Baby Brunch Date

A couple of weeks ago I met up with Sara and Alex for brunch at Midtown. First time I met them was at Shimoda a month back and we’ve been planning a meet up ever since. Our babies are so close in age and she’s also Hapa (Japanese/French) so we have a couple of things in common.

Getting ready for my day without Motozo is kind of tricky. I have to rush to take a shower, dress, make up etc in 30mins while Ty has his morning nap. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get everything done in time before he woke up. Whoa, big bags under my eyes! concealer is my good friend. Ty is looking semi fresh still in his sack pjs.

Alex is adorable and quite advanced for his age. Already rolling from back to stomach, stomach to back, and is super active. He’s probably also an early teether as he couldn’t stop biting his finger and drool was going everywhere! ha.

I love Midtown! It has great outdoor restaurants and today we snagged a great sofa seat outside and Ty had a little snooze just in time when my big salad came! Yum yum!

Was great meeting her and having mommy talk. Yay, for mommy friends! We hope to meet often so our boys can grow up knowing each other.

Its funny but Alex and Ty were almost the exact same weight on this day. Alex at 5.5kg and Ty at 5.6kg but for some reason Ty looks SO much rounder than Alex. Alex is taller, but still….ha.

Midtown also has  really awesome breastfeeding rooms.

Super clean, comfortable, and also supplies hot/cold water for bottles etc. Great place! I’m SO hanging out at Midtown more often now that I’ve discovered this!

Oh, yes, tomorrow were driving down to Chiba to spend a few days with Jan, Josh, & Brian! Can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Baby Brunch Date

  1. lilia says:

    youmommas look great! That salad is huge and looks yum! It’s so funny how mothers rooms are like the best thing when they are clean and you take a mental note to go back haha. I have my share of favorites around sydney and even singapore LOL..There’s this one in the city here that has loccitane hand cream and nice decor, the nursing rooms are like dressing rooms. 😀

  2. Mia says:

    YAY, for Mommy friends… it`s hard with out them, kinda feel lost…imo. Funny how Alex looks so much more tiny, but his legs are also curled there in the sling photo. For me, the Best baby room I`ve seen was in Saitama, forget the name of the mall, but it had a whole library in there, ok, exaggerating 🙂 lol, and a play corner for older kids. That was such a plus for me, to be able to nurse in peace without me worrying about the other ones.
    Oh, fun you`re visiting Jan… can`t wait to see those photo`s!!! I`m so glad you both had boys..teehee.

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