Triplet Sighting & Funny Faces

Last week when we took Ty to the hospital for his 3rd month check up we bumped into my former hospital roommate Ikeda-san(women in purple) who was pregnant with triplets! She had a schedule c-section and 2 months later here she was in the hospital on the same day as me getting her daughters vaccinated. All girls! Ayana, Yuna, and Nana. So cute and how is it that Ikeda-san looks more rested then me!? Hello dark bags under my eyes!
This was our first time to see each other since her babies were born so it was such a pleasant surprise! They all look alike aside from small differences in size and facial blemishes. So amazing!

And some fun photos of Ty more for myself then anything.
He has mastered the one eyebrow!

Love his smile!

Looks a lot like his dad in this photo I think.


8 thoughts on “Triplet Sighting & Funny Faces

  1. artsyduct says:

    wow! She does look so rested..HOW?! LOL too cute and definitely looks like dad there. Motozo looks so happy πŸ˜€

  2. randomgoods says:

    whoa! did you photoshop his eyebrow!!Haha! He looks hilarious!
    the last photo when he’s doing a silly face does look like motozo, but when he’s genuinely smiling, he looks like you πŸ™‚

  3. Mia says:

    hehe, Ty checkin out da ladies… he`s really looking at them all curious. Lol, his one eyebrow look is so good, great cam catch.

  4. hehe, of course I didn’t photoshop!

  5. randomgoods says:

    whoa, i just realized how big Ty is! He’s massive when you carry him like that, he looks like he’s already half of you.

  6. sherry says:

    lol!! Mias comment is the best…checking out the ladys! totally is!
    looking like Mototzo like crazy!!

  7. Cha says:

    awwwwww!! he’s getting to be such a squishy!! I love it!! just makes me wanna cuddle him! ❀
    sorry we never comment! but we're definitely keeping a close eye on your blog and Ty's updates! good to see he's growing so fast and happy! πŸ™‚

  8. Mia says:

    Ty being so cute totally stole the attention but I was gonna say; Ikeda-san is sooo amazing!! I`m just like..jaw-drop..HOW??

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