Breastfeeding Journey Continues

YAY! Ty has been consistently going down each night between 7 – 8pm and doesn’t wake up until 10pm or 12am which means I have evenings to relax, enjoy a meal without having to wolf it down, and time to blog šŸ™‚ I hope posting about this doesn’t jinx it suddenly. Anyway…’s topic is breastfeeding. If you’ve been following from Ty’s birth its no surprise that I’ve had quite a bit of trouble and tears with breastfeeding. First of all, he was too small and didn’t have enough power to breastfeed when he came home so I pumped 8xs a day and fed him with a bottle. Let you tell you it was so exhausting! The good thing about that though was either my mum (who helped me for a month) or Motozo could feed him for me so I could sleep. I persevered and eventually Ty was able to drink directly from me, but I started off with a little low milk supply in the evenings. I still pumped in the morning and saved the milk for the evenings. Then my milk really came in and in over abundance and I had an issue of Ty not getting to the hind-milk.

It eventually got a little easier, but I can/could never say it was smooth sailing. For the pass little while I seemed to have the perfect amount of milk and then suddenly it dropped drastically…mainly in the evenings which I’ve figured out has to do with being tired.


Evenings got really tough for the pass few weeks. My let down is slower and with a hungry little boy it made both of us stressed and miserable in the evenings. It took 3 hours of off and on eating until finally he had enough and settled for the night. I read its normal for milk supply to decrease a little in the evening and I’m def one of those people to get affected greatly by stress and exhaustion. On days when I’m extra tired I notice a huge difference! I’m trying to just let my body get used to the demand and hope it’ll make more milk and it has, but I decided I’m going to take it a step farther and start taking supplements that are suppose to help increase milk supply.

I did LOTS of research on increasing supply and there’s a variety of herbs/vitamins to help out. I picked out 3 that seemed to have the most positive affect. Starting with Fenugreek, which seems to be the most affective, I got in capsule form and tea. Red Raspberry Leaf which I decided to take in tea form since that’s a lot more enjoyable then capsules. And finally, Brewers Yeast. My parents told me many times that I should take it and apparently its one of those things that can help milk supply! Mom and dad, I’ve finally started taking it! Thank you!
And I also ordered more milk tea just for the heck of it. Hey, I’m ready to try anything to maintain my milk supply.



I start my mornings now with the Organic Moms Milk Tea which tastes a little like licorice…I like!



Along with fenugreek seed and brewers yeast pills. I also take zinc, my prenatal vitamins, vitamin D, and B-12 (not daily) as recommended for vegans.
I take the funugreek seed and brewers yeast 3x a day. I’ve researched how much I should be taking of both and man I really got to take a lot of both!



In the afternoon I drink either Red Raspberry Leaf tea or Funugreek Seed tea. Red Raspberry doesn’t taste too bad. First time I tasted it I thought it was bitter, but 2nd time it tasted sweeter for some reason. Funugreek – ACK disgustingly bitter! Gag gag! Next time maple syrup will be added to it.


I will do anything to keep this little man happy and content.


At first Ty was gaining A LOT of weight really fast, but these days it has slowed down a lot, but he’s still consistently wetting 6-8 diapers a day and has regular stools so according to that I can rest assure that he’s getting enough. Just look at my round little/big man šŸ™‚



I’ve only started taking the teas and capsules for 2 days and I can’t say I notice a huge difference. Today (2nd day) I was a bit more full then usual, but come evening Ty drains me out completely, but he has suddenly become less fussy in the evenings. Whether that has to do with my milk or him just changing as time goes on…..I’m not sure, but either way Im liking it! It still takes 2-3 hrs for him to fall asleep, but he’s perfectly content just being carried and drinks until he falls asleep. No more fussing šŸ™‚ My evenings are less stressful and tiring now….hopefully this will do my milk supply some good.

I know I’m probably over doing it with all of this as according to Ty’s weight gain my milk supply has been quite sufficient, but I like to know I’m doing what I can to maintain. And now I must do what is probably the best thing for my milk supply – sleep and taking Lilia’s advice to trust my body to make enough. šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Journey Continues

  1. lil says:

    Yes you have enough!! LOL Look at him, you know that kid isn’t going hungry LOLOL, I LOVE that last one, all fat and satisfied. It sounds like you’re hitting that wonderful 3 month mark where suddenly they start fussying less! It’s awesome and happens over night, Its like their digestive system just goes into place. You’re such a good mommy, doing everything you can to keep ty happy…! Remember, 6-8 nappies is perfect, dont go by weight ever.
    Thta first pic is just sooo beautiful! you look so amazing, and look at his little hand on you..sooo sweet.

  2. Mia says:

    I love everything about that first pic. You look so serene and motherly, Ty hugging your bewb :), even Moto`s leg there completes the family. Such love.
    YAY, so happy for you he`s sleeping better. Ty looks so content lazying on the sofa.

  3. Jan says:

    Beautiful! You look so gorgeous and motherly. Ty also looks like he’s a happy and satisfied baby. He’s way chubbier than Brian. Tell Motozo. He’d be pleased.

  4. randomgoods says:

    whoa you look soo good like that! šŸ˜€ you’ve got the motherhood beauties down alright

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