More Photos of Ty

Ty is napping in his basket that is getting a little cramped for him. We may be able to get a whole 3 months usage out of it…too bad not for longer. Good thing my friend is expecting so we can pass it on down. Anyway, I have probably less than 10mins to blog so I better make this fast. Ty doesn’t nap for long if he’s not being carried.

Ty is finally able to fit into lots of Summer clothes that I got him and friends gave. Too bad it’s suddenly Autumn weather and thus too cold to wear 😦 Anyone expecting a summer baby next year? I have loads of newborn clothes I can give away!
We managed to get Ty into his little jimbei on the last hot day we had. It’s the cutest thing!

Ty usually starts his day around 7:30 – 8AM these days. He has his feed, I give him a sponge bath (although I’ve cut that out recently since its getting cooler, but it was a nice morning routine in the Summer) and he has a little kick around either in his crib or playmat.

Then he usually goes down for a little nap. It varies from day-to-day. If I take him out in the stroller than he’ll sleep 45mins or so, but at home it usually ends up being less.
On facebook I got a little “lecture” from a non parent on how dangerous it is to let a baby sleep on his stomach. I guess I’m a bad mum. Ty just sleeps SOO much better on his stomach, but he still sleeps often on his side or back.

He eats/snacks frequently throughout the day which I’m trying to change. I’m trying to extend his eating times a little farther from each other so he’ll be encouraged to eat larger at one go. The frequent feeds are EXHAUSTING! I had a little scare the pass 2 days where my supply seems to have dropped dramatically. I felt empty all day and he was quite cranky most of the day. What happened! Suddenly today I feel quite full again, so maybe I was just tired. We’ve had a lot of visitors lately and I’ve been feeling pretty tired.

Now when Ty is hungry or wants to be picked up he talks. Its SOO cute! He coos and it sounds like a cat. I don’t feed him immediately because I like to talk back to him, but if I wait too long then he starts getting fussy so I try to feed him before that. He’s getting more alert every day and really watches and listens to people as they talk. His neck is getting a little more solid so its easier to carry him. He feels a lot more solid physically.

Last night Ty was pretty cranky. He didn’t seem to ever get enough to eat (ie: low supply?) and he didn’t have proper naps, but as soon as I put him in his tub he starting smiling really big. He smiles a lot more these days and I’m presuming it’s not just gassy smiles hehe.

And Ty just woke up so that ends this post.


9 thoughts on “More Photos of Ty

  1. Mia says:

    What on earth??…YOU’RE NOT A BAD MOM!!! A bad mom lets her baby lay there, cry there, never learn or experience anything but there in that same face up position so she won’t even fit a hat!… I’ve seen this before, true story.
    True, most SIDS cases have happened when baby slept belly down, but ppl always seem to stop reading there… and it’s probably mostly belly down because mostly babies sleep better that way. As long as you’re keeping an eye on him, checking his body temperature, if he spit, etc. that’s as safe as safe can be. Ok, rant over. Point is, you’re doing great…and especially so for an especially gassy, difficult bugger. 🙂
    I wish I could babysit for you.
    His jimbei is soo cute and his eyes are just beautiful. Sounds like a cat?? hahah Well, way better than Raiden sounding like some prehistoric dinosaur. I seriously thought he had vocal problems.

  2. lilia says:

    lol yeah cat is much better, amelie used to make that dinosour sound too and it was awful lol. screw other people with no babies :D. They have NO idea what htye are talking about. Yes it’s better to place on their back but funny enough, the countries that have the highest sids are the ones who even promote that ,whereas places like Japan have the lowest infantile deaths ever, they sleep wherever the hell they want, including in the same bed. as the mother of your baby you know him best and what is best, no one can tell you otherwise! AND having a crankier mom with no sleep is worse than having a mom who can think straight in the day! I’d say that’s an even worse risk ..sleep deprivation should be avoided at all cost for both mom and baby! Sleep is so vital that if you can find a good way he wants to rest, DO IT! Forget what the books say, you know best. Stupid childless ppl LOL

    He’s so cute, looking like you when youwere a baby meg!! I’ve been reading alot about the importance of close proximity and carrying baby around, so if you have to carry him for him to sleep, try using a sling around the house so at least you can get some stuff done! Its always nice when they statrt feelin sturdier..hows your back?

  3. Merch says:

    hes just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!

  4. Jewel says:

    Awww getting oh so chubby!
    DEFINITELY screw those ppl who have no idea what they are talking about … my baby slept way better on his tummy too and we were really scared at first but really soon he was able to move his head from side to side on his own while on his tummy (they say that’s important cause then they will be able to help themselves it they get stuck with a blanket covering their face on one side or something, they can turn themselves) … and we got less scared as time went on. You know he might change eventually too though … cause Papoosie stopped sleeping on his tummy when it got REALLY hot cause he preferred his side … less contact with sheets and therefore less heat I guess … idk … so maybe your baby will change sleeping habits too! So YOU know your baby best! YAY!
    I really hope I get to meet you and baby sometime! When I go back to Japan can I visit you? And can you teach me yoga?? :D:D

  5. Of course Jewel! Keep in touch! it’ll be absolutely fantastic to see you when you come to Japan and doing yoga together would be fab!

  6. Jewel says:

    Aha Meg emphasis on TEACH … ever since I got pregnant I pretty much stopped doing exercise routines/stretching so I’m like SUPER unflexible now waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Jesse says:

    That yukatta matches him superbly.

  8. Jan says:

    Ooh, he’s getting so big! So cute! He’s probably around the same size, if not bigger, than Brian now. 😉 I need to go pay you another visit soon! Ha!
    Don’t worry about what the facebook mother says. Everyone says different things, and yes, it could be true, for that perticular mother. But maybe not for another.
    Brian is a lot the same as far as sleeping and napping goes. 🙂 He super needs comfort and me to be around all the time. I’d love to teach him how to just play and be by him self for a little while. Maybe it’s wishful thinking.

  9. Jan says:

    Oh yes, and I forgot to say, he looks soo much like you!

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