Jan, Brian, and Josh Visit Part 1

So last week we drove down to Chiba, specifically to visit Jan, Josh, and baby Brian. It was just a 2 hour drive,but it took us a bit longer because Ty had a little melt down half way there and we were on a highway that had zero rest stops. I tried my best to keep him happy. Toy, pacifier, etc. he was pretty good for an hour and didn’t seem hungry because he nurse right before we started driving. It ended up he was really tired but I think he isn’t fond of his car seat. We got off the highway and as soon as I put him on the boob he fell asleep, he didn’t want to drink, he just wanted to be held to fall asleep. I put him back in his seat and he slept for the rest of the way to Chiba.

Oh, it was so wonderful to see Brian. He’s such a happy little boy who smiles and laughs loads. The daddies had fun comparing sons.

Lil, you can see here that Ty isn’t all that pastey white. He’s actually a darker complexion than Brian.

Jan whipped up tasty sandwiches for lunch and the boys stayed in their seats for the most part while we ate. It was so cute to see the differences of the two. They are like polar opposites with Brian being very smiley and goofy and Ty ultra serious.

Brian is really good at grabbing things and playing with his toys. I’m looking forward to when Ty can do this.

Since Josh and Jan’s place is under renovation, they kindly put us up at a nice house a few mins up the street. It was spacious with us having the entire upstairs to ourselves. At some point doing the day I misplaced our car keys (too into talking with Jan I guess) and we spent a good part of the evening looking for the keys. We eventually found them in the car, ha. I still have pregnancy brain obviously!

It was pretty cold on the day we arrived and we needed to pull out the heaters. I was concerned Ty would catch a cold during the night, but we bundled him up with layers, lots of blankets, and put his socks on his hands for gloves since I failed to bring any. They worked pretty well. He took a little longer than usual to go down and would wake every time I put him down on the bed and then I realized that the sheets are probably cold so I put a towel over the sheets and then he had no problem staying asleep.

For dinner Jan made us a great salad, hamburgers for the meat eaters, and tofu/mushrooms sauteed for me. It was SO nice to chat over dinner with wine and it ended up getting a little late (10pm is late for me), but it was so worth it!

Brian was a good boy too, sitting on daddy’s lap so Jan could eat and he showed us is awesome reflexes!

And standing skills!

Beautiful mama Jan!

Sweet daddy Josh! This is my first time to get to know Josh and it was a pleasure! He’s such a good daddy always caring and playing with Brian.

Ty slept through dinner and woke up at his usual 2AM and 5AM time. What a good boy!

To be continued……


4 thoughts on “Jan, Brian, and Josh Visit Part 1

  1. artsyductlil says:

    YAY!! Love when they are side b y side, he is quite tanned eh? lol all your pics he looks pastey and fat in the cutest way possible LOL

    Brian is so ahead of his time I tell ya! Such a sturdy boy, those kovachs and their early walking! remember, Ty is literally 2 months younger than brian, and 2 months is heaps in baby terms. I also get so surprised when I see pics of Kanon and hear about her new skills who is only 2 weeks older than amelie! Some babies take their sweet time for certain things, but in other non noticeable things they excel too..

  2. Mia says:

    I just saw Jan`s blog but can`t get enough… these little guys are just tooo cute!!
    Huh, I never thought Ty was white until you mentioned it, but I`m used to seeing Natie and she`s so pale naturally. I did think Brian was quite tan though, cause he was about the same skin tone as Raiden.
    So funny how both Josh and Brian`s hair is parted the same way, just a cm away from being a part down the middle. lol 🙂

  3. Brian always looked pale to me, but thats because I was comparing with Ty. You’re very observant Mia!

  4. Jan says:

    Haha!! The part a cm from the middle! Your observation cracks me up! I gotta show these comments to Josh!

    Such nice photos. The standing one is fun!

    And, THANKS MEG! You make it sound like I’m such a good cook. Ha! Everyone helped out.

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