Thanks Leslie, Mitch, & Leina!

Ty is so lucky! Last week he got lots of gifts from relatives abroad. This time from Motozo’s cousin Mitch, Leslie and Leina.

Everything is PERFECT!

Adorable socks that I’ve been wanting ever since I saw baby Alex wearing a pair. Perfect for the chillier season. Today Ty wore the green pair and my girlfriends were admiring them .

This book is awesome! Comes with a CD playing Puff the Magic Dragon song and the author even wrote a personal signature that includes Ty’s name 🙂

And my absolute favorite! I LOOOOOVE this hat! It matches Ty well me thinks!

Thank u SO much!

6 thoughts on “Thanks Leslie, Mitch, & Leina!

  1. lil says:

    OMG the hat!! Ty looks like a little teletubby!! TOOO CUTE!
    great photos of him, Motozo looks happier to get the presents ahha
    that first one of ty is tooo sweet.

  2. randomgoods says:

    oh i love Ty’s clothes! The hippopotamus print is adorable! Motozo looks really excited for the book.
    Everytime I hear the song or see the title ‘Puff the Magic dragon’ I just remember when dad would go sakura singing and I’d always want the people to ask him to sing that one. I love that song. It’s so soothing.
    Sorry off topic of the blog.
    Are those socks the ‘weeks’ socks? If so, I’d like a pair myself! They’re pretty cool.

  3. Ha, Teletubby! Yeah, he does now that you mentioned it. Its funny, the hat says from 6 months but it seems to fit Ty perfectly. I hope it still fits him in a few months when it gets cold enough to wear.
    Yeah, Moto does look happier than Ty haha.

  4. I like the song too.

    No, they aren’t ‘weeks’ socks. They’re ‘sneaker’ socks.

  5. Cousin Mitch says:

    Leina says, “Thank you for the computer card!”

    She has the same book and she loves it. The author, btw, is Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary. I have worked with him a number of times and he is a sweet, sweet guy. He was very excited to hear about Ty and was happy to inscribe the book for him. I hope Ty enjoys it (at least as much as Dave seems to, that is).

  6. Haha, Leina is so cute! Computer card indeed!

    We love the book! So far Ty is more keen on listening to the CD, but Im sure in no time he’ll enjoy looking at the pictures in the book along with us reading or listening to the music 🙂

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