Weekends Are To Socialize

I feel bad for my Canon camera. Its getting neglected more and more since I find my iphone a lot easier to lug around. One of these days I’m going to have to take it outside, but in the mean time I will force lousy quality photos on you all.

Our mommy meet ups are starting to become a weekly thing. Went out for a nice lunch with Sara and Leon and their hubbies and made another mommy friend. Get this, Jake (the boy on the far right) is 4.5months and over 8kilos!! You thought Ty was big? Jake wins!
Uber cheesy grin from me, but I was feeling quite happy that day. I love hanging out with mommy friends!

Ty is starting to reach for things…or so I think. He spent a good little while reaching for his toy. I need to put up a toy on his stroller that he could actually grip.

On Sunday we got out of the house the earliest EVER at 7:20AM to make it in time for our running clubs unofficial race. It wasn’t easy, especially being that Ty slept for a full hour while I was getting ready in the morning and all I could think was….I wish I could sleep while he’s sleeping! But once we got outside it was a lot of fun.
Took the longest train ride we’ve ever taken with Ty and it was quite an ordeal with the stroller. We have a heavy stroller and a lot of train stations don’t have elevators. When we got to our destination Motozo declared that we’re buying a car soon. Traveling with a baby isn’t easy that’s for sure.

The weather was lovely though and I was a happy spectator…..well, actually I didn’t do much spectating or cheering during the race because Ty wanted to nurse and I also agreed to do some babysitting for another runner. It was great to be outside though.

Ty had a nice 2.5hr nap in the Ergo carrier, but around 3PM I started getting SOOOO tired and my legs and feet were aching from standing up almost all day carrying Ty. Ty also started to get cranky so we went back home.

Good job love for your 10k!

Mary was happy to carry Ty for me on the way back.

And guess what? I think all the sunshine and fresh air exhausted Ty because slept 8.5hrs last night!!!! 8PM – 4:30AM! I went to bed at 9PM so I got a roughly 7hrs of sleep! First time in a long time! Lets hope this becomes a regular thing. I likely like!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


4 thoughts on “Weekends Are To Socialize

  1. randomgoods says:

    if these pictures are all taken with your phone then that’s a pretty good iphone camera! The quality looks around the same as my Olympus….then again, my olympus isn’t too great 😛
    Ooh nice! Maybe if you take Ty out more, then he’ll sleep better, hope it’ll become a trend.
    I like your cheesy grin.

  2. artsyductlil says:

    yes good quality and captures the best moments! those are such great shots and that one of all you mommys is SO much fun oozing out. Comparing baby weight and poos is best past time! he is SOOO cute, looking like his hair is really light too! Good little man for sleeping so long! Maybe he just needs to be in the fresh air and sunshine like his mommy!

  3. Mia says:

    Your cheesy grin is radiant! That`s such a great photo; I like best how you`re all laughing. 4 and half months and over 8kgs???!! God, poor mom having to carry him around.

  4. Liene says:

    TY has the best one eye brow I have seen:)
    He is cutie…
    And you are doing great job!

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