He Sits!

Still a little wobbly, but he has made huge progress from just a few days ago! It’s amazing. One day he can’t sit up without his torso slumping over to be flat as pancake over his legs and then suddenly he’s sitting upright! He falls still from side to side, but he’s holding himself up a lot better than before!

At My Gym he showed off his sitting skills. Good timing too because at 7 months he moves onto the level up class and one of the requirements is to be able to sit. Yay! Hehe, this gray onesie from Lils is too short on the sleeves for him now.

Also, he has changed his mind about the swings. He loves the swings and mommy is very pleased about this. Look at him holding the rope like a big boy! 🙂

Lets see about the ballpit.

hmmmmm…….theres those eyebrows again. Looking pretty intense there buddy.

I guess he needs a little more time to warm up to the ballpit.

No matter what, he’s my little tiger 🙂

He did this really funny thing this morning; while nursing he made sure his beloved finger was also in his mouth. If you’re skirmish about nursing photos divert your eyes for the following photo below.

I thought it was absolutely adorable!


4 thoughts on “He Sits!

  1. nina says:

    ooh such cute photos! Look at him sit like a pro, and he even enjoys the swing now! I wonder what changed for him :P.
    Does it feel weird when he puts a finger in while he nurses?

  2. lil says:

    Absolutly adorable!! He has so much perso ality…love love love his eyebrow face in the bsllpit! So funny he can sit suddenly! Amelie never sat properly til like 8 months! Hes growing up so fast! Such a cute little tiger! Hi

  3. No, it doesn’t feel weird with his finger in there. Just funny. 🙂

  4. Ellen says:

    oh my!! he has grown a lot!!!! and looks really cute!!!

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