Weekend 5k Race

I decided its time I get a little more serious about getting back into shape. I’ve been complaining for the pass little while how it sucks that I’m softer everywhere and it’ll be nice if I can get out of stretchy pants and into jeans one of these days.
The issue isn’t my weight, but rather the size of my thighs and butt. I find it so bazaar that I’ve lost almost all my baby weight, but still can’t fit into my old jeans. I guess my hips got bigger with birth etc, but Ty wasn’t even that big and I didn’t gain very much during my pregnancy. Whats up with that? Oh that’s right….I’ve been eating for 3 since breastfeeding. And to be honest, i have no intention on cutting back….I dont think I even can without starving. So much for breastfeeding being much of a weight lost helper ehem!

I got kind of lazy recently about running because its pretty hard getting out the door with Ty’s burping issue, but my fellow mommy friend Sara signed me up for a 5k charity race last weekend and that motivated me to get back into running. I ran a couple of times the week before the race and man I lost a lot of my fitness! The thing about running is, if you take just a week off you lose a ALOT of your running fitness in that short while. So I found myself huffing and puffing through just 6k! Oh well…..the race wasn’t anything serious, but rather a fun race to do with my friend.

The night before the race we had some stressful times with Ty. I was a huge mess and stayed up a little later than ideal talking with Motozo, but Ty slept pretty well that night and I luckily got 6hrs sleep!!!!

Sara’s hubby and Motozo were our dear sitters. It was so cute having the two dads watch our boys for us!

Ty was the ultimate supporter and I know he was proud of his mama! ha

The race was fun! I forgot how I love the atmosphere of a race. There’s something so special being among LOTS of other runners, waiting on the start line, music playing in the stadium, and the adrenaline starts flowing. Oh, it really made me remember how much I love running!

It was pretty crowded so the first kilometer was a crawl! But after that I picked up the pace and finished with the best of my current ability. I was a lot slower than my pre pregnancy fitness level, but the great thing is…I didn’t care. It felt great to sweat and move my body!
It was equally sweet to finish my run and find the these sleeping beauties. 🙂

Haha, their head shapes! Mister Egg Ty. Triangle Alex. 🙂

Changed out of running gear, but still sweaty (no showers) and flushed. I felt great!
After the run we went to a nice lunch with another mommy friend. It’s really nice to hang out with fellow parents, especially when our babies are so close in age.

In with that, Im motivated to run a bit more. I’m not going to kill myself or put high expectations on myself, but I’m going to try my best to get out more. It makes me happy and that certainly benefits my family as well.

One of these days I’m going to try running with this guy in the stroller. We have a stroller that should be good for running so I need to give it a try. If only he liked being in his stroller….

“Mommy, I’ll be a good boy. Please no stroller.”


4 thoughts on “Weekend 5k Race

  1. artsyductlil says:

    ohh i love it! So great that you can get back into running already and feel great. So nice that the dads watch him too while the mommys get time for fun! You both look alike and super trim and fit for having just had babies!! How nice to have mommy friends with same hobby AND baby. LOOOVE the last photo, he’s sooo sweet! Want to squeeze his fatso cheeks and smoosh him!!

    breastfeeding makes like a little black hole in your stomach that makes you want to eat forever!

  2. Mia says:

    ^What Lils said, cept for the black hole bit, maybe, but I don`t think about it so I wouldn`t have noticed.
    So inspiring to hear about your races; makes me wanna get up and go too. They say it took 9 months for your body to change and make a baby, so give it at least 9 months to change back again. I like that saying cause it feels like you`re ahead when 4~6 months down the line you fit your old clothes again. Other things take way longer, like skin and hair issues or hormones, or forgetfulness…<—-I hate that one.

  3. randomgoods says:

    ….wait Mia, forgetfulness gets worse after a baby!? Damn it, if I ever have one it’ll be a chain of forgetfulness….

    On with Meg’s post. WOW! Meg you inspire me to go jogging! I went out day before yesterday and was so discouraged how bad the run was. So good for you! Seriously, going out for a run while juggling all these other things is incredible.
    I totally agree with what Lils says. His last photo is ADORABLE!!! Must squeeze those cheeks!!!

  4. sherry says:

    awwwwww hes getting sooo chubby now!!
    I wanted to write back the txt msg you sent with the pic of ty!! but the phone is dead again lolz

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