib he’s sleeping better (not to mention I am as well!) and maybe soon I’ll move into our bedroom once we get a monitor. I didn’t think it would be SO hard to sleep far from him, but darn it really is! I want to be close to him JUST INCASE something happens but I’m waking up at every stretch and grunt so that’s keeping me from sleeping well. Here’s a question, do you think its good to feed your baby BEFORE he starts crying for food or wait until he cries? Being that he’s now sleeping 4-7 hours at a time at night I know he’s hungry when he wakes up so once he starts squirming and waking up I often start feeding him before he cries. I just hate hearing him cry, but if I moved out of his room then its most likely I won’t wake up until he actually cries.

In an attempt to get him sleep better at night we switched his morning bath to the evening to create a bedtime routine. He gets changed into his pj’s, we dim the lights and tv is on low. One of Motozo’s colleagues has a baby one month older than Ty and they have this terrific method of getting their baby to sleep through the night. They have him splash around in the tub for almost up to an hour or whenever the baby has had enough, give him a big bottle, and he’s completely down for the night, sleeping something like 6-8 hours. So we had to give that a try! We bought the neck ring, filled up the tub, and gave it a go. How did it go? oh, it lasted a total of 2 minutes and he was screaming his head off. HA. I think he was pretty shocked and didn’t know what was going on. Ever since its just been easier to wash him in his baby tub since he really likes it there. But we’d like to try the neck ring sometime again.
Luckily, he’s sleeping longer through the night all on his very own.

Because he’s sleeping more at night he now wants to eat A LOT more during the day. Say every hour or 2. I guess he’s making up for the night feedings. The only thing predictable during the day is his poo time, but other than that every day is different and its pretty exhausting! Its kind of hard to make plans when he doesn’t have a feeding schedule, so I’m tentatively thinking of starting a loose schedule at 3 months.
I’m sure there was a lot more that I wanted to comment about but I don’t remember. Over all he’s getting easier to care for and he’s so adorable!

Last weekend I subbed a yoga class and it was SO much fun! Of course, I was worried SICK about Ty and the process to get Ty ready and make sure he’s eaten enough before I leave was exhausting, but I better get used to it as I’m subbing for a quite a few more classes this year. I’m going to teach my first official prenatal yoga class next week. I’m REALLY excited! I love teaching yoga and I’m looking forward to when I can teach a class with less hassle of leaving Ty at home with Dad or sitter. I’m going to wait until next year though before I start teaching regular classes. Right now I’m just filling in for a teacher when there’s a need.

A bit more about me postnatal: HUNGRY HUNGRY HUNGRY! All the time! I think I eat more than Motozo now. A couple weeks ago I was actually gaining weight, but now I’m ever so slowly starting to lose. I think it has to do with me exercising more regularly. I’ve been able to run at least 2-3 times a week and do toning exercises on days I can’t run.
Emotionally, I’m still kind of all over the place and suffering from a little postnatal depression, but I saw a nutritionist and she recommended zinc to help with my moods and talking to girlfriends and Motozo has been most helpful! Oh, and wine every evening hehe! 🙂
I’ll elaborate about seeing the nutritionist some other time.

I guess that’s it for now. The above photos are a couple weeks old because I’m too lazy to upload the recent photos.
My in-laws are arriving tonight from NY and staying with us for 2 weeks so I’ll have lots to blog about when they arrive. Were going to the beach this weekend which should be interesting and fun! Will be nice to get out of hot Tokyo! When is Autumn ever going to come?


7 thoughts on “Belated 2 Month Update

  1. Jewel says:

    We have that same baby mobile!!!! 😀
    So cute how he’s growing up so fast! I LOVE that neck ring thingie! I wanted to teach my baby how to swim and float but we don’t have a bathtub in our house and I was only able to take him to the pool once this year! 😦
    Definitely feeding before he cries is the best. Crying is a sign of advanced hunger (late-stage) meaning that he almost can’t stand it anymore. And especially until they are 6 months old, babies needs and wants are the same so when they cry it’s because they NEED something.
    I was UBER hungry all the time till Papoosie was about 3 months … now my appetite is just average and I FINALLY started losing weight YAY! I think everything is on overload for the first three months … physically, emotionally … your body is adjusting to the baby and his particular habits/quirks … I think it starts evening out a little after that.
    Ty is growing so much and getting oh so chubby and he really does look like a little bunny! I really hope I get to meet you guys again and meet little Ty!

  2. yeah! i noticed that about the mobile! 🙂
    Glad to hear it gets a little easier at some point. tks for the feeding advice too.

  3. Merch says:

    Wow where did you get the baby neck ring for bath-time??? I really wanted that and if there’s anywhere i could purchase it, I would. Where can I buy them?

  4. Mia says:

    Poor thing with the neck ring, that must be so uncomfortable for him. 😦 Too bad he didn`t like the bath tub, if he can get used to it… it`s the best baby workout and/or soother. Don`t know how you did it but I`d say forget the ring, hold him really tight and cuddly and together get in slowly, then keep holding him till he gets braver and reaches out on his own.
    Sorry about PD, I always feel its totally not fair for mom`s to have to go through that on top of full on taking care of a newborn~toddler. Hope things cheer up soon.
    PS. There`s a Chinese tea that helps for a friend of mine, if the zinc doesn`t work.

  5. lilia says:

    oh I love that one with him crying LOL, it’s hilarious. Its so hard leaving them to sleep by themselves! I’ve read the best you can do is to feed before they cry, but in practical sense, this isn’t possible and basically you just feed them when they wake up. I wouldn’t wake him up to feed him, but that’s just me. It seems they learn to regulate themselves so they don’t get too hungry..but I don’t know, I guess each baby is different. Amelie never really went too hungry, she would cry but it would be fine to just pop the boob and off she went. I would recommend co sleeping even if just in the same room, only for convinience sake that he’s an arms length, at least till he’s 3 months since that won’t change anything, some even say till 6 months is fine. They get better at sleeping through the night..Its rougher imo sleeping away! I seem to get worse sleep just worrying that I wouldnt wake up if the monitor went off..etc (that was before of course, now its fine, she’s tougher and can handle abit more stress lol).
    that neck floater thingy is so weird!! LOL I wouldnt like it either by the looks of it, but each baby has the wirdest ideas. Maybe he will get used to it eventually. Hope you find the trick to at least a consistent 4-5 hr sleeps!

  6. Jan says:

    That’s amazing that he’s sleeping full on night slots. Great! I still co sleep with Brian and I nurse him when he wakes up, before he cries. I wouldn’t recommend you waiting to see if he can put himself back to sleep. Most likely he wakes up because he’s hungry and if you don’t give him what he needs, he’ll just go crazy. I have the crib right next to me, but Brian knows when he’s not sleeping RIGHT next to me. so, for now, I’m not using the crib for sleeping. Eventually, when he starts sleeping longer (like Ty) I’ll start putting him in his crib in hopes that he’ll sleep there (and not notice that he’s not RIGHT up against me).
    If Ty is sleeping pretty good in the night, maybe you could move the crib into your room for a try. If he wakes up and just nurses and goes back to sleep then you wouldn’t have to worry about bothering Motozo. If Ty wakes up and wants to play, then maybe so not to bother Motozo, you should go to the next room or something. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find the best solution. 🙂 You are well trained in the arts of mothering. Hee hee.

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