Home Alone

Just me and my little munchkin this week as daddy had to go to HK for work. Speaking of work, Motozo is starting a new job which means being home alone with just Ty will become the norm 😦 sniff sniff. Well, it was wonderful to have him at home for so long! We will miss having him around!

Ty is 7 months today. The poor little man is having some digestive issues. He’s had diarrhea for the past 5 days. I’m thinking of taking him to the Dr. if it doesn’t clear up soon. I’m wondering if its food intolerance or teething? Both perhaps? It sucks because he does his business very early in the morning like clock work! 5-6AM is not an ideal time to be changing a stinky diaper.
Anyway, I’m backing off on solids this week as he isn’t interested in eating at all yet and we’ll see if his stools change. My helper thinks it has to do with him teething and she said he’ll probably have loose stools until the teeth start popping in. Argh, I don’t want teeth yet! He bites me occasionally and just with his gums it HURTS! But with teeth? Oh my!

Does anyone have experience with poo during green once starting solids? The pass few days he’s had carrot and okayu (only about a 1/4 of a tsp) and his stomach is not happy. But he doesn’t seem to be happy with anything I give him. aww, solids…..so hard!

7 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. lilia says:

    oh he’s so so cute! dont stress about solids, technically he should JUST be starting now, he probably has an immature stomach still, its good to cut back, they sometimes just go straight for boob only when big changes are happening, since he just learned to sit up, he could have been focusing really hard on that haha, or teething ..alone sucks! skype us anytime, the weather here is horrid and we can’t go out anywhere! So we’re stuck in the house allll day

  2. Jewel says:

    They say that when poo is green his tummy is having problems. Also in the beginning when we started feeding him solids he had a real hard time with the poo (constipation) … took him awhile but he’s finally been doing a little better. Apparently its the transition from milk to food it takes awhile for the stomach to adjust to it.
    Sorry Ty is feeling bad. Papoosie also has been having diarrhea too … it’s nice you have milk tho cause I don’t have milk anymore for Papoosie and we’ve had to stop the formula for awhile.

  3. sherry k says:

    he’s sooo cute! I think this is my favorite photo of Ty!

  4. nina says:

    aww look at him! He’s getting so big! Sitting like a pro now.

  5. Mia says:

    It was long time ago when I learned this stuff (when Natie was about 8 months, so about 4 years ago), I think the grey poo is the only dangerous one… kinda like cement paste. The others are alot like ours, when we different foods our bodies digest it differently…but if anything not ordinary lasts as long as a week it should be checked with a doc. I think constipation could be waited for up to 10 days before seeing a doc… but I always stuck with a week to be safe. This is only just for poo, yah, if there`s anything else involved that`s a diff story, Course this could be old news.
    Many parents breastfeed exclusively till 6 months or even 1 yr… I think it`s great and easier, if you don`t mind the attachment.

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience Mia. Its been a week now and he still has loose stools. I think I’m going to give the meds that the Dr. gave to see if there’s any improvement.

    I’m wondering if maybe he just has become a very very regular pooer. I hate that he has 2 in the dead of the night though 😦

    Yeah, its actually easier to just breastfeed him. But I do wish he liked to eat solids more so I could potentially get away for a little bit. Right now I’m the only source of food for him and I haven’t had much luck pumping recently so that prevents me from being able to go a couple hrs away from him.

  7. artsyduct says:

    Even with booboo on solids, she was still a big boobie baby, so solids don’t change a thing until maybe 1 years old?

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