He Rolled!

Ever since Ty discovered his hands, his tummy time has become more of a delicious hand sucking time. Its so cute!

Today he decided to show me what he can actually do and it made me one proud mama!

Oh, that head is looking mighty heavy!

Oh, is he going to roll!?



He has absolutely no idea what he just managed to accomplish! ha

I made him to do it 3 times and now whenever I put him on his belly he can’t help but roll over onto his back and each time he looks so shocked and perplexed at what just happened ha. His head has a mind of its own!

woohoo, big day for Ty! I even got it on video cam, but I’m too lazy to upload it to youtube and then upload it here.

Ty’s 3 month update is overdue. Some other night when I have the time. Right now sleep is on my mind as it always is.


3 thoughts on “He Rolled!

  1. lil says:

    LOL! YAY for big heads..good for ty rolling over! now he can think of doing something other than boobie! HAHA ,I love the first pic. he’s such a sweetie

  2. Mia says:

    Oh WOW, you got photo`s AND a video of his first times rolling!! The 2nd pic is just toooo cute!

  3. Jan says:

    Ah, that is soooo cute how you got photos of the roll. It’s like watching it in slow motion!

    Also, I JUST finished posting on my blog about Brian’s first roll, from back to stomach. Awesome timing. Our boys are growing up so fast!

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