Baby Party

Motozo and I have been enjoying our weekly mom and baby meet ups so we decided to host a house party on Sat. Invited all our of mommy and baby friends and had a blast! It was pouring down rain so it must have been tough for everyone to come, but hopefully it was worth it for them. This photo doesn’t show everyone who came, but these munchkins are all around the same age. It was a real babies world.

Ty, for some reason, on Sunday was refusing to eat for the longest time, but was showing all the signs of being hungry. Fussy, crying, sucking on his thumb etc. It might have been gas, but I’m not sure. I was getting super engorged so I just gave up trying to nurse him and pumped a lot out. It turned out good though as Motozo was able to feed him (when he finally decided to eat) and I went for 10k run. Longest run I’ve went on in quite some time! Man I was dragging! Every time I go for a run I’m reminded at how much stamina I’ve lost. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I feel like I need to get in shape more then ever now because we’ve booked our flights for a holiday in Hawaii for Dec 2nd. Me in a bikini? Better tone up a bit.

I came back from my run to find Ty completely passed out on the couch in a total food coma. It was interesting to see how much milk I could pump from one breast. I pumped about 200ml from my right side and 130ml was enough for Ty. He slept off and on for 3 hours. When he woke up every so often he just wanted to comfort suck and back to dream land he went. hmm…makes me consider pumping now because he went 4hrs until he was hungry again. I most likely won’t exclusively pump, but I might pump a little more often now as its real nice to get away for an hour or so and also not have to feed Ty every 2 hrs.

While Ty napped, Motozo and I relaxed on the sofa watching Yokohama Marathon 0n TV and eating the left over dessert from Sat’s party. The apple pie on the left is vegan. My German mama friend who I met at massage course is also vegetarian and made sure it was vegan for me. I haven’t been very vegan these days though. I’m not very strict when it comes to dessert. Im allowing myself chocolate etc. I don’t feel guilt about it in the least bit. But theres no way you’ll find me frying up an egg or drinking milk just as is.

Its so frustrating that Ty is back to his refusing to eat, but acting hungry. He shouts and makes all kinds of noises in the morning, but it takes so long for him to agree to nurse. I have to put my finger in his mouth and he starts vigorously sucking and then I quickly switch my nipple into his mouth and then he finally starts drinking. ย Does anyone have any experience with this. And no, its not that he isnt hungry, he’s hungry! We try a lot of things to maybe see if he’s just bored etc, but he still continues to be quite fussy until he finally nurses. I’m SOOO nervous about our flight to Hawaii. Ty isn’t easy to nurse indoors so imagining what he would be like on a 7hr flight makes me cringe. Oh, well….its only 7hrs and when we land Im sure I’ll think its all worth it. Fingers crossed that is.

Oh, and Im not looking forward to a jetlagged baby…..we’ll see we’ll see.

He is absolutely adorable though. How is it possible that he just keeps getting cuter and cuter? Any cuter and I won’t be able to handle it! ๐Ÿ™‚

I love how he adoringly looks up at his dad during bath time.

I know this photo looks similar as the first one, but I liked both of them so I’m posting them both up.

Oh, I love this hat! Unfortunately, Ty isnt such a big fan of it haha. Too bad mister, Im forcing you to wear it! haha


5 thoughts on “Baby Party

  1. lilia says:

    oh so fun! that pie looks delicious, and so fun going to hawaii, I wish we could have come along ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Can’t imagine ,myself in a bikini though so maybe it’s for the better LOL he is just toooooo tooooo cute in that one in the bath, omgoodness! tons of babies the same age, it must be all talk about babies! bet there’s alot of breastfeeding, sleep and poo discussions LOL, soo fun ๐Ÿ˜€

    Its great you can get that much milk out! Definetely use it to your benefit so you can get some time away and ty gets to bond more with daddy! hope he gets better at drinking at boob, the only thing I read about is slow letdown and they get frustrated, …should be ok on the plane though since they seem to like the wrrrring sound, is it a night flight? I’m not sure how he’ll do with jet lag..eek! Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  2. Yeah, its really too bad that you cant join us. We have to do a destination holiday together though someday! Before you have a 2nd kid so it isn’t too expensive hehe.
    Yeah, its a night flight and were trying to get him a bassinet so hopefully he’ll sleep through the flight.

    Its definitely not slow letdown because I’m certain my letdown doesn’t take long to come down. he doesn’t get frustrated while he’s drinking, its just trying to get him latched on grrrr…..

  3. randomgoods says:

    the picture of the party is so cute! All those dads look so proud with their babies :P.
    He is getting so cute! It’s the flum I tell you, once they start rounding out they’re too cute to handle.

  4. Mia says:

    Oh, fun, Hawaii! I really hope the flight goes well. I`d be pretty nervous about the nursing part too.
    Erm, only time I did the finger in mouth and then nurse thing was when it was a `too hungry to nurse` situation. Raiden had some latch problems, maybe cause he was bottle fed first, I googled back then and read something about rubbing the nipple on the upper part of baby`s mouth to get him to know it`s there. Sometimes that would work, sometimes not. I ended up doing what the nurses do, take a good hold in the back of the neck and shove(force) face to boob. Sounds rough, and I didn`t like it when nurses did it (with the girls when they were `fragile` newborns during the first week of hospital stay, to “help out”), but it worked every time. I don`t know if it`ll work with a 4 month old though, I imagine Ty is pretty strong. If you do try that, just be sure you`re in a good nursing position so his nose is free to breathe, but his mouth, lower cheeks and chin should be totally smooched.
    Can`t wait to see Ty on the beach in trunks…sooo cute!

  5. Meg says:

    Yeah, I cant do the head push to get him to latch. He knows how do latch, he just acts like he doesn’t want to. I think he acts like this because he needs to burp and it takes up to an hr until all the gas is out and by then he’s really hungry and refuses to latch. I just need to keep encouraging him to drink without becoming too eager as that seems to stress him out. He eventually eats as u can tell by his flub, buts a real struggle and especially hard when were in public.

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