New Years 2012

Get ready for A LOT of photos!

For New Years Eve this year we decided to play it real low-key! I’m sure you all understand. It’s rare for me to stay awake later than 10pm so I had no intention of staying up for any countdown. But we still played it by ear and went to dinner at a fellow mommy friends place.

This is how we roll these days if I want to get anything done. This day we baked cookies. I’ll blame my flat cookies on Ty. After all his head was in the way so I couldn’t measure everything properly ha. I ended up making 2 batches after realizing that I forgot to put in baking powder in, but that didn’t help the cookies to be any better. 2nd batch, flat as a pancake. Disappointing and not photo worthy. At least they tasted alright.

Marta is 6 months and already crawling! She was so happy to see Ty and was rolling around him talking. Unfortunately, it was Ty’s bed time so he wasn’t in any mood to play.

Ty went to sleep perfect timing for dinner. Daniela, who is also vegetarian, made some delicious Chili, German potato salad, and some amazing guacamole! Her neighbor also has a 6 month old and she joined us for a bit. It was a real nice quiet evening! Ty woke up around 9:30PM and I was struggling to keep my eyes open, so we headed back home. We got back around 11PM and Ty took an hour to be put back to bed and at that point I didn’t care that it was 12AM. The only thing I could think of was sleep!


The next morning we were all pretty tired, but I was in a better mood to recount 2011. It was a tragic year with earthquake, but there was a lot of goodness that came out of 2011! I won’t go in detail about my year, but I’m looking forward to what 2012 has in store.

So far we’re off to a pretty darn good start! My sisters came over on the 2nd to help me make the train trip to Grandparents for New Years in Yokohama. Mom insisted that it would be tough for me to take Ty on the train alone (Motozo had a business trip to prep for) and she sent the 3 lovely sisters to help!

They brought along niece Kanon’s Bumbo and Walker. Thank you Rumi and Jess! It’s so nice to have these things on hand. Were going to introduce Ty to solids very very soon so its prefect to have something that he can sit semi upright in. πŸ™‚
He recently found his feet.

Ty had lots of attention from his Aunties!

He was very very happy!

We took them out for dinner to Italian.

Ty woke up as soon as the food arrived and started to get cranky not long after this photo. I had to make a dash back home just when dessert arrived since he was loosing it and needed his bedtime routine to start. Ah, life with a baby.

The next morning we were up bright and early to visit Grandparents. Motozo made his delicious green smoothie and the girls surprisingly seemed to enjoy it. πŸ™‚ Made me very happy! hehe

The girls we so helpful! We took turns carrying Ty when he wanted out of the stroller and when he fell asleep in the Ergo they pushed and took care of the stroller for me. It would have been a lot harder to make the trip on my own! Thank you girls!

Ty and Great Grandma!

Ty loved Great Grandpa and Grandpa had a blast playing with him.

Grandma was happy to see Ty too πŸ™‚ Mom is always so helpful and insists on taking care of Ty so I could relax and eat etc. Thanks a lot mom! Ty loves you to bits!

Uncle Jesse was also a pro with Ty. Ty was quite happy for a long time with him!

Lucky boy got his first Otoshidama from Great Grandparents! Going straight into his piggy bank.

Kanon is super sweet to Ty. She says “baby baby” and gives Ty lots of kisses. This is her “peace” sign.

Grandparents place was fun! We watched Hakone Ekiden, ate lots, and went shopping at Uniqlo. Going back home Serena and Jennifer came back with me to help out again and they decided they wanted to stay longer. Yay, lucky me!

Motozo left to Hong Kong really early so I was so happy that the girls stayed another day.

Green smoothies in the morning is a must! πŸ™‚

Ty showing us how to play with toys without using his hands. hehe

Jen is quite the baker so we declared this day a baking day. After grocery shopping I took the girls to a vegan cafe for lunch. They had a vegetarian burger and carried Ty so I could eat. Small things like that make all the difference in the world!

And then we got our bake on. Vegan/gluten-free truffles! They turned out pretty good. The center could have been a little less soft, but the taste totally made up for it!

Is it just me or does the front truffle look like it has a face?

Little choco chip pieces in the truffles. They were SO good and addicting!

Next up vegan cranberry muffins. These were awesome! We put in loads of orange zest, walnuts, and fresh cranberries. Seriously the best muffins I’ve ever had!

The texture was perfect. Moist and soft. OO yum! We made enough for the girls to take back to everyone at home. I can’t wait to hear what everyone thought about it.

The girls left today and I’m all lonesome without them! It was so nice having them over. Serena is a ball of laughter and Jen is very motherly and clever. I’m home alone with Ty for the next 2 days so if anyone sees me on Skype, give me a holler. I’ll be happy to chat!

In other news, Ty has discovered how to jump in his jumper!

Tomorrow is Ty’s 6 month birthday! Where has the time gone?!


4 thoughts on “New Years 2012

  1. artsyduct says:

    ooohhh I love it! so funny how you blame him for flat cookies.he’s such a chunky monkey and SO handsome. i love all the pics, and the one with mom and jess! I really wish I had family nearby , its so nice seeing sisters and those baked goods look soooo yum! The truffles – wow whatta fancy treat! will happily call you over the next 2 days if we can get our babies settled down! I know what you mean about quiet new years – so great seeing ty with great grands too! keeping the traditions strong with otoshidama, love it!

  2. Mia says:

    This year for a change we went out dancing… last time was when we only had Aislinn and she was 3… I didn`t think I could make it through the night but we had a blast. Actually, woke up on the 1st to that earthquake.
    The gray sleeveless jumper that Ty is wearing; really warm, if you got that one from Jan, I used that with Natie and Raiden too. Cool.
    The truffles and muffins look so good…amazing.
    Ty`s big smile is so cute, always makes me smile too. Yay, for jumping!

  3. randomgoods says:

    whoa awesome long post.
    So perfect though, I wanted to see the gramps. Looks like Ty loved being with Ogisan, I bet he was really pleased ;).
    You look lovely pegs.

  4. Yeah, thats from Jan. Thank you for passing it on. Its nice and warm.

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