3 month update

Ty is 3 month and a week old. I was looking at his newborn photos a few days ago and was shocked at how much he grew and changed  He looks like a totally different baby! He went from being ultra slim to squishy and fat. It’ll be interesting to see how he changes throughout the weeks/months/years.

Mia asked me awhile go if Ty’s doctors are going by his actual birth day or original birth day as far as counting how old he is etc. I was a bit slow to catch on, but they are going by his original birth date because his 3 month appointment will be in Nov. He’ll be 4 months then by his July 6th birthday, but technically still 3 months.

Weight: 5.6kg on his 3rd month b-day, but he’s now 5.7kg. His weight gain has slowed down. He’s basically only putting on 100grams a week these days and I’m trying not to be concerned about that. At the rate he’s going I can presume he’ll be 6kg at 4 months and that’ll put him on the very lower end of the precential scale, but then again if I go by his original due date then his weight is just on target. I know its crazy that I should be concerned about his weight, but there were a few days where his weight stayed the same and then when he did gain it was only 20grams or so. I was also counting his diapers and there were days when they were only slightly wet. But he seems quite healthy and I’ve read that babies, just like adults, have days where they eat more and days where they eat less so its easy for the diaper count to fluctuate etc.

Height: We didn’t really measure him accurately, but he’s somewhere like 58 – 59cm. Still a little shorty hehe. Its funny, when he was a newborn my mum was saying how he has such long legs and he’s going to be tall probably and the last time she saw him she was like “oh his legs are really short now.” Thats because his head is so big ha.

Ty, just recently has started getting into a bit of a routine, but it’s still a little tough for him to get solid naps so he’s quite cranky and difficult during the day. He wakes up between 7-8AM and takes a 30min nap an hour later. I know he wants to sleep more, but has  hard time falling back to sleep, so sometimes I nap with him and at the 30min mark (He’s ALWAYS right on time and wakes up in 30mins) I try to nurse him back to sleep. But usually I use that time to shower and get dressed etc. He has a little kick around and tummy time and I try to go out for a morning walk, run some errands, grocery shop etc. Its easier to carry him in the carrier and he usually falls asleep. If he does, I try to stay out until he wakes up. He usually wakes up as soon as I get back home and because he seems so tired during the day I’ll do anything at his point to have him sleep longer. He’ll take another nap sometime in the afternoon, but is usually awake from 5pm until his bed time. The bedtime routine we have down pat! He gets his bath at 6, change clothes/nappy, nurse, fall asleep while nursing, wake again to finish his meal until he’s down solid around 7:30 – 8pm. I can count on him having one long stretch of sleep sometimes up to 6.5hrs. He’ll wake to nurse close to 2AM, needs help to burp/fart around 3:30AM, nurses again around 5-6AM.

Recently I have him sleep with me after his 2AM feed. He wakes up pretty consistently to be burped and to nurse again so its just so much easier for him to be in the same bed as me. I got tired of standing up and  bending over the crib to pick him up etc. Life kind of revolves around his naps because he really is quite cranky these days with only 1 hr of nap total. He generally only naps for 30min stretches and it’s totally not enough for him!  He’s more fussy than before and cries pretty hard at least once a day :(. Lilia got a taste of it on skype one time. He gets so sleepy that basically nothing can sooth him. He doesn’t want to eat, he’s not happy being carried, but he’ll cry harder if he’s put down. But that being said he’s quite the good boy in that he tries his very best not to cry. If something is bothering him he talks his baby talk. He talks if he wants to burp, eat, sleep etc and if I don’t figure out which one he wants soon enough then he starts fussing etc.  His talk is SO cute and actually his fussing is quite cute too, but his crying IS NOT ha. I really hope this is just a phase and that his naps will start to regulate a bit more as caring for him is FULL ON and exhausting. I think he sleeps best being carried so for now I’m resorting to carrying him to get him to nap, but eventually I’d like him  to nap laying down because I would like to do things like cook and exercise during his nap times one of these days.

Ty still isn’t really so interested in toys/rattles etc, but he has an obsession with lights. If were in a restaurant or store he’ll look up totally intrigued and when I’m trying to put him down for a nap in a dark room and there happens to be a tiny bit of light coming in from the bottom of the curtain he’ll just stare at it. He loves his crib mobile and any hanging devices.

As far as feeding goes Ty suddenly isn’t so interested in eating and he makes it very well-known. He’ll push and arch his back away from me, but the problem is I know he’s hungry, but he’ll get to this point where he refuses to eat and then he’s over hungry and super cranky :(. I think it might have to do with him not napping well so eating is just too much of a hassle. Or maybe he doesn’t like what I’m eating recently? But actually, come to think of it now, I think it has to do with his digestion and getting irritated with my letdown. He still chokes and sputters when my letdown comes in and it really upsets him. The poor man! He also has to burp a lot and that doesn’t make him too happy either. My sitter suggested I pump and give him a bottle as he takes it SO well and drinks more at one sitting, thus going longer in between feeds, but to be honest, I hate pumping! I did it for over a month 8xs a day and I’m quite sick of it.  I only pump now when I need to like the occasional time I teach a yoga class or go out for a run.

Physically he’s getting stronger every day! He can roll from stomach to back and can lean on his forearms while on his stomach. He’s got super strong legs and can hold his weight pretty well. His neck is almost set….almost. He can hold his head inline with his body when I pull him up for his baby sit ups. His grip is strong but he doesn’t know yet how to grab and reach for things. He got a little bald spot on the back of his head and sadly the right side of his head is a little flatter in the back compared to the left because he prefers sleeping on that side. But he’s a good sport and doesn’t mind if I turn his head to the left while he sleeps.

His favorite part of the day is most likely his bath time so long as he isn’t hungry. He loves his pacifier and we use it sometimes to put him down for his naps or just when he’s feeling like sucking and I don’t really feel like being a human pacifier.

It’s really nice right now that Motozo can spend a lot of time at home with us so Ty gets to have a lot of daddy time. I’m super lucky! Motozo does a lot of cooking and shopping for me. He’s a pro at making my morning smoothies and always picks up my favorite salad at the station whenever he’s passing through. When he makes dinner (as he does almost every single night!) he always makes sure to make a lot so there are leftovers for me for lunch the next day and it makes my life so much easier!

As for me, I’ve more or less gotten used to not getting much sleep, but I still have days where I’m so tired and emotional. I’m super lucky that Ty is a good sleeper at night, but the days are full on and its sometimes hard just to make it to the bathroom ha. I have to keep reminding myself that this time is temporary and come 6 months maybe it’ll get a little easier. It has gotten a bit easier, but I think Ty is quite the high maintenance baby, so like all moms out there……I’m exhausted! I seriously have no idea and am dumb founded that people can have multiple children! Those people are AMAZING! I don’t have  a lot of motivation when it comes to exercise and eating well. If I’m lucky I can get 2 runs in a week and yoga is just simple stretches here and there and sometimes when Ty goes down for the night, but usually I just want to eat dinner and go right to bed. Physically I’m getting soft everywhere. I feel like I was in better shape pregnant than I am now. I’m really looking forward to when I can exercise more regularly as I’m feeling pretty BLAH these days and it isn’t good at all! My hair is falling out by he handful and theres no doubt I’ll be as bald as Ty in just a couple more days. ;S Moms, when does the hair falling out period end or does it ever?

I saw a nutritionist a few weeks ago and she said I need to focus on eating more protein, foods with omega 3’s, iron, B vitamin and magnesium. It was pretty interesting…she took a hair sample to test to see what my nutrition levels were and mine weren’t too good. She said it most likely has to do with giving birth and breastfeeding so I really need to pump up on eating SUPER well. Another interesting thing she found out is that I have a sluggish thyroid and slow metabolism.  Because of my sluggish thyroid I’m not processing and absorbing protein as well as I should.  She told me I need to increase the acid in my stomach and probiotics to allow my body to start absorbing the protein. As she recommended I’ll be taking probiotics and apple cider vinegar daily to help improve my stomach acid which will hopefully get me to absorb protein better. I’m also taking vitamins and making sure I get my omega 3s etc. According to my daily diet she was pleased with what I eat , but wanted  me to add a few more things and eliminate things. I need to avoid wheat, but buckwheat and oats are OK and excellent for me. She wants me to be POURING flaxseed, chia seeds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds into my diet and I’ve been pretty good about that. She also guilted me into not drinking coffee  (bad for Ty) and I’ve surprised myself for going off coffee and I’ve been enjoying tea quite a bit. I still have coffee maybe just 1-2 times a week as a treat, but I need to be really careful about when I drink it as I get a big coffee jolt now. I think when I stop breastfeeding I’ll go back to drinking coffee regularly because I really do like it! I’m also looking forward to when I can start cooking more. Right now its a bit hard to get into the kitchen, but one of these days it’ll be fun to start blogging about my eats again :). This blog is called Run Yoga Veg Meg and these days I talk about nothing else but Ty. But he’s my life right now so I shouldn’t feel too ridiculous.

And this is getting SUPER long so I’ll spare you all from more rambling. Over and out.

4 thoughts on “3 month update

  1. Jewel says:

    First of all … congrats on making it this far! Most books I’ve read (and Papoosie was this way as well) but after the 3 months mark babies tend to … even out a little. Up until then it seems the theory is that their systems are overloaded with coping with the world and all its sights and sounds, and getting all of their body functions up and running smoothly … so they tend to be crankier, fussier, etc etc …
    I’m so sorry he’s having nap-time troubles … Papoosie did too … they settled more around the 3 month mark so maybe Ty will do better now too? I’m really hoping things settle for you more because it really does make a difference if there is time during the day to catch up with the baby’s laundry, or straighten the room … etc!
    Papoosie also started having feeding troubles around the 3 month mark! It was around 2 months that I switched him to exclusive breastfeeding, but then switched him back to the bottle around 3 months BECAUSE he was having such trouble feeding. Like you said in your post … he drinks more at one time so he goes for longer between feedings … and also seems to just generally drink more. So after that I never went back to breastfeeding except for the occasional feeding when out for long periods, etc. I know the pumping is chooooooo mendokusai but I’m at a 4-5 hour pumping schedule (only 1x at night) and when compared to the 1 or 2 hour schedule of breastfeeding that most of you mommy friendlies are keeping up … I feel like maybe it might be easier this way! Course I am considering trying the breastfeeding method for the coming #2 …. but anyway … just something for you to consider.
    Also it was around 3 months that Papoosie stopped gaining fast and gained only 300 grams. The doctor said not to worry … he just seemed like an active baby, and he was growing MUCH taller so obviously all the growing got sent there instead of to his weight.
    Oh gosh so many things sound so similar to Papoosie … he LOVES lights too! we used to flicker the lights on and off for him while nursing so that he would stay entertained and finish his milk!
    Gosh this is getting so long SORRY! Ty sounds GREAT and things will get easier … and good luck with your diet!
    I would love to chat with you sometime … maybe if you have some freetime you can add me on skype! It’s nippongirl111.

  2. lil says:

    oh hes so cute, hes def getting enough food :D, it’s good you went ot a dietician specially since preg/nursing sucks the life out of you both physically and diet wise, hope you can get some good nutrients in and so nice of motozo to do the cooking for you and being such a great daddy! You’re doing so well, it’s totally another thing to have a sensitive premmie, you are doing a good job and such a good mom, dont forget about yourself! haha
    You care almost too much!! haha, dont worry about the head either, amelie had SUPER flat head on left and no changing it, but with hair and eventual sitting up it evens out since skull is still soft. Also dont watch his weight, it shifts and varies so much since they tend to grow in spurts rather than a continual steady pattern, specually breastfed babies, they are nothing like forumla fed babies. I forget that hes a premmie (he looks so much bigger and stronger!), so yeah hes like 2 months old right now! He’ll even out at the 3 month mark and hopefully be a happier chap. That cry did take me back and I just thought ohh poor meg! LOL, its so stressing to have a crying baby, but you’re doing a great job and sometimes those buggers just like to release tension, it might just mean a happy well rounded balanced toddler which is something to look forward to, it really is fun, specially if you have difficulty now, anything is a breeze 😀

  3. Mia says:

    I could have it mixed up, but doesn`t bottle create more swallowed air/more gas?
    I bugged Natie`s doctor too many times once about not gaining weight, cause, well, I couldn`t help myself. From 6 months to 10 months she didn`t gain or lose, but she was still nursing as usual, diapers and progress all good and within standard age/weight limits. Lils pretty much said it all… but I`ll say this again, crying baby is no fun, bless your patience, Meg.
    My hair fell out too, with each kid and in handfuls, stopped at about 8~15 months, then came new baby hair that stuck up on my forehead, yes, so flattering 😛 . With each baby, the timing and amount of change was different but it took from 1yr to 2yrs for hormones to balance out again.

  4. Jan says:

    Yeah, my hair is really falling out too. I’m finally happy with it how it is now. Ha! Before it was just toooo much… Now it’s a bit thinned out. Whew…

    I really don’t like waking up and having to pick up hair…LONG hair I might add, before I make the bed. Grrr….Also in the shower, it just sheds heaps.

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