Belated Happy Holiday!

This year we went to parents place to celebrate Christmas. We rented a car and drove down there on Christmas day and planned to stay the night.

At first Ty was unexpectedly quite fussy and didn’t want to be carried by anyone except Motozo and I. I’ve never seen him be so hitomishiri.

But in no time he warmed up and Jamie was a pro at making him laugh!

Ty’s very 1st Christmas!

When present opening time came, unfortunately, I was trying to put Ty down to sleep so I missed out on most of the action, but Motozo took a few photos for me.
Sherry modeling the earrings we got her in Hawaii.

Jess and his new dress shirt.

Ty ended up not going to sleep until 10pm, very late for him, so I was concerned he’d have a pretty restless night. He slept 5hrs straight which was lovely for me, but when he woke up nursing plus burping took 2hrs and after that he woke up every single hour. Gawd!!!! His burping issue isn’t getting any better incase anyone is wondering. I’m still burping a 5.5 month old. When will I get a break!?

It was nice to wake up though and have lots of people who willingly carried Ty for me. Mom let Ty taste a bit of apple while I ate breakfast.
Ty’s first taste of an apple. I’m not planning on introducing solids until 6 months, but a taste of an apple is alright. He liked it for a little bit but then started to whine for the boob.

Kanon having her breakfast as well. Poor Kanon was a little sick and Jamie also came down with a stomach bug (and one by one the rest of family got sick as well!)
She’s growing up so fast and is talking a lot. She’s impressively pretty bilingual as well.

Everyone watched Ty so Mom could practice her kimono dressing on me. It was a fabulous 30mins break and super fun time with mom. Mom is getting to be quite the pro at kimono wearing/dressing!

After lunch dad drove us to the river so Timo could fly his kite. Had a lot of laughs with dear sisters!

We then took a little hike up some 550 or so steps all the while carrying a sleeping Ty in the Ergo carrier. Felt good to get a bit of exercise.

The girls are such goofs! haha

And that was a real brief update on our Christmas. It’s sad that it’s over. It was so nice to spend time with family! I’m trying to persuade Motozo that next year we have to get a Christmas tree in our place for Ty’s sake.

My chunky monkey is so smiley these days!

He’s also slowly learning how to sit. His body still leans way way forward, but every day he gets better and better at holding himself up with his arms.

He’s also showing a bit of interest in our foods. Today he was really watching me while I ate and tried to grab my fork, so I pulled out one of his soft spoons for him to play with.

He loved it! Happily sucked/bit on it and I for once didn’t have to carry him while I ate. 🙂
I’m really looking forward to introducing solids to him soon. But at the same time I’m not looking forward to the smell of his poo changing. Oh well….it’s all good in the end.



6 thoughts on “Belated Happy Holiday!

  1. artsyduct says:

    ohh so nice to spend time with family! He’s so handsome, I love that one with the spoon and his smile is soooo adorable! Must be awful that you still have to burp him! I suppose he’s technically 4.5 months so it’s not TOO bad, but yeah, mr ty give your mommy a break!!
    I am JUST now seeing glimpses of “sleeping through the nigh”t, with only 2 feeds around 3 or 4 or something! And it’s exciting! LOL

    So great that you have gone this far with bfing! funny how he’s interested in food! Must be a sign he’s ready to start :)…stinky poo here we come!

  2. Ellen says:

    As I don´t know if I´ll be able to spend much time on the Internet in the coming days, I take the opportunity to wish you a very nice start of the year!!!

  3. randomgoods says:

    oh lol Lil.
    and YES! Christmas pics from family! Gosh, feeling seriously family deprived these days due to my work schedule. Ah well.
    Aww look at him smile. What a cutie. Sorry you’re still having burping problems 😦
    Gosh our girls are short! lol, Serena is the biggest of all of them for some reason.
    They put up a stocking row! That’s awesome, they even had them stuffed as well. Looks like so much fun!
    Mom was saying that when I go over, she’ll dress me up for my Hatachi photo 🙂 Can’t wait for it, suuper excited for mom to dress me up in kimono,

  4. Jewel says:

    Awww Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys! It’s always the best to be able to spend it with family!
    So funny we have that Graco jumper too!!

    Oh oh I wanted to ask you some stuff about diastasis rectei sometime … when you are on skype can we chat sometime??

  5. Sure Jewel! Hope to find you on Skye soon.

  6. Jan says:

    Christmas with family is really the best! Photos are soo nice to see. I miss all the little funny individuals in your family. Must visit someday.
    I also noticed Ty wearing some of the clothes I gave him. Yay!! He looks good in them!
    His smile is soo sweet, just like Brians.

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