Taste Of Food

Baby Led Weening emphasises that the baby must feed himself. But sometimes its easier just to offer the food to him while we hold it. We must get a high chair so he can sit and feed himself properly. An interesting thing about BLW is that the baby learns how to bite small pieces off and uses his/her tongue to smash the food at the top of the mouth so its soft enough to swallow. The theory is that most babys gag/choke regardless if they are eating mashed up food or finger foods, but it still is pretty scary when he bites off a piece and starts gagging. It happened with banana yesterday and I’m reconsider whether I want to go down this route…….hmmm

He loved the sweet potato.

Steamed burdock root. We were careful he didn’t bite the fork.

Tiny bit of lettuce. Haha, next time we’ll give an actual leaf to make it more interesting for him.

Sometimes the best “toys” are non toy related things. Look at that concentration!

Someone found his way into the laundry pile.

This is what happens when he’s sitting on my lap while I’m eating breakfast. Don’t ask why my food is green. Of course, I choose to take a photo rather than clean up the mess I made on his head haha. He was totally oblivious while watching Baby Einstein.


5 thoughts on “Taste Of Food

  1. artsyduct says:

    LOLOL the one with food on his head LOLOL and baby einstien is such a hit in this household, horrible horrible parents we are! he’s really chowing down eh?! soo cute. He seems to be enjoying that sweetpotato to the full! it’s so scary when the ygag and choke, I’m way too paranoid and prepared foods for her but spread them on her table so she can pick at them, she’s a picker upper anyway, and when I did give her a whole banana at 1 years old, she stuffed it in her mouth since she didnt know how to eat big items!! now she knows but that was pretty funny.

  2. nina says:

    HAHA! I laughed out loud when I saw the picture. SO GOOD! Ah boy. Eh? Why is Baby Einstein bad? I thought it was good because it has all of those classical music inside so it’ll help stimulate their brain…..
    His expressions are so hilarious.

  3. Jewel says:

    Papoosie loves Baby Einstein too! He pretty much watches it for every meal cause otherwise he gets bored fast and doesn’t finish his proper portion.
    Is his hair just starting to grow out now, or did you guys cut it?

  4. Mia says:

    hahah, food on his head! and in the laundry… so cutsie!
    Totally get what you mean, by it being easier to just feed them. So much cleaner. Oh, when choosing a highchair… think, is it easy to clean? Cause bibs don`t catch all that much and most babies don`t like them.
    I wonder why my kids never liked Baby Einstein… they like listening to classical music, though. They were all huge Shimajiro fans.

  5. Good tip Mia. Think easy to clean!

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