Ty Photos

Ah man! I’m oh so tired! Ty has been waking up a little too often at night and I’m a complete grouch in the morning. It doesn’t help that he fights me at the boob even though he’s hungry. I’m going to try to take Lils advice to relax a bit. I think I get real tense whenever he nurses because I don’t know if he’s going to refuse the boob or not and that probably stressed Ty out too.

At least he nurses just fine at night and other times during the day when he’s tired and I’ve mastered nursing him in the Ergo carrier. It’s awesome because he doesn’t refuse the boob when he’s in the carrier and I can walk and nurse him without anyone noticing (outside).

I’ve accumulated a lot of photos of Ty so here’s a slew of random photos.

Daddy: Jump jump Ty!

Ty: Huh? What do you want?


mmmm, I love my fist!


A close up anyone?  I love those lips of his!


He fits in this red PJ now! We got the pj from a friend when he was 2 months old and he fits in it perfectly now. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of buttons/snaps/zippers in front because Ty sleeps on his stomach and I worry the snaps will dig into his skin and irritate him.

I really do love him in red though!


I picked up this ball for him to help with his gripping. He was quite fascinated by it.

And he can grab it a lot easier than other toys.

The ball mysterious disappeared last Sat though! I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for it and it has not showed up. Strange strange. 😦


2 thoughts on “Ty Photos

  1. artsyduct says:

    ohh the last one of him with the ball!! TOOO cute, his legs are SOO fat and his belly!! AHHHH, I wish I could help you so you can get some sleep and relaxation! I would evne offer to breast feed too LOLOL. he is too smooshy to be angry at. So funny how the ball disappeared. I hate it when that happens! Because he drinks in the night and other times it’s probably times when he’s stressed, then you both get stressed then it gets worse. I hope the different plans work! He needs to be less of a crazy baby!

  2. Jesse says:

    Rumi and I also bought the same ball for Kanon. She loved to play with it too.

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