Ty’s 4 (3) Months Update

Weight: 6.45KG (Weight is slowing down drastically)
Hight: 61.8CM (Still a shorty)

Ty turned 4 months last week and he had his 3rd month Dr. check up yesterday. The doctor was impressed with how much he’s grown and gained and from now he’s going to be on a 4 month schedule, so the next appointment will be when he’s 6 months, not 7.
At the hospital I grilled the Dr about Ty’s digestive system. He wasn’t very sympathetic about my situation at all. I tried my best to explain that it literally takes an hour for him to get all his burps out and this is only after having nursed for maybe 30secs. The Dr’s answer was that Ty is probably just not a very good burper. There are good burpers and not so good burpers. Ty falls in the latter obviously! 😦 Boohoo.
I have figured out the reason why he’s so gassy though. Its my milk. A combination of 2 issues. Overactive letdown and imbalance between the foremilk and hindmilk. An excess of foremilk (ie:oversupply) makes my little man fill up on mainly the acid and high lactose part of the milk and he’s not getting enough of the fatty hindmilk. The result is a very gassy baby that has green poo. The solution is to have him nurse on one side until he drains it completely and eventually the body is suppose to balance out how much I should be actually producing.
No more herbal supplements to increase my milk supply!
The thing is…I’ve been keeping him on one side until he drains it since day one, but still no change. I’ve done EXTENSIVE research on this issue and a lot of moms who experienced this said their babies eventually got less gassy around 6 months and eventually stared appreciating the the strong letdown. I guess I just have to wait.
In the mean time I’m doing other things to try to elevate his discomfort.

Step one: Enrolled in Infant Massage Course in the hopes of learning a few tips and traits on how to sooth him and get rid of his gas. Its a 5 week course. 1 session per week and so far its been pretty fun. We only went to one so far and I learned how to massage his legs and feet. I’ve been practicing on Ty daily. To be honest, Ty couldn’t really care less about the massage. He doesn’t really like it or hate it at the moment. But the instructor said it take about 2-3 weeks to see a change.

Fingers crossed that this will also help him sleep better at night. But if nothing improves, at least this gives me a fun way to get out of the house, meet other mums and babies and that alone has been real nice 🙂

On our way to the massage course. Ty is very skeptical about this whole massage thing.

Step 2: Bought a jumper at the advice of a mommy friend who had a very gassy baby herself. She said her son loved to jump around and the bouncing and pressure on his bum helped get the gas out.
So far, no burps or farts have come out while he was in this contraption. But its so funny to see him in this so I’d say its been a good purchase just for our own entertainment hahah.

Early morning jump session. He stayed occupied in there for 20mins. Gave me enough time to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea and started my day with laughs. It was so funny seeing him jump around. He doesn’t really know what to make of it yet……

I can’t say its gotten easier even though he’s 4(3) months old. The gassiness prevents him from napping when he wants to and wakes him up prematurely to burp. I spend almost my whole morning nursing and burping for a couple of hours so he can have a 30min nap. But that 30mins is worth the huge effort! Its funny that I used to wish he’d be more alert when he was 1-2 months old and now I’d do anything to get him to nap more.

Ty is super expressive. He talks loads! Usually its when he’s irritated, uncomfortable, hungry, tired etc. Basically, if something is bothering him he’s talks. If he’s content, he’s pretty quiet. Recently, when he he wakes up at night he cries really loud. He used to fuss real quietly, but now he’s getting louder and louder. I guess you can say, he’s pretty demanding.

But darn he’s so cute!

His cheeks are so soft and kissable and now that his neck is pretty solid carrying him around is a lot easier!
One thing I am concerned about is that he doesn’t reach out and consciously grab for things yet. He just recently started noticing his hands and started staring at them, so hopefully any day now he’ll start reaching for things. I have to keep reminding myself that he’s on a month later time frame so he may be a little slower to meet all the milestones.

He loves his dad and dad is a pro at getting his burps out! Its so nice that Motozo isn’t working now because whenever its time for him to burp I pass him to Motozo, Ty burps and immediately lets us know when he’s ready to nurse again. If I’m just with him for the day he doesn’t really let me know when he wants to nurse. Even after all his burps are out, he’ll arch away from the boob like he doesn’t want to eat. But if I pass him to Motozo then he starts whining and then he takes the boob a lot easier when he comes back to me. The silly man. I think he has negative associations with the boob because he gets a lot of his discomfort from nursing. 😦

Although he’s still pretty fussy, he’s also a lot more smiley and these days he giggles and has full on laughs. He’s ticklish and I know just the spot to get him to giggle. The other day I was wiping his bottom and he started laughing when the wet cotton touched him. Small things like that make my day and make me forget that I’m so exhausted.

Why am I more exhausted than before? Well, Ty suddenly decided he’s going to change his sleeping schedule at night. Before he had 1 long 6-7hr stretch of sleep, now its pretty rare and Im lucky if he has a 3-4hr stretch of sleep. SIGH! Im up almost every 1.5 – 2 hrs. He has one big feed one of those times and then the rest of the time he gets up to burp or just comfort suck. It drives me crazy! And no, the pacifier doesn’t work. I’m not a fan of cosleeping because I really can’t sleep well with him right next to me, much less attached to the boob. I give up in the early mornings though and let him lay next to me sometimes because I’m so tired of standing up and taking him out of his crib. But really, I prefer he sleep in his crib so I need to be strict on that.

Taking care of a baby is tough! Breastfeeding is tough! I’m exhausted. I’m going bald because my hair is falling out by the handful. I feel saggy and flabby, but Ty really is so lovable and I’ve been hanging out with mommy friends more which has kept me going amazingly.
There are days when I get really emotional because I’m so tired, but I’ve made it 4 months and everyone says it gets easier. I’m really hanging on to that! Taking one day and one night at a time.

Moms, you are awesome! I think there is nothing harder than being a mother and you all should be darn proud of yourself!


4 thoughts on “Ty’s 4 (3) Months Update

  1. artsyductlil says:

    oh you’re doing soo well! Look at him so chubchub and cute. He’s just so adorable now! I think I can even stand a few sleepless nights looking at that smile, too precious! The one in the jumpers LOL Hes like umm what am I supposed to do in here haha, so funny!

    the hind milk thing works for some and for others it really is about the baby’s digestive maturing, I thought I would do the same thing and block feed, but it didn’t change much for booboo, it was still hit or miss, and shed be burpy/gassy at times and still wake up every 2 hours at that stage. they like to keep you on your toes 😀 He is soo talkative! Tryign to talk to me on skype.

  2. randomgoods says:

    Aww look at that smile of his, that would be worth all the effort in the world.
    Now he’s a true Hirasawa, I think we all have at least one photo of when we were in the jumper, even though Ty looks a bit confused :p

  3. Mia says:

    haha, so funny; jump his gas out. I`ve such a retarded paranoia about johnny jumpers. Sorry the doc wasn`t more sympathetic… I hate it when they take it as “just another harmless complaint”, Natie still had constipation issues in her 7th month which needed medication and it was due to a slower developing digestive system (she couldn`t eat solids till later too). It not nearly the same as what your going through and it wasn`t even every month but some things just take time.
    I saw a documentary recently on brain developement and it talked a bit about how full term babies spend that extra time only listening, moving and sleeping, the mother does all the eating and digesting,etc for them. Whereas, preemies get a head start on feeling, nursing (and that`s a skill they have to learn), pooping, as well as seeing everything going on around them. It`s why they keep ICU`s quiet, and in really premature cases, dark, and as least amount of ppl as possible. All this info comes on fast when the brain is still in the process of “connecting wires” so just like a huge file cabinet, getting papers slowly you can file easier than, getting a truck load of papers dumped on you and have to sort through and then file. At about 1~3 yrs all file cabinets should be in order and about the same size. So if he`s not grabing things just yet, he`s only sorting out some other stuff.

  4. Jewel says:

    Sorry things are so tough for you … I remember when Papoosie was all gassy and cholicky and just major freaking out crying all the time … and I was so glad when it was all over and he settled down! It seems to be lasting so much longer for you … hope it calms down soon!!! I know you want to keep breastfeeding but that was another reason why we switched to bottles because it caused Papoosie less trauma with the burping/gassiness because he fed better with it than the boob. Anyway there’s this thing one of our friends recommended to us … it’s called Baby Dophilus … it’s supposedly just probiotics for baby and aids their digestive system … we started giving it to Papoosie right around the time that his colic was over so I’m not actually sure how effective it is … but we still give it to him because probiotics are generally supposed to be good for baby anyway … maybe you could look into it? Our friend said her baby had major problems and then they started using that and she became an angel baby …

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