2 Hearts Beat As One

Its time to bring on the cheese.

My love gave me beautiful flowers. Flowers always make a girl feel special! I did good marrying this man.

Motozo came home early to give Ty a bath, but I didn’t check my mail and already gave Ty a bath because he missed his afternoon nap and I knew he needed to go to bed early. Too bad.

While I finished putting Ty to bed Motozo whipped us up some dinner and we toasted with bubbly. I don’t drink much because I nurse and I’m not a huge pumper, but Ty was a good boy (unlike the other night) and slept for a couple of hours making me feel less guilty about drinking.

Cheers, my love.

He not only bought flowers and champagne, but also strawberries.

And Chocolate. Yep, I did very very good marrying this man!


And since no post is complete without some photo of Ty. here he is with his blocks which he loves. He’s pretty good at playing with his toys these days. I can put him down for a good 15-20mins and he’ll occupy himself by putting everything in his mouth. I think the boy is definitely teething. I’ll be happy if those pearly whites don’t come in for a long long time though!

Happy Valentines everyone!


3 thoughts on “2 Hearts Beat As One

  1. Mia says:

    Ty with his blocks is so cute, really looking at that Pooh Bear up top.
    Yum, strawberries….special!

  2. artsyduct says:

    So special! It’s nice when you can finally predict when baby is going to sleep and able to drink abit. He’s getting older so it won’t effect him as much soon. Great man that motozo is, how romantic…we didn’t even remember it was valentines day LOL, but even if we did I dont think we’re much for celebrating it…but we do eat alot of chocolate daily 😀

    He’s soo cute, sitting up like such a champ!

  3. Jewel says:

    Awwww so sweet … so glad you had a nice Valentines!

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