Random iphone Photos

We’ve been spending a lot of time with daddy these days. This past week we had lunch outside a couple times and we ended up spending the rest of the day at starbucks just hanging out. So nice!

We’ve been trying new places to eat too and we recently discovered this pretty awesome place just around the corner from my fav veg cafe. This new place has freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, big salads, and sandwiches etc.

Met up with an friend visiting from Taiwan. We go outside everyday, but its not easy. It takes quite awhile to get him ready to go outside and he hates nursing under the wrap so he’s always flinging his arms around and squirming. But I need to go out daily even if thats the only thing we do all day.

Met my old Japanese teacher (whos currently teaching Motozo).

A photo for my rememberence. Breastfeeding is still tough! His gassiness makes breastfeeding really hard! He nurses for a couple mins, pulls away to burp, and I kid you not, it takes sometimes 30mins – 1hr for all his burps to come out! One burp isn’t enough for him to go back nursing, he has A LOT of burps until he’s ready to start nursing again. Today it took us 1.5hrs for one nursing session. Honestly, I’m going a little crazy! I have to carry him all day because if he’s not nursing he needs to burp. If I put him down he’s uncomfortable 😦
But he does this one thing while nursing that is very cute. He holds whatever he gets his hand on and extends his arm really straight.

Tomorrow he’s turning 4 months and on Friday he has his 3rd month check up. I’m going to ask about Gripe Water. Both Ty and I are pretty exhausted. In fact he’s already sleeping about an hour earlier than his usual bed time. My poor gassy baby!

4 thoughts on “Random iphone Photos

  1. randomgoods says:

    Aww poor things, you guys sound like it’s really rough. Hope it all clears up!
    It’s really nice to see pics of you, you look really good!
    His sneaker socks are indeed really cute! They really should make them in larger sizes :p.
    Is Motozo trying for Ikkyu with Kanji?

  2. lilia says:

    what nina said! you look great, even though it’s pretty tough times. I reallly hope his burp issues get sorted out soon. It should! You don’t see a 4 month old baby getting burped usually..such a cute one of him stretching his arm and pulling on shirt.

  3. Jan says:

    Ah, Brian does that extend-arm thing too. It’s sooo sweet.
    Thand God YOU are his mother. Someone else may not have as much patience as you, or experience in burping babies! Yay for Ty! I really hope every thing clears up fast and that you find the cause.

  4. Mia says:

    Gosh, that does sound tough, you have amazing patience. I hope Gripe Water or whatever the doc has works out good.
    Love the sneaker socks too and those sandwiches are making me hungry. Yum!

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