The Chair

Has arrived! After a lot of research on highchairs Motozo and I decided on this Nuna. Its easy for the tray to come on and off (very important for cleaning!), the height is adjustable, and it can be disassemble as the child gets older making it into just a regular chair.

I initially wasn’t into the space age look, but I quite like it now. I know its not everyone’s style, but the important thing is whether Ty likes it. I was so excited to try it out this morning!

So far so good. He seemed very comfortable in it. He’s even giving me the thumbs up!

Now to try some food. Bib? Check! Food? Check! On the menu is avocado and boiled pumpkin (first try for pumpkin)

He tentatively touched the food.

And made an “ew” face. Someone isn’t a fan of avocado. As I mentioned in another post. He now knows if its food in front of him and he won’t even attempt to bring it to his mouth. Today was no exception 😦

Mom do I have to try it?!

But I don’t wanna!

Get me out of here!

And that ended breakfast. Food tasted? zero. Food on the floor? A couple pieces.

Sigh! So far, Baby Led Weaning is not working. I will try rice cereal and mashed banana mixed in later today after he’s had a proper nap. I don’t want meal time to be stressful for him so I’m not pressuring him to eat and will let him go at his pace.

The highchair was grand though! Was SO much easier to just plop the food in front of him and I was actually able to get a couple bites of my own breakfast. The clean up was simple too. Took off the tray and washed it in the sink. Easy easy!

Its raining and oh so miserable outside, so Ty and I will be camping out indoors today. He’s more fussy these days due to teething. Day before yesterday I discovered that the other bottom tooth is breaking in as well! 2 teeth! My nips are quivering in fear.


4 thoughts on “The Chair

  1. artsyduct says:

    LOL nips quivering in fear LOL, I hope he doesnt bite!! SOOO funny these pics. I suppose all in good time! I’ve always let amelie open her mouth if the spoon came close, it’s not technically blw, but I thought it was fair enough since she let me put the spoon in LOL, also ate alot of rice cereal at that time, and mixed mashed pear/mango/pumkin or zuchini. But she isnt the best of eaters as far as chewing so maybe I did it all wrong LOL, the other day she put an ENTIRE riceball in her mouth and just started choking on it cuz she’s too eager to put everything in her mouth! LOL silly baby. But she eats everything and tries anything new so I guess in that aspect it’s alright. The chair looks amazing! Great that it converts to a chair too. thumbs up one is hilarious and the get me out of here face!! TOO GOOD!! Hes got such personality!

  2. Yeah, he totally has a strong personality! I think the gagging thing is common for a lot of kids. Putting the whole rice ball in the mouth too. I can imagine myself doing that as a kid. ha.

    Oh, I should try zucchini with him. ALthough I haven;t seen an organic zucchini around ever 😦
    Yeah, if she opens her mouth to take the food then theres nothing wrong with that. Ty doesn’t open his mouth is the problem.:( Like you said, all in good time I suppose ( I hope!)

  3. nina says:

    HAHA! Nips quivering in fear, you have such a way with words Peg :D. Oh, I remember gagging all the time when they gave me food I didn’t like, totally a mental thing, there was no problem when I swallowed it down with water, it’s purely a complex.
    His expressions when he’s on the chair! Totally spans the scope of his emotions.
    I like the chair, it sounds really useful, how you can deconstruct it into a normal chair once he grows out of it, because that’s the main problem with high chairs, once they don’t need it, you have to get rid of it AND buy another chair. Score on your find.

  4. Mia says:

    I like his ‘Mom, do I have to try it?’ face the best. He`s so expressive!

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