Hawaii Vacation

Were back! We spent 16 fabulous days in Hawaii and for the first time ever I didn’t want to come back to Tokyo. The weather was perfect! So comfortable. It actually was a lot cooler than I expected it to be and super windy that I often had to put another thin layer on Ty, but for the most part we were all in short sleeves and we had to ladder on lots of sunscreen.

We went to Maui first which consists of taking 2 planes. Ty’s first plane ride went a lot better than I expected. I expected the worse and was pleasant surprised that it didn’t turn out so bad.

On our way to the airport in the limousine bus.

The flight was 6.5 hrs and luckily it was a night-time flight so Ty fell asleep immediately after he nursed and didn’t wake up until about 4 hours into the flight. He cried briefly, but the boob soothed him back to sleep and he woke up right before we were about to land. He refused to nurse which made me quite nervous that his ears would hurt, but he didn’t seem to be bothered, just very tired. We arrived at 7AM which is 2AM Japan time so I knew he was pretty disoriented.
A tip from a mommy friend was to expose him to a lot of sunlight so his body adjusts to the new time. No problem at all as it was SUNNY! Had to take a layer off him and he seemed a lot more comfortable.
The plane to Maui wasn’t as smooth. He started to get cranky and didn’t want to nurse so again I was really nervous. He made a bit of noise, but thankfully it was only a 30min flight.
We bought a new stroller for the trip. This one is super light (4.9kg) and offers a lot more shade than most strollers. Ty loves it!

We got our rented car, installed the babyseat and off we went to our hotel. Ty was pretty fussy even though he nursed right before we started driving, so I gave him the pacifier and he drifted immediately into dream land. I also promptly fell asleep and poor Motozo had to stay awake for what turned out to be a longer drive than we anticipated. But it was all worth it as our hotel was beautiful!

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of our hotel room since we messed it up quite soon after we arrived. It was a villa so it had a fully furnished kitchen, laundry machine and dryer, separate living and bedroom area and a HUGE veranda. It was so comfortable!

We didn’t actually make it to the beach on the first day as we were pretty tired. But when we eventually did the next day it was breath-taking!

Ty had his first experience of sea water. I was concerned about the sun being a little too strong so we didn’t put his whole body in the water. Just briefly let him feel the water, take a few photo and then he went back into his shaded stroller.

Right before our trip Ty really started to get a hang of grabbing and reaching for things so I made sure to pack a couple of his favorite toys. They came in handy!

Our first night in Maui and the first time since Ty has been born for us to have dinner at a restaurant! Ty fell asleep for a whole hour so we could enjoy a relaxing dinner.

Veggie stir fry for me.

Ty slept pretty darn well the first few days in Maui! Jet lag made him fall asleep later than usual at 10-12AM, but when he was down he would sleep for 5-6hrs or so and when he nursed it was a super sleepy 20-30min of nursing and he went down without needing to be burped etc. He only woke up maybe 2-3times at night which is A HUGE difference from how he’s been sleeping lately.
He seriously had me in tears before our trip because for over a month he hasn’t slept for longer than 2 hours at a time at night and I was/am beyond exhausted.

Yay, it makes me SOO happy to see him grabbing and playing with his toys now!

Although he eventually still prefers his finger for sucking.

More photos coming soon. I hope I can upload all the photos of our trip before the christmas party with my family this weekend. I know I’ll be taking loads of photos then and oh, yes I got to update on Ty’s 5th month.
My poor little man has a little sore throat ever since coming back to Tokyo. It must have been the dry air in the plane and coming back to cold weather. His voice is all raspy and he’s pretty clingy. I hope he gets better soon!


3 thoughts on “Hawaii Vacation

  1. artsyduct says:

    soo funny that pic of him with finger in the mouth, looks like you when you were a baby. Good that he is sleeping better..maybe he just like’s a later schedule?? I know Amelie didnt sleep until 11-12 at that age but had a good block till 3 or 4. He’s so chunky in that bathing suit LOL And hurrah for your first uninteruppted restaurant meal! Hope you can have more of those before he turns fidgety haha
    that outfit is sooo cute with the tree, ..hope to see you at parents (skype) for cmas!

  2. Mia says:

    Aww, I missed photo`s of Ty. So glad the flight went well, looking forward to more photos. Poor thing about his voice being all raspy, but that sounds so cute. Hope he gets better soon for the Christmas party.

  3. Meg says:

    Actually, he usually gets tired and ready for bed anytime between 5-7pm In Tokyo. So he was just jetlagged.
    Unfortunately his good sleep only lasted a few days 😦

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