A Day At The Beach

If Motozo and I were just a couple then we most likely would have been A LOT more active on our holiday. I really wanted to go on a long hike in the beautiful mountains and Motozo wanted to explore and drive around the island.

We knew it would be a little tough because Ty hates being in the car, but we decided to take an hour drive to a beach that is supposed to be super nice for surfing, called Big Beach.

First we have to make sure Ty gets his morning nap in. His pacifier came in real handy on the trip as he took it many times to go down for a nap. Recently he isn’t as into it as when he was younger, so it surprising that he prefered it a couple of times over nursing to sleep. 🙂 Made me very happy. Unfortunately, he’s back to not wanting it any more, but I’m so glad I packed it for the trip!

Along the way we stopped by a vegetarian cafe and took take out. A nice green smoothie and sandwiches were delish!
It was a little cloudy, windy and not very baby friendly at Big Beach, so Ty and I parked ourselves far from the water under a tree while Motozo took a little swim. There was another mum visiting from Canada with her baby boy just a couple of days older than Ty and we chatted for a bit.

We took a little walk and did what we could with a baby.

Take silly photos of Ty in his huge hat.

Have Ty experience the feeling of sand on his feet.

Squat in big holes that other people dug.

And of course made Mom, Pop, and Baby foot prints 🙂

Ty, looking out into the ocean and thinking “My what a beautiful view!”

And back to our hotel in the evening.

Sorry, lots of photos of Ty. I can’t help myself.


2 thoughts on “A Day At The Beach

  1. artsyduct says:

    EEEEK mom pop baby foot prints!! Such a great idea. It is funny what you do on holiday with a baby, compared to when you are just a couple, you get to enjoy alot of ‘views’ that’s for sure lol. He’s SO cute looking out at the view, want to gobble him WHOLE!! did he like the feel of the sand?

  2. Meg says:

    Yeah, he didn’t protests so I’m presuming he was alright with it.

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