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I’ve been dying to blog for a long time, but we’ve been having some rough nights so as soon as Ty goes down for bed I’m in a rush to get myself into bed. I wolf down my dinner and go straight to bed. Of course, I end up laying in bed wide awake for 2hrs or so until he wakes up screaming and I’m kicking myself for not getting any sleep.

Major scream and crying fest over here! 😦 Its been stressful! It’s slowly getting a little better, but for a good 2 weeks or so he’d wake up countless times at night crying inconsolably. Sometimes he’d do a stinky fart and that will calm him down, but other times he’ll just have to cry himself back to sleep in my arms. Teething? Gas Pains? Over Tired? Combination of everything?

For his gas issue I think it has to do with chocolate. There was a good little while where I was having chocolate daily and ever since I’ve stopped eating it I’ve noticed that he doesn’t have stinky gas anymore. Although, I’m not 100% sure that was the cause as I had choco for the last 2 days and he hasn’t been gassy. hmm….
And I don’t think it had to do with starting solids, because we gave that a break after he seemed really not into it the first 3 times.

Were 100% cosleeping now. There were nights when I thought maybe he’s waking up crying so much because he’s not used to sleeping with me so that’s causing some sleep issues. But suddenly, he’s a little calmer at night. He starts off in his crib, but as soon as he wakes up (1-2hrs later) he insists on sleeping with me.

He’s had a cold for over a week now which has him pretty stuffed up and has a hard time nursing at night. Poor little man. He gave me his cold and I came down with a fever last night. So we’ve, well more like just Ty, has been sleeping lots in the afternoon. I have to be next to him or he has to be laying on my chest for him to sleep longer than 30mins so for 1.5-2hrs I’m a human bed. I don’t mind so much because I can relax and close my eyes a little bit, but he should learn how to nap without me having to near him though.

Anyway, as for solids, it hasn’t been very smooth. The first 2 days of avocado didn’t go well. I tried okayu and that didn’t go well either. He would shut his mouth and move his head away from the spoon. He also started fussing every time he saw the spoon come near him so we stopped for almost a week. Besides he was under the weather with his cold so I didn’t want to push it. I take it he wasn’t ready for it then or maybe he just doesn’t like to be spoon fed. I’ve been reading a lot on Baby Led Weening method where you don’t puree the food but rather give the baby finger foods from the very beginning and let them explore and play with their foods and if the food happens to get into their mouth then they get a little taste and they can choose however much they want to “taste”.
It’s really interesting and I really like the concept of just giving Ty a cut up fruit and having complete control over feeding himself. We’re doing a modified version were we let him suck on something were eating to get a little taste. So far he’s “tasted” Banana(he liked), Gobo (burdock root), lettuce, and sweet potato. He doesn’t actually ingest anything. Sometimes he manages to bite something off, but after he plays around with it in his mouth it slips out. Its been fun and a lot less stressful than spoon-feeding. I might do both, spoon and finger foods and find a happy medium somewhere. I’ll elaborate on this in a couple more weeks when his poo actually changes. So far, nothing changed in the diaper department.

He’s getting a lot better at playing by himself these days.

This is his favorite toy I think.

I tried to do some exercise one morning after being fed up over not having exercised for WEEKS, but Ty didn’t let that happen. 5mins into my work out he woke up from his nap and cried (daddy carried him when he woke up) until I took him. The boy is getting really attached which is sweet in its own way, but also a little frustrating at times.

So I’m learning how to do some exercise with him. On this day I did some push ups and planks while he smiled happily on the mat.

Baths are always fun.

In the morning when Ty gets up, Daddy takes him into the living room and plays with him so I can sleep a little longer, until Ty wants to nurse. And this is what they get into.

Never too early to introduce a rugby ball to a baby. He even has his little scrub hat on.

And since this blog has been sorely lacking in the food department. I’ll end this post with a beautiful beet juice I made the last weekend. Instead of the usual green smoothie I felt like using the juicer and juiced a beet, a carrot, and an apple. So delicious and beautiful! I hope I can get more food photos on this blog at some point πŸ™‚

Alright, must go to bed and try to sleep while I can. Nighty night.


5 thoughts on “This And That

  1. artsyduct says:

    hahah human bed! That’s so funny, I feel like that sometimes too, cant get away without her waking up! Phone blog ap is awesome πŸ™‚ At least to post pics you have taken on the phone. He is a ball of cuteness! Love the ones wit hthe football! Motozo must love that haha. blw will be interesting , I was always scared of her chocking cuz she gagged alot, so I made tiny tiny things she could pick up and gum through. hope things get better! Hope to catch you on skype one of these days, I miss seeing his beautiful face and talking to you. good that you can entertan him with your exersizes! You can always “rock” him to sleep as you do squats πŸ˜€

  2. Motozo says:

    haha, I didn’t use my phone to blog yet. I have to bring my phone to the shop as I;m having difficulty buying the apps for some reason. 😦

  3. Mia says:

    ahh, loving the rugby… where did you find that ball?? Gabe and I have been looking for one for Raiden.
    Sorry Meg, it is incredibly frustrating and gets sooo annoying. I swear being a parent is the biggest test of patience, we outdo farmers any day. Your life is really not your own any more, but keep on trying to get a workout in… cause somedays you`ll find you can, though most times are interrupted… sometimes you can do the workout but not the shower, its just shouganai. In time he`ll ease out on his own independent self. (Just for a reference on time, Natie took ages, I felt like she and sling were stuck on me for the whole year and few months.)
    At most supamarkets, in the baby section, are senbei`s (just ignore the age level, not that big a deal) vegetable ones, fruits ones, etc. Baby hold`s it and as he sucks it dissolves to mush, so baby can actually eat quite a bit of it. I didn`t like those at first cause they are tasteless, but for starting on it`s great for getting used to a new texture in the mouth. Oh, and be careful of hard finger foods, like carrots and cucumbers…after sucking for some time a small chunk will fall and… well, if it happens, stick your finger down his throat and scoop it out.
    Hope you can get some rest.

  4. Meg says:

    The baby crackers are a good idea. I’ll look into it. Tks for sympathizing Mia.

  5. The rugby ball is from a game Motozo went to. I think they are hard to come by otherwise.

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