Maui Photos #1

No time for a detailed post. Photos will have to do the talking.

Our beautiful hotel room view. We chose mountain view since we figured we’d see plenty of the beach on a regular basis.

Ty and his usual scowl ha.

Motozo has a friend living in Maui and he visited us at our hotel.

I got this hat especially for Ty before our trip, but it turns out it was a little too tight for his big head and it left marks on his forehead. I still think the hat is darn cute on him though!

We went to a barbecue and one guy is a Sushi Chef and sliced up these fruits beautifully!

A rare moment when we were able to lounge by the pool while Ty slept. A whole hour!!!!! 🙂

After a couple of nights of eating out it started getting harder and harder to take Ty to a restaurant in the evening, so we took advantage of having a fully furnished kitchen and made a lot of dinners.
The kitchen was SO nice. Awesome coffee maker, a full set of knives etc.

We had a gourmet grocery store in the hotel and I found these coconut bars! Score! Delish!

A rare breakfast in our room while Ty was having a nap. As you can see I’ve gone back to drinking a cup of coffee a day. Ty only slept well for the first couple of nights and then he was back to waking up 5-6xs a night – his usual. Coffee keeps me going and they had fabulous coffee in Hawaii that I couldn’t resist!

One thought on “Maui Photos #1

  1. artsyduct says:

    i love his scowl, he looks like a cartoon character! you look great by the pool and good thing he slept a little so you both could relax abit. cooking at home is actually nicer, i found all foods out were overly greasy and salty with so much carbs! It’s nice to just get veggies and natural produce to cook without all that added stuff!

    yummm those coconut icecreams look so good

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