Tea And Ty

Yay, I finally took photos other than of Ty! Ha

For the pass month or so I’ve been getting into tea. I’ve never been much of a tea drinker and prefer coffee a lot more over tea, but since seeing a nutritionist a few months back, I’ve been cutting WAY back and finding that tea is quite enjoyable. One thing I started getting into a routine of doing was taking Ty for a walk and picking up a Soy Chai Latte at Starbucks (and I admit an occasional coffee on those exceptional tired days) and it was/is a real nice excuse to get out of the house and just roam around the neighborhood with a nice warm cup of chai tea.

Well, I decided it was about time I start sprucing up my teas at home, especially since I have a nice foamer that Mom gave me for Christmas last year. I never used it until now (gomenne Mom) because I’ve always been a black coffee drinker, but I’m kicking myself now for not playing around with cappuccino etc because darn this little thing is SO fun!

I had one rare morning last weekend where I had about 30mins without Ty. Motozo took him out for a walk and what did I decide to do? Nope, I didn’t go back to bed or take a shower. I was determined to use the time to try to recreate my beloved chai latte at home.

How did it turn out? Oh, not that great, but I didn’t really care because it was so much fun making! My chai tea bags are a little on the weak side, so it barely tasted like chai and I over foamed the soy milk so it basically just tasted like hot water with a tad bit of spice and soy milk flavor.

Later that day I experimented to see if two teabags, less water, and shorter foaming time would make a better cup of tea, but no, not much luck. The problems are my teabags. I need good chai tea….anyone have a good recommendation? If I had more time I’d put the spices together myself, but yeah….time….is an issue so teabags are a must.

I’m interested to see how other milks would foam. Specifically, coconut milk, rice milk, and almond milk. I can see coconut foaming and tasting really good, but the other two I don’t have high hopes. I’ve cut out soy from my diet to see if that’ll help with Ty’s gas issues, so soy milk is currently out of the equation.

I was having so much fun in the kitchen that I just had to take a photo of my green smoothie. Haven’t photographed my smoothie in a long time!

Of course, I have to post photos of Ty too since he takes almost all the space in my camera.

Looks like his car/stroller seat is getting a little tight for him hehe. I think he finds it more cosy though. I hardly use the stroller these days actually because he’s more happy being carried, but on this particular day he took 2 naps in his stroller (we were outside for a couple of hours) and it was a nice change from always carrying him.

Daddy and Ty photos are always so adorable for me!

This day he was having a bit of a nursing strike and his couldn’t keep his hand out of his mouth. He’s pretty easy to read these days. Hand in his mouth = hungry or gassy. When I see him putting his hand in his mouth I first see if he wants to nurse, if not, he wants to be burped.
I think he looks so adorable sucking his hand. He sometimes even chokes on his fist/fingers, silly boy.
I’m not concerned about him sucking his hands like some moms are with their kids. I think its wonderful that he can self sooth with this. Sometimes after I put him down for the night, he’ll suddenly wake himself up crying, but he always puts himself back to sleep by sucking on his hands 🙂

Sad news, Motozo and I were planning a trip out to my parents for 2 nights, but poor Kanon came down with a fever and runny nose today so we decided to call it off until everyone is in good health. Don’t want to take a chance of Ty catching anything, especially with the weather getting cooler. Was SO looking forward to seeing family though! Shucks! Oh, well…theres always another time.

Time for bed. Ty’s gas issues have been keeping both of us up quite a bit so I’ve been feeling more sleep deprived than usual. I wonder if cutting soy out would make a difference.  Oh, and I signed up for a baby massage course in hopes regular massage  would sooth and help his gas issues. Fingers crossed! Now, for real, its time for bed.

Nighty night.


8 thoughts on “Tea And Ty

  1. artsyductlil says:

    poor ty, he looks SOO cute with those stripey pants! Love how that seat is getting too tight for him LOL! Watch for the hand thing, cuz sometimes it can simply means he likes it! It used to be amelies sign for hunger or whatever, but it changed to be 24/7 even if she was happy! Because she found out the greatness of sucking on them!

  2. Mia says:

    I drink teas, but not enough to know the diff between what`s better or worse, to me it`s simply tea. However, I remember being real interested in a few bags (of tea not coffee) at Kaldi`s Coffee. There`s also a new chain, Nani or Nana`s Green Tea or something like that, I never been but my neighbor explained it as the `Green version of Starbucks`, perhaps you`ve already been there? If so, is it any good?

  3. Never heard of Nani or Nana’s Green Tea. Sounds interesting though. I’ll look into it.

  4. randomgoods says:

    Ooh that foamer looks awesome! I’m a huge fan of Chai tea, after I got a Celestial Seasonings box of Chai, it’s the best. For me the chai taste is really strong, so I put in a lot of milk, maybe if you tried some CS they’ll be stronger? IDK.
    Photos of Ty and Daddy are adorable! He looks so content up there with daddy.
    Your green smoothies look delicious! You have to give me your recipe some time! I really want to try one of your smoothies 😉

  5. Meg says:

    Nina, it’s pretty simple.
    For the smoothies I usually use spinach, bananas, and some other fruit I have in the fridge. I add extras like fresh ginger, fresh lemon juice (helps mask the green taste) wheat germ, protein powder, flaxseeds etc. It’s really up to u on how much of everything u want to put in. I just use water, but some ppl use almond milk. Id recommend more fruits than greens for your first time till u get used to drinking greens. Avocados are also really nice to put in. Makes it pudding like.

    I’ll look into celestial seasoning. Tks.

  6. sherry says:

    Ty is sucha Cabbage Patch doll!! SOOOO cute!!
    the day kannon got sick i was in harajuku! i wanted to see youuu!

  7. Hey I totally could have met up with you. Motozo and I were hanging out all day very close to Harajuku. Give me a call next time.

  8. sherry says:

    really??? awwww! yea i really wanted to call by my phone bateries just had to go out! lolz

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