My Gym (kiddy gym)

I’ve come full circle. Instead of working at My Gym, I’m now a costumer. It feels great to be on this side of things. When I worked at My Gym I knew it was a place I’d want to bring my kid when I had one.
We did a trial class when Ty was 3 months, but he fell asleep half way in the 45min “class” and I thought he’d get more out of the place if he was older. 6 months is a good time to start I think. Give him a little stimulation, he’ll be exposed to other kids his age, lots of music, toys, movement etc. Of course, he gets pretty stimulated just in our living room, but this is all just an excuse really to persuade the hubby, when actually its more for me at this point haha. I’m getting pretty bored these days. I need a reason to go outside because its a cold and now I have this to look forward to every week.
But I think when he starts crawling/walking then he’ll get a lot out of this place.

Once a week there is a teacher led class. And on other days I can come in for free play.
One of the highlights of the place are the swings. Unfortunately, Ty wasn’t so into it:(
Big bummer as I was really looking forward to this.

Daddy was thrilled about the ballpit and Ty….well….he’s not so sure. But it’s alright. He needs some time to warm up to this place.

2nd week. He started off in a good mood before the class. He had nice feed and woke up from his nap just as his class got started. He enjoyed the warm up, song & dance, but then the swings came out and……:( still not a fan. BUMMER!

Hey he liked the trampoline though! Yay!

Cute baby and creepy mom.

On Sunday we decided to go to the free play.

Unfortunately, he didn’t nap well before (everything is based on his naps!) so he wasn’t all that thrilled to be there. At his defense, the music was blaring!!!!! when I worked here I remember we always played the music pretty loud, but I never thought anything of it until becoming a mom and being sensitive to my son. I think I will mention it.

We encouraged him to climb the rock wall haha.

But he was much more happy to suck on age appropriate toys.

We ended up leaving before free play ended as he was showing signs of desperately needing a nap. I hope he grows to love the place as I’m quite enjoying taking him there. And one of these days I’ll bring in the SLR so we have some clear photos.


4 thoughts on “My Gym (kiddy gym)

  1. artsyduct says:

    hahaha so funny that he hates that swing! its so nice having those baby gyms around! In singapore I’m going to those for sure! its good for us moms at the early stages, but he’ll appreciate it soon enough! love the one on the trampoline, do you bounce it with him on? its great that you worked there, you know the insider information and how ‘clean’ and things are haha

  2. Exactly! I know how clean it is etc. They do a pretty good job about keeping everything clean. if anything went into a kids mouth it goes right into the dirty bucket. And every day they wipe down every single gym equipment on the floor.
    Its funny being in a teacher led class though because the teachers aren’t parents and they really are doing everything very robotic and saying things out of their asses, just as i was when I was working there, ha.

    Yes, I lightly bounce with him on the tramp. I either hold him and jump or lay him down.

  3. nina says:

    First thought, Poor guy, not enjoying the swings at all. Second thought, I hope those toys are clean enough for him to suck on!
    That’s pretty cool though, going full circle and seeing the other side of the place when you’re a mom now.Aww look at him on the trampoline! So happy. 🙂

  4. Mia says:

    hahaha, dirty box? love that! What a fun place. He`s such a hulk… looks 6 months already. So interesting that you get to see both sides. I always did wonder why they have the music blaring in kiddy lands, maybe to drown out the sounds of all the screaming kids?? heheh, of all the things to do, he liked the trampoline best…lol.

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