Ty’s 5 & 6 Month Update

Hehe, I have so much catching up to do! I don’t think I even did a 4 month update. Hopefully, I remember everything new with him. I hope you don’t mind that I bombard you all with photos from Hawaii that I haven’t posted yet.

As of yesterday, he’s 7.25kg. Height: not sure. I’ll update on his height after we go to his 6month check up on Tuesday.
He turned 5 months in Hawaii. Its hard to accurately pinpoint what changed with him since he was in a new environment, different time zone, etc. What stands out the most though was his ability to grab toys. Up until then he still wasn’t actively reaching out to grab things. Now nothing is stopping him and he’ll grab anything and everything he can get his hands on.

His fingers were the most fabulous discovery ever!

Before we left to Hawaii he started really hating the Ergo carrier since it only faces in (I haven’t yet tried carrying him on my back in the carrier), so the Bjorn comes in handy. BUT we are total pros at nursing in the Ergo and its very discreet so I nursed him in it throughout the trip. I also found that he likes to to be put down for his naps in the Ergo. A week before he preferred his pacifier for naps and now its the Ergo. Its not the most practical and its going to get harder when he gets bigger/heavier, but being that Ty doesn’t nap well, I’ll really do anything to help him nap more. So now, as soon as I notice he’s getting tired, I strap him in the Ergo, bounce him up and down a bit, and pat his back. He’s out in less than 5mins. Of course, that means I’m basically carrying him for all his naps, which is a pain in the ass. But again I’ll do anything to help him get his naps in. There was one time during our trip that I took him out of the Ergo after he went to sleep and he slept long enough for me to get a work out in the gym (Motozo babysat of course).

He usually only naps for 30min stretches, but sometimes he can go up to 1.5hrs which is a dream! He naps a total of 2-3 hours a day which I guess is about average for his age. I wish he’d be alright being put down though, so I’m seriously considering doing some sleep training.

As for his night time sleep. OMG! Worse sleeper ever! Gone are the days of him sleeping 4-6hrs straight! When other moms complain that their baby wakes up 2-3xs at night, I’m like….don’t even talk to me. That’s is a LUXURY compared to 5-6xs! I think he just wakes up out of habit and wants to be put back to sleep by nursing. I’d be fine if it was really only 2-3xs, but 5-6! Gaw! Exhausting putting him into his crib, then picking him up again not long after. I seriously felt like I was going out of my mind. So I have resorted to co-sleeping. It’s not ideal, FAR from ideal, being that I never wanted to co-sleep from the beginning, but it really is the only way I can sleep enough to feel semi human come morning. His burping issue for the pass 3 days, seem to have made a drastic turn for the better and he only needs me to burp him in the early morning around 4AM-6AM. He burps 1-2x and goes back to sleep for another 30-1hr. I can’t say I completely enjoy sleeping with him as I wake up with my body, especially my hips, ACHING from being in one position for a long time. Hopefully, I’ll get used to it. Now whenever Ty stirs in the night, I just roll him onto his side and attach him to the boob and he comfort sucks himself back to sleep. The problem is, I think he’s actually getting less sleep now with the boob so close he wakes up to latch himself back on many times throughout the night. He’s looking and acting a little more tired during the day now that he’s sleeping with me. Argh, its either he gets his sleep or i get my sleep. I’m leaning towards me getting sleep because he can nap as much as he wants during the day.

I’m wondering now if maybe he isn’t getting enough to eat. There were a couple of days where I felt super empty all day and hardly felt any letdown. His weight is also slowing down drastically, but he still is wetting 5 and occasionally a 6th diaper during the day so I’m thinking he’s getting enough to drink, but its time to start introducing solids(starting in a couple of days). I’m not expecting this to resolve his sleep issue though. There is nothing worse than getting my hopes up only to be terribly disappointed. I’ve more or less accepted that I won’t be getting a good nights sleep for maybe 2 years. 😦 Sleep deprivation is no joke. You want to torture someone? Limit their ability to sleep and that’s some serious torture. I can’t imagine having another kid because I really don’t want to go through these sleepless nights again. I’m in awe of mothers who have more than 1 kid. Really really amazing!

Yeah, I don’t want to have another kid. But I have to say that I’m really am enjoying my little night owl! He is an absolute joy and he totally has us smitten! Whenever he smiles or laughs, which he does alot these days, its the best sight/sound in the world. Im always smothering him with kisses and cuddles. Better take advantage of it now before he grows up and starts getting embarrassed over his very affectionate mama.

My favorite photo!

Just recently, he’s gets separation anxiety if he can’t see me. I leave the room for less than a minute and he’s bawling his eyes out. I’m a total sucker and his tears break my heart, so I still carry him alot. He’s only a baby once, so I’m trying to enjoy him being so attached.

His first hot tub experience didn’t go too well haha.

You know when everyone says things get a little easier at 3 months? Well, thats a load of bull  that didn’t work out for me. More like 5-6 months. He finally is a little easier to care for. He’s less fussy and when he is I usually know what he wants and how to fix the issue. He’s pretty predictable and I can anticipate whats going to happen next with him. When he’s tired, I can put him to sleep, when he’s hungry, he no longer fights the boob, but takes it happily. I feel really proud of myself for sticking it out with exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. It was/is hard, but its getting a little bit easier. There was a point where I was telling myself, “Just one more week” and the week will go by and I tell myself the same thing. And with the sleepless night I thought about switching to formula a lot so I can have a little break(Motozo would feed him with the bottle) and maybe he’d be satisfied longer with formula. But I’m going to avoid that route as long as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it when mothers choose formula!!
Becoming a mother has made me a lot more accepting of things. Before I saw formula as evil, but I seriously understand why people switch to it and there’s no shame in it. You have to do what you have to do to survive these hard times. Whatever feels right is the best choice for mum and baby. And so many babies thrived/thriving with formula so, yeah, all that to say, I understand and I don’t judge.

This one is an emotional one. One minute he’s smiling and happy as a clown and the next minute he’s crying ha. When he starts getting fussy though I can distract him by just smiling at him and he’ll smile back. Its so sweet! Gosh I look at these photos of him just a month ago and he really got slimmer since. Wah!!! I don’t want to lose my chubby baby.

Ty is pretty chatty, but he still doesn’t do any “babas” or “mamas”
All in good time I suppose.

I’m wondering if he’s teething. He likes biting down on everything, but it may be because he recently figured out how to put things into his mouth rather than just his fingers. Although, he still prefers his fingers.

Ty has really strong legs and loves to stand. He’ll stand any chance he gets and he’s quite mobile in the walker. Although, he pretty much can only go backwards and I don’t think he’s aware that he’s making himself move.

Still doesn’t seem to have any interest in rolling from his back to stomach, but today he rolled to the right from this stomach to his back. He usually only rolls to the left. He’s getting better at tummy time and doesn’t protest as much as before now that he gets a little distracted with toys in-front of him.

You can tell he’s really into the zebra haha.

And this is getting long enough. I’m sure there was more I wanted to mention, but I can’t remember. I’ve been typing up this post from the morning (its 5pm now). It takes forever to update this blog with a baby!
Enjoy the rest of the photos.

Oh, I miss the perfect weather in Hawaii!

I love his bald head and frowning face. The boy is going to get wrinkles before he’s 2yrs old.

No cry baby huh?

Then what happened on that day I went out with a friend for a manicure? No cry baby my ass!

At least he wasn’t crying the whole time.

Alright. over and out.


5 thoughts on “Ty’s 5 & 6 Month Update

  1. artsyduct says:

    ohhh so many great pics!! He is so gorgeous, such a handsome serious little man. I hope to catch him on skype, he’s so fun to just look at lol.
    Sounds alot like amelie, though more full on. It does take whatever it takes to get these little ones settled! So proud of you for sticking to your bfing though! It’ll continue to be sleepless nights if my schedule is anything to go by, but I’ve heard from lots of mothers who did sleep training for their sanity and ended up with good results. Though I’m not for that I see why! Sometimes it’s 5-6x a night when they are really going through big developmental milestones, including first bouts of seperation anxiety, but it goes back to a glorious 2-3 eventually…I say eventually because by Ty’s abit late to catch on hahaha, well he’s a premmie so can’t expect him to be right on time. Don’t be worried about the slowdown in weight gain, it’s normal and unofrutnately those chubs are going to go :(, specially when he gets more active and starts rolling.

    The pic of you smiling with him is just the very best. YOu look so great!!

  2. artsyduct says:

    oh hahaha I just noticed the one of him screaming in that guy’s earLOLOL and the pic of him with motozo in carrier is sooo sweet. aww he’s such a beauty

  3. randomgoods says:

    I’m at a loss on what to comment first. The lovely pics (motozo and ty are a total win), or Haiwai, or how lovely you look, or..yea!
    HAHA! Ty’s face when he’s in the hot tub, he probably was really shocked with the bubbles in the water.
    Hehe you know, after reading your blog, it really makes me sure not to have kids anytime soon

  4. Jan says:

    Oh wonderful! I was sooo interested while reading Ty’s progress and how he is now. There are so many comments I wanted to say while reading; for every little picture and paragraph there was something. But, because it sucks typing with one hand, I have opt for a simple comment that doesn’t say much! Ha! Ty is growing up so fast!

  5. Mia says:

    Great photo collection, the one of Moto and Ty, Ty screaming in the guys ear, the hot tub, the one of Ty sleeping on you… of what I can remember, are the best! Oh, and his mad face… so cool.
    Yup, sleepless nights last about 2 years, and years after there`s still those sick weeks, series of bad dreams, etc that can ruin your week and so ruin your weekend. But after reading this I`m sooo elated to be over that 2 year period…feels real good. And it`s true what they say about it not really getting any easier as they get older, just different, but with a good nights sleep, for me at least, I can take all the emotion and manipulation they throw at me.
    I didn`t want a second kid either for years, but second time around it was more “been there, done that” even though each kid is so different, 2nd time you really know what your in for so it`s easier to get through, like routine, just a yearly one.
    I like his Nike onesie.

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