Protein Bars & Bread Pudding

I’m on a roll! 2 days in a row I made something new in the oven πŸ™‚ I consider that a huge accomplishment considering I have a 7 month old attached to me almost all day!

Proof is in this photo (sorry for the bathroom photo). The only way I was able to get busy in the kitchen was to strap Mr.Velcro on. He was quite happy to have front row viewing, but I still made the protein bars as fast as possible because I knew he wouldn’t be content for long. Good thing they were SO easy and fool-proof!

By the way, this is a new baby carrier. We had to return the Baby Bjorn to our friend who kindly was lending it to us, and since Ergo doesn’t allow forward facing, we needed to get another sling/carrier. We contemplated getting another Bjorn as they are quite easy to put on, but I decided to get Becco – Gemini as it’s a lot gentler on the shoulders, back, and hips. I’m a happy customer, but it is a little tough to put on and off, but I love the patterns and I think Ty is comfortable in it.

Since I didn’t have 8 x 8 baking dish I used a pie dish which worked out well!

Sorry for the ugly dark kitchen photo.

Little triangle bars are the best! They are awesome! I’ve been wanting a healthy easy to grab snack and I thought protein bars would be the thing. This was the perfect way for me to replenish after a mini workout this morning. Chock full of oats, nuts, raisins, and protein powder. And oh, I used gluten-free oats so they were vegan + gluten-free. πŸ™‚

Next up, vegan bread pudding. I was able to make this today thanks to my helper who kept Ty happy so I could do my thing in the kitchen.

Over the weekend we went to an awesome french bakery for lunch and on our way out the door we bought a crazy amount of bread. What were we (me, actually as I was the one with the tray and tongs picking out breads) thinking? Of course, we hardly put a dent in our stash of bread so bread pudding I thought would be the perfect way to “get rid” of some.
Its been only 3 days but the baguette was getting crazy stale and hard! So hard that it was almost impossible for me to cut it into small enough pieces for the pudding. The fancy bread knife I bought yesterday hardly made a dent in it so I attempted getting things broken down in my vitamix, but that only proceeded to make breadcrumbs, which wasn’t what I wanted. I tried the food processor and almost broke the thing. The bread kept getting stuck in the blades 😦
Finally I used a regular ol’ knife which I sharpened last night (such good timing!), put some good muscle in it and managed to get the baguette broke down. Although, I didn’t get the pieces as small as I’d have liked them to be, but at that point I was just eager to get the damn bread pudding in the oven before Ty needed to go down for his nap.

While it was baking in the oven I did a little at home workout since Janelyn (my helper) was doing a terrific job of keeping Ty happy. Boy did it start smelling wonderful in the house!
I think next time I’d add more milk since the top of the breads didn’t soften enough, but they still were tasty all nice and crisp. I hate it when the raisins all clump up in one place! I sent my helper home with the larger pudding dish as my thighs do not need more bread.

This is PLENTY for Motozo and I. It’ll probably end up being me who eats everything since Motozo is away all day at work now.

A small little serving for dessert today after lunch. Comfort food at its finest! The bottom was nice and soft and the top all crispy.

Perfect timing for this book to come in the mail when I’m feeling all “chefy” haha, yeah right!
I decided I should probably read the Baby Led Weaning book to get some ideas on how to feed Ty etc. I’ve read a couple of pages already and its SUPER interesting!
Ty’s poo situation has calmed down just recently so we started giving him mashed bananas, but tomorrow he’s getting a piece of banana so he can feed himself. Still haven’t located a high chair that I like so I’m thinking we have to track one down this weekend pronto!

Ty is like, yeah I can feed myself! Look at me putting all my toys so expertly into my mouth!

Yay, I feel so happy to blog about something other than Ty for a change haha.


4 thoughts on “Protein Bars & Bread Pudding

  1. nina says:

    where are the recipes!!!!
    All this teasing and no….pudding. 😦
    Ty is getting so big, look at him multi-tasking! Chewing on his toy while examining the new book.

  2. Sorry, Nina, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to post a link on the blog so people can click on it directly rather than having to copy-paste. I’ll figure it out soon and post the recipes.

    Yeah, i know. Its not really bread pudding haha. The bottom was though, just not the top.

  3. lil says:

    Haha but i like posts about ty! Cant get enuf. Nice carrier! It looks comfy for both. Bread pudding looks nice. What milk did u use? The blw book looks interesting. I always cut up small peices still since shes a very gaggy toddler. Hope u find a good high cahir. Easy to clean and move around!

  4. I used soy milk.
    According to the book, babies who learn to “chew” by BLW method has less gagging issues when they get older. I guess because they get ample opportunity to learn how to swallow larger pieces. Its still scary when he does gag though.

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