Our wonderful two week visit from Herb and Fumiko came to an end a couple days ago. We had a great time having them over and were looking forward to visiting them in the states sometime soon hopefully!

While Herb and Fumiko were here we had some relatives from Motozo’s side visit us as well.
Junichi and Ty

Masako (Ty’s Great Aunt) This was late afternoon and Ty was pretty tired. If Ty is tired he gets a little Mommy attached and will cry if anyone but I carry him. Its sweet but also quite tiring.


Katsuzo, Masako’s husband had a ball carrying Ty.

Thanks everyone for visiting. Ty loved all the attention and will miss everyone, especially his grandparents!


6 thoughts on “Visits

  1. lil says:

    He is adorable, love the fat rolls on the legs, and that one iwth him and great aunt is hliarious, he’s like hey I don’t know you! Where’s my mommy and where’s my boobie lolol.
    Is that amelie’s old clothes?! the green ones, he looks like he’s already outgrowing them! I think amelie could wear it all the way till 4 months till we had to cut the legs off lol. He’s almost 3 mo so hopefully that means more solid sleeps and less gas!!

  2. Mia says:

    Aww, I`m in love with that last photo of him…he`s one eyebrow lift is so charming! Love that expression he makes with Great Aunt, really says it all… too bad he was fussy though.
    And Meg, you look very pretty.

  3. Nina says:

    Ty is looking a lot more like you as the months go on. Katsuzo looked like he had the time of his life carrying little Ty, even though Ty was asleep(?)
    Ty’s great aunt has some serious baby holding skills, she looks like a pro holding Ty even when he wasn’t too pleased being held.
    I agree with Mia, you look absolutely fabulous, bounced back already 😉

  4. Meg says:

    Tks Mia and Nina. Though for the most part I feel exhausted and disheveled. Haven’t bounched back yet. Thighs still got some shrinkage to do to get back into running shape.

  5. Meg says:

    Don’t know if those are Amelie’s old clothes. Maybe. Jan gave it to me. We need to get him Autumn/Winter wear that actually fits him.

  6. These look great. Hopefully the Rubenstein visit will become an annual event. Thanks for sending these along.

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