Hotel Experience

A little rough….for me at least. I’ve sworn off long trips until Ty is a bit older.
I thought the trip to Shimoda would be a little smoother in the hopes that he would sleep peacefully. No such thing. The night before he was up more than usual and seemed really tired in the morning so he didn’t feed very well and I was rushing around finishing the last-minute packing.
Once we got on the road he got hungry, but the motion of the car would make him drowsy so he wouldn’t get a full feed in. Then he’d wake up a couple of minutes later hungry and tired and the cycled continued. The trip took 5 hours so it was SOOO exhausting trying to keep him from getting too fussy by encouraging him to eat more so he can get a solid sleep in. I also just happened to develop really painful back ache that day that made carrying and nursing him on the left side VERY uncomfortable!

I was SO relieved when we got to the hotel. He was alright for an hour or so I and I managed to snap a few photos of him in a good mood. But then the tears started.

Usually, Ty is in a good mood until 7pm when he starts getting sleepy and is fussy until he goes down for the night around 9pm. But because the car ride threw him totally off his “schedule” he started getting fussy around 4pm and he was A LOT more fussy then usual. I knew beforehand that the chance of me going out to dinner with everyone would be close to impossible so I hunkered down and prepared for the long evening/night.
Unfortunately, the hotel, although a 5 star, didn’t have room service so Motozo picked me up lots of foods from a nearby store. My dinner consisted of onigiri, some veggie sticks, and fruit all gulped down while soothing, carrying, nursing Ty. I was pretty miserable.
I’m pretty used to Ty’s fussiness at home, but alone in a hotel room while everyone else goes out for dinner was pretty darn lonesome!
I’ve read that its common for babies to have a fussy time most often in the evening as it’s a way for them to distressed after a full day of stimulations etc. Ty also definitely does some cluster feeding in the evening and its apparently a way for babies to “stock up” for the night. It’s not pleasant though as he’ll nurse for a few seconds, pull away crying, and nurse again, pull away crying etc. Originally, I thought it was because I had low supply that’s why he’d get frustrated and I think my let down is slower in the evening so that probably does frustrate him, but with the amount of weight he’s putting on, I don’t think my supply is an issue. Now I know and understand whats going on and know what works to sooth him, but basically I just need to wait it out until he’s ready to drink a solid meal and fall asleep. And that usually takes up to 3 hours and sometimes more if we have company and he’s stimulated.
Long evening it ended up being. Obviously, he was really overtired and cranky from the trip. When he finally went down he’d wake up every 2 hours at night to feed, no doubt to make up from the day before of not having any solid feeds in the car. There went his nice 4 – 5 hr wakes at night. His schedule was totally screwed and I suffered, not to mention my back started getting increasingly worse throughout the trip.
I know a 2hr schedule is probably normal for lots of babies at night, but Im presuming those babies nurse briefly and then fall back to sleep immediately yes? Especially if they cosleep and nurse laying down. Unfortunately,neither one works for us. Ty is a pretty gasys/burpy baby and I need to burp him throughout a feed so it doesn’t make sense to nurse laying down when I have to get up anyway in a couple of minutes at a time to burp him. Also he has less digestive issues if I nurse him in a semi upright position. Most feeds take up to an hour with him taking a long time to get his gas or burp out. He’ll squirm and fuss until the air comes out, so a 2 hr schedule pretty much equals zero sleep for me.

Anyway, long story short, the weekend was rough for me. The pain in my back moved to my chest and when we got home to Tokyo breathing was even difficult and laying down to sleep made me cry – the pain was that bad! Motozo slept in the baby room with me to help burp him for me after each feed.
My back has since gotten a bit better. I went to a doctor and was told basically what I already know, a muscular strain. I need to stretch and rest more. Pretty hard to do when you have to carry a baby I tell you.
Ever since we’ve been back his sleeping schedule at night is still off and on. Some nights he sleeps 4-5 hours at a time and others its back to 2 hrs. I hope it gets better at some point.

One good thing about being woke up early is seeing the beautiful sunrise over the ocean!

We didn’t do a whole lot of swimming. Actually, Ty and I did zero. Motozo swim a couple of times while Ty and I enjoyed the view.

We also made a friend! I bumped into a friend at a restaurant and she was there with a friend who has a baby just 2 weeks older than Ty. We had a good chat and planning to meet often so our sons can have play dates. 🙂
Ty doesn’t look so small any more. He probably weighs more than Alexander, although Alex is taller than him. It was so funny and cute how they’d lay the exact same way! Universal baby pose?

4 thoughts on “Hotel Experience

  1. lilia says:

    LOLOL looove the last photo, first I was looking at alexander not knowing a chunky ty was right next to him till I scrolled down more. SO CUTE! He’s definetly getting his share of boobie so don’t stress too much about letting him cry abit if he’s just eaten! You poor thing! It WILL get better for sure, by 3 months you should at least get uninteruppted 4-5 hours of sleep and it will seem like heaven haha. waking up 2-3 times in the night will seem so nice warped as that is. His digestive system is just getting sorted out, and when it does, it’s over night literally! hope it’s soon, sounds like you need a big break, wish I was there to baby sit for a night or two, it gets better when they start becoming more interactive too and less blob like lol. Hope your next hotel trip fares much better!

  2. Mia says:

    Aww so sorry…I really hope you can somehow get rested and get better. It`s all a matter of time…just gotta tough it out. Imagine you`re in one of your marathon races and those blisters are killing, and you`re telling yourself 1 more km, one more month. Mothering is difficult so don`t feel bad about “just getting through the month.. or year”. We all have those moments..pretty often too. Naturally, there`s loads of proud moments, overflowing infatuation, giggles, etc that make it all good.
    Do you do baby massage? Those ones for gas pains or constipation?
    Whoa, I thought Alex was more like 2 weeks younger! Ty looks especially good against the deep blue background.

  3. Jewel says:

    So sorry for your back! I hope it gets better soon!
    That pose is oh so cute! They call in the ‘fencing’ pose … lots of babies adopt that pose … they say its somehow a reflexive action to protect their heads or something ….

  4. Jan says:

    Ahh, kawaiso Meg! Sounds like a crazy trip/evening! I can’t give too many good wishes as nights for me are still not as restful.
    Beautiful photos though! The first one is sooo cute. And the one with his little friend, he looks very kakoii and handsome. Maybe he’ll be a big strong sports man after all!

    Daddy/baby photos are always so special. Its so hard getting mommy/baby photos. Grrr…

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