Baby Friends & Baby Food

Boohoo the weekend is over! This is the first time in months when on Sunday evening I started getting sad that the weekend was coming to an end. I’ve gotten so used to Motozo being around everyday (4 months to be exact), but now that he’s back at work the weekends are so precious and special!

On Sat we tried steamed carrots.

After only a couple taste he disliked it so much that he started fussing to get away from the table. On Sunday we tried steamed apples. That too he disliked. Now whenever I sit him down at the table with food in-front of him he won’t even reach out to grab the food. 😦
But there’s happy news at the very bottom of this post.

On Sunday we had a wonderful time hanging out with our baby friends. Ty was his usual loud self and he made Hannah cry haha. It was so funny. Both boys would make noises and the girls would get all scared. I’ve noticed Ty really is uncomfortable in new environments (anything away from home) and seems to get overwhelmed easily and he shouts a lot. A quiet Ty = happy & comfortable. A loud Ty = unhappy. I hope he gets over it and his socializing skills improve as I have no intention of staying at home all the time.

We were lucky enough to have our family photo taken. A rare opportunity! Thank you Sara!

Ty’s “deer caught in the headlights” look.

So I’ve been getting a little sad about Ty’s lack of enthusiasm for solid foods. All his baby friends enjoy eating multiple times a day so I worry about him. I know solid food isn’t THAT big of an importance so long as the baby is drinking enough breast milk or formula and Ty is thriving on BM alone so far, but still….I’d like if he enjoyed food a bit more. I guess I just got to be patient and try not to pressure the little man.

Well, today I found something he liked. Dry brown rice cereal! I was totally one of those moms who swore she’d never buy rice cereal from a can or buy baby food in a jar. Well, you know I’ve finally pulled the stick out of my ass got sick of making food for Ty and him not even eating a tea spoon. I have a fridge full of home made okayu, fruit purees etc and I feel like it was quite a waste of time preparing everything. So I went a head and ordered this Organic Brown Rice Cereal from iherbs and guess what? He liked it!!! I made it very very soupy and I was surprise that he opened his mouth wide spoon after spoon! In total he had probably a whole table spoon which is HUGE for him! When he had enough he made it very well known but getting angry when I brought a spoon to his mouth. I am thrilled he liked! We’ll see how he likes it tomorrow.

We finally found a highchair I liked enough to buy. Man it was hard choice! I was very specific about certain things so it was super hard to find one that fit all the criterias! I’m not sure when it arrives, but I can’t wait for it!

I realize I haven’t done a 7 month update for Ty yet. I guess I feel kind of funny doing a 7 month update as its become pretty apparent to me recently that Ty is diffidently still on a 6 month schedule. I’ll come around to doing a monthly update one of these days though.


6 thoughts on “Baby Friends & Baby Food

  1. Jewel says:

    Ay that first pic of him is soooooooo cute!
    I think it’s really important kids/babies get used to playing with other kids and socializing … I started trying as much as possible to go to this ‘mommy’s get together thingie one of my friends hosts every week. All the kids (except 1) are older than Papoosie by about a year so for now it’s more for my socializing and enjoyment than his … but I’m hoping that his getting used to playing and being around other kids will be good for him.
    So glad you found something Ty likes eating! Maybe it’ll be just what he needs to get into the whole ‘food’ business … fingers are crossed …

  2. artsyduct says:

    yay for Ty enjoying something to eat! HAHA, he’s probably still in his 6 months stage as far as his body, but that’s to be expected. I reember amelie never really getting into it until later, and it was mostly me not getting into making tons of food! I ended up getting tons of prepackaged organic foods, (not the jar ones though), so when I have a lazy day I can just pull out a package. They really like to trick you, so you make alot of something you think they like, then it’s none of that for ages! You’re doing great.

    I wouldn’t worry about socialization? I always seem to hear that stupid word and even with Amelie and me literally hanging around hte house almost all the time, she’s one of the most social babies out there. It’s personality and also if they feel secure enough in their own environment they start getting more adaptable in other environments. Also generally babies don’t care about other babies until much later, so if hes not into it, it’s not that you havent done anything to get there or that you can do anything more. But obviously dont let him keep you in the house! haha

    notty ty, shouting. I love his shout though, he’s such a boy!! That family shot is beautiful! YOu all look soo great. And hilarious pictures of ty trying to get infront of all the babies hahaha He’s the chunkiest one! I don’t think food intake is an issue there hahaha

  3. Mia says:

    Aww, lovely family photos and he is the chunkiest bug! You and Shebs look so alike. Nice you found a food he likes and it actually looks really yum.

    I think socializing is quite important too, in that it`s fun. (Huge IMO:) Babies and young kids rarely ‘play’ with each other, but from each other, they watch and learn how other babies act, move, cry, laugh, whether they prefer mom or dad, or to be held or not. Socializing doesn`t have to be restricted to age range cause babies learn just as much from kids and adults…basically, you`re showing them what kinds of people make up the world and before your kid enters school or college or his first job, the more he understand ppl and their actions the better he can respond. And this applies regardless of personality type…personality would affect how fast they pick it up or whether they like it or not. All of this comes together to help them better find out who they are themselves, what they definitely can say they like or not, what kind of ppl they admire and who they don`t want for friends, etc. Socializing is really just a part of life so there are times you have it and times you don`t. If the parent is into it, by all means put your kid in the spot too, show your kid who you are. If you`re not into it, same thing, show your kid you enjoy relaxing at home, cause it`s a great thing for you and your kid to understand each other. That`s how I see it anyway.

  4. lil says:

    well put! Socializing is constant, even with mom and dad. I think alot of ppl disregard that young babies social skills are best practiced with mom and dad initially to give a solid consistent reaction so they can make sense of enviroment and feel safe. Thats mho anyway.

  5. Such great tips from you mommies! Thanks so much!

  6. nina says:

    such nice family photos, they’re definitely keepers.
    He’s totally posing, in that pic of him with his toy board and cushions!
    HA! I love the photo of him trying out some steamed carrots, his face is so expressive you can almost read what’s he’s thinking.

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