Visiting Daddys New Office

First up is news unrelated to the post name. A TOOTH has made an appearance today!
I’m proud that my little boy is sprouting his purely whites, but also extremely scared and nervous! This boy bites!!!! ACK! This morning I thought something was funny when after he bit me my nip felt tingly and a lot more ouch than before when he he’d bite. I forgot about it and then later he got a hold of one of my fingers and bit on it and ooo yeah, I felt something quite pointy and sharp. Upon further inspection, I could see a tiny white spot on the bottom gum. Thank God he only has one tooth coming in at the moment.
Anyway, I really need to find a way to teach him not to bite as this may be the very thing that makes me stop breastfeeding before I actually intended to. It hurts!!!!

Back to our adventure of the day. Motozo started a new job last week and we visited him today. Beautiful building in Otemachi on the 31st floor with an awesome view of Tokyo Bay. His colleague says the view is more beautiful at night. I might need to visit when the sun goes down one of these days.

Oh, and while riding the elevator a random guy asked if Ty was a girl. He really thought Ty was a girl he said. uh. how!? Ty has the most boy baby face ever I think. I guess his eyes are pretty perty and girly though.

Motozo works in an Indian investment company and the office in Japan is small with Motozo being the only Financial Analysis. This, no doubt, will make him very very busy.
After showing Ty the view, chatting with the collegues, and taking photos of Ty sitting on the office floor etc. We went for lunch.

Ty got a piece of my salad, but was quite busying doing #2 on daddy’s lap. This is his way of showing how much he loves daddy. Especially now that he hardly gets any chance to see daddy in the day since he goes to work early and Ty goes to bed at night very early.

He literally did poo on daddy with some MAJOR leakage from his diaper. Today was not a good day to forget to bring an extra pair of clothes for Ty! I taxied it back home because I didn’t want Ty to catch a cold in his wet poo clothes by taking the train and walking home from the train station.

Ah, life with a baby. You never know whats going to happen. Now I must go hand wash his poo clothes before it stains.


3 thoughts on “Visiting Daddys New Office

  1. Mia says:

    Aww, what a happy beginning with the new tooth and eww ending you left off with…lol. Somehow what always happens just when you decide or forget to bring the extra clothes, or when you`re just popping out for 5 mins.
    I`ve never had the biting prob, all three were late teethers (lucky me!) but I`ve heard other moms in nursing rooms Aiaiaiaia-ing in another partition followed by a very distressed ‘Itaiyo!’ and it sounded pretty bad.
    Just this morning Gabe and I were wondering how other ppl could possibly think Raiden`s a girl, cause he`s ALL boy to us. We were saying, maybe because we know the way he acts is very boyish so it leaves no room for question, but if we were just passerby`s looking…(and as we looked, Raiden makes a scowl and grunts) Yup, we`re still wondering how ppl can mistake it. Ty looks very much like a boy…but he is pretty.

  2. artsyduct says:

    He is pretty! Specially in that picture with dadyd, so great you get to visit him in work! Oh no about the teeth and biting, luckily amelie has never bitten me, she does get teeth marks on there, but never clamps it down. I’ve read that when they do bite, it’ll startle you and for sure you’ll let out a loud sound, but try not to next time otherwise he’ll get a kick out of it and start doing it more! Also the best thing is to slowly take him off and stop feeding because when they bite, it means they aren’t drinking for food anymore, but just playing! Not sure if thats accurate, and specially since ty is nothing normal LOL, but who knows.

    Mia I think raiden can totally pass as a’s those lashes!!

    Too bad about the poo but so always happens when you don’t bring that extra clothing, I remember forgetting nappies but bringing the WHOLE nappy bag! It felt SO stupid that I was lugging this huge thing around with tons of clothes and NO nappy haha.

  3. nina says:

    haha, him showing his love by pooing, maybe he was just so comfortable on daddy’s lap?
    A tooth!

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