I’m starting to see the perks of Ty taking short but frequent naps. I used to and still occasionally wish he’d sleep for longer stretches, but with the short and frequent naps, it gives me little breaks throughout the day, rather than one long break. It makes the day go by a little faster. Ty basically needs to nap every 2hrs from the last time he woke. He gets in about 3-4 and sometimes even a 5th nap daily. Although, they are only 20-30mins long, I enjoy each one!

So today I gave him pieces of banana. Since we don’t have a high chair, he sat on my lap. I made sure I had everything that I needed next to me so I didn’t have to disrupt his eating/playing in anyway. Next to me I had my breakfast, tea, water, towels (to catch the banana pieces I anticipated would fall to the ground), tissues etc.
Baby-Led Weaning says its not necessary to introduce foods one at a time and they recommend giving the baby a variety of foods. But since Ty has a sensitive stomach I’ll probably go pretty slow at giving him a variety of foods at a time.

Banana alone was pretty interesting for him. This is his second time to try eating a banana by BLW method. He eagerly grabbed the banana piece and shoved it in his mouth as he does everything he gets his hands on. He seemed quite surprised that it had taste this time though. haha.

He tried putting it in his mouth a couple more times before he had enough and just played with it. He made a mess! He’d squish the banana and then drop it on the floor, on my lap, etc. He seemed to enjoy playing with it because of the texture/slipperiness, but it didn’t last for long. 5mins into it and he was done and I of course didn’t get a chance to start on my breakfast. This is where a highchair would come in handy. If he wasn’t on my lap I would have let the food go flying on the floor, but I didn’t want to take the chance of banana (especially!) getting on me. I’m pretty certain zero of the banana made its way to his belly. No worries though. I think its good for him just to familiarize himself with food in this way by playing since he really isn’t a fan of solids. I’m hoping this stress-free method will gradually make him into a food lover.

I love his pudgy fingers and arms!

I LOVE that Ty can sit up now. He still occasionally falls forward,backward, sideways etc, but every day he sits straighter and sturdier.
His sitting skills are wonderful for him to freely grab toys all around him and be plopped down anywhere where I am. Take our laundry basket for example. He can safely sit in it while I do my beauty regime in the morning.

Or when I need to use the bathroom. He’s quite attached and whines if I leave him in a room by himself, so yes, he goes with me to the bathroom. I’m sure you moms know how that works. Now he doesn’t have to sit on my lap when I do my business. I think he’s also equally happy about that. Sorry if this is too much info.

I love when my order from Iherbs come. I’m a HUGE fan of iherbs and order quite a bit of stuff from them. I can easily buy products that are hard/impossible to buy in Japan, for a very good price, and they delivery super fast!

I can’t live without my chia seeds and flaxseeds. I also ordered Ty a new toothbrush since the old was looking very well used.

See. Its actually a pass down from cousin Amelie. Normally, it’ll be a good idea to not reuse toothbrushes that were already used by someone else, but this one is silicon making it super easy to sanitize. Good thing I got a new one though.

He loves it! I know I say that for everything, but this has got to be his favorite thing! He’ll suck/bite contently for a full 20mins sometimes. It must feel good on those gums.


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. artsyduct says:

    BAHAHAHA the ones of him in hte basket are TOOOO funny. He just gets plopped, soo hilarious! I like that he gets to play with his food and taste it slowly. He’s probably going to need long intros to foods since hes a sensitive baby, but who knows!! I like the no fuss just do what you will with it. You’re a good mommy! The naps are so strange too but I guess that’s his style eh? I also like short but frequent. Iherb rocks, the toothbrush is so beaten up! haha, amelie took those chunks out, it’s no that dirty, just like any other toy . Ima send aelie’s first pair of shoes over and a hat. I love his sock shoes now. chub chub is soooo cute.

  2. Mia says:

    Love the ones in the basket plopped in the cupboard space, what a luxury… you have space on the floor in the toilet! and nah, not too much info…we know exactly what you mean. Someone should write a book about all the awkward and uncomfortable parts of parenting…I would have bought it with my first right along with What to Expect When Expecting.

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