Workout Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I was on the phone with Jan complaining about how I can’t seem to lose those pesky 2kilos to my pre-pregnancy weight and how it’s super frustrating that I don’t have a lot of time or motivation to exercise. She said something to me though that made me realize I need to stop making excuses and instead find a way to exercise. She creatively found a way to exercise herself by putting baby Brian in a stroller while she does a couple mins of jump roping (which Brian happens to love watching his mama do), followed by a little jog of pushing the stroller around the house. She’d repeat that a couple of times until they’ve both had enough. How awesome is that! She suggested I put on running gear and use whatever errands I have to do during the day as opportunity to run. So if I have to go grocery shopping I’d jog with Ty in the stroller to and back from the grocery store etc. I think it’s a brilliant idea although I haven’t exactly done it yet, but a jog with the stroller to the park is something I’m planning when it gets a little warmer.

Anyhoo, long story short. I told myself “No more excuses!” I need to make it work for me and I decided to put an attainable goal for myself every week. I told myself a minimum of 3 mini workouts a week is good. And by mini I mean 10mins. It’s really hard to do anything longer unless my helpers are around or over the weekend when Motozo is home. And since I’m out of shape 10mins is pretty affective at the moment, especially if I do some high intensity training.
I surprised myself by managing to do 5 workouts last week and I feel so much better already as a result! I’m really lucky to have help during the week so I’m trying to take advantage of it. I even managed to get outside once for a little jog. But I think I’ll be keeping to workouts at home until Ty is nursing a little less…..we’ll see we’ll see.

I’m sure no one really cares to know what I did exactly, but I’m posting my workouts (when I can remember to) on my blog for my own sake so I can look back and see what I did.
Below are the workouts I did the last week. I know the frequency of workouts I can do will vary week by week, but this was a pretty good start I’d say.

Mon (13th) – 30min jog. My left knee was bothering me so I took it very gentle. It felt WONDERFUL to be outside jogging! I found myself smiling a lot despite the fact that I’ve lost so much (all!) cardiovascular strength and my lungs were killing me!

Wed (15th)
ZWOW#4got my ass kicked in 18mins.

Fri (17th)
Sandcastle Workout from the Tone It Up Girls. Was simple but effective! My hamstrings were sore the next day!

Sat (18th)
ZWOW#5 I absolutely loved this workout! Super simple, but got a real burn in only 10mins! It looks super easy, but when I was doing it I was happy that it was short.

Sun (19th)
600 rep workout My muscles were sore already so I focused on keeping good form rather than zooming through all the reps as fast as possible, but I completed all the reps faster than expected at 25mins.

For about 3 of the workouts I did them in front of Ty while he played with his toys. He looked at me like I was doing the most bazaar thing in the world. It was so funny. When he got bored I incorporated him into the workouts by using him as extra weight. It’s not ideal, but I’m making it work.

Ok, enough of exercise. On to Ty’s adventures. So far he’s had a very social week. On Monday we had lunch with 2 other mommy’s at a nice cafe in Daikanyama. And today I met up with one of them to go to Kodomonoshiro (children’s play center) which happens to be just a 10min walk away.

Both baby’s really enjoyed the new toys and Ty was unbelievably calm and happy. The workers and other moms there were very friendly and we even made another mommy friend.

I’m hoping Ty will learn how to crawl from Marta and other kids around him. But for now I’m just thankful that he can sit up.

Afterwards we went for lunch. It was a great day for me, but unfortunately, I think it tired Ty out quite a bit because tonight he was SOOO fussy! He hasn’t been this fussy in the evening since he was 2 months old. Man, I was so close to calling Motozo and telling him he needed to come home pronto because I needed help with him.

All is fine now that he’s sleeping though.

Today a couple of people even asked me “How old is your daughter?” um HE is 7 months. Haha. I still don’t see any girl in him. To those of you who know, doesn’t this photo look like Uncle Joey or what?!?!


4 thoughts on “Workout Challenge

  1. artsyduct says:

    wow nice work outs! Great you got to do some, though I can’t imagine how you come up with the energy! I wish they had baby centers here, they’re so nice! It’s such a good idea and builds great community vibes. He might be teething? YOu mentioned he got 1 so it might be the other ones that are bothering him in the night? Poor booger. It’s nice you’re able to go out and hang with other mommy’s!

  2. artsyduct says:

    Oh and last pic IS JO! I also started seeing so many Jo facial expressions when Amelie starting making funny funny!

  3. You might be right! His teething may have been part if the reason for his extreme fussiness. There’s only one tooth coming in. How long does it bother I wonder? Until it’s fully grown?

  4. nina says:

    That’s totally a Joe face, HA! Now I feel all convicted whining about being tired and not able to do an exercise when you have a BABY and you’re still doing it. Ultra pro. GO MEG GO! 🙂

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