Ball Obsession & New Friend

These last few days Ty has declare this ball as his favorite. If this ball is in a pile of toys in front of him he’ll make sure that ball finds its way in his mouth. There’s a little piece that sticks out of the ball and he likes sucking on it like a nipple haha. Boob obsessed boy.

After seeing him with an obvious oral fixation on this ball I pulled out his pacifier, which I haven’t given to him since 2 months ago in Hawaii, to see if he’ll like it. I kind of wish he’d like a pacifier because it might come in handy at night when he just wants to comfort suck.
Well, he didn’t really know what to do with the pacifier and just chewed on it like a teether. Oh well….theres pros and cons for liking a pacifier and I need to remind myself of the cons.

But darn it would be nice if he did like a pacifier. My friend’s little girl loves hers and she doesn’t need to drink at night any more so long as she has a couple pacifiers in her crib she’s happy all night long. Ah, jealous jealous!

Today Ty and I took the longest train ride ever since he’s been born. A whole 40mins! Ty was true trooper and didn’t make as much noise as I expected him to make.
We went out to visit my friend whose baby is almost 3 months old. Mari and her husband Cyrille are my most dedicated yoga students (back in the day when I taught Yoga for Runners) who came every week. She got pregnant about 3 months after I did and had a very similar pregnancy, but hers was far worse. She was in and out of the hospital and on  bed rest from almost day one. Then she spent 2 full months in the hospital, with IV, and on COMPLETE bed rest. Unlike me she was confined to only her room.
But she delivered a beautiful healthy boy and my he truly is a beauty!

OMG! Seeing him sleep so peacefully made me miss those days when Ty would sleep like that. Gone are those days haha. Thats why you never see any sleeping photos of Ty any more.

Takeshi is quite a big boy. I don’t know his fathers exact measurements, but he is SUPER tall! Takeshi was born at 3.2kg and he’s already 6kg at 3 months! Good job mama Mari!
It was so much fun talking to her. We haven’t seen each other for over a year so we had so much to catch up on.

Doesn’t he look like an absolute DOLL! And I mean that in the nicest cutest way. He’s going to grow up to be a total heart breaker.

Ty is thrilled to have another friend. Lets hope he’s ok sharing his toys. Especially that ball of his.

Ty also had his first little “accident” today I guess you can say. He didn’t get hurt, but at the restaurant he touched my hot plate and pulled away really quick and started crying. I checked to see if he got burnt, but his hand wasn’t red or anything. I still made him hold a cold towel and nursing him calmed him down immediately. I think he was more shocked than anything because after he nursed for a few minutes he was perfectly fine and started laughing and making faces. Whew! I’m so glad he didn’t get hurt! I must be more careful about hot things around him. I drink quite a bit of hot tea throughout the day so I need to make sure my mug cup is out of his reach.

Tonight daddy is coming back from HK and I am so relieved. I’m exhausted and could use a little help with Ty.

TGIF eh?! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


3 thoughts on “Ball Obsession & New Friend

  1. artsyduct says:

    HAHA the ball! We have the exact same toy with those pig/horse, amelie still has never got the point of it, and probably never will haha, good thing you don’t have a pacifier baby!! Apparently to get rid of it is worse than getting rid of boob because it’s something they can carry wit hthem all the time! That boy is SOOO darn cute, and what a huge jump in growth! Good job mama for sure! I wish You could come and visit us before Ty loses his chubs 😦 He looks to be getting so active now. That last pic of Ty looks like an amelie face! oh and nice cloud puzzle floor peices, I like the muted colors, I don’t like these super tacky bright alphabet color ones I see everywhere!

  2. Mia says:

    haha, I remember what you said about pacifiers before Ty…;) but yeah, I wished my own kids would sometimes, to get a needed break. It`s probably true though, I hear it`s harder to wean from pacifier than boob too.
    Gorgeous little baby, poor mom, she sounds like she had it the worst.

  3. Meg says:

    Yes, I really hope we get to meet before he loses his flub too!

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