Ty’s 7 Month Update

This is really really long so if you you’re not into baby updates, skip this post and wait for my next.

Like I said in the previous post I feel funny updating Ty as a 7 month old as I really feel he is still a 6 month old, so this is  more of an update on whats changed/what didn’t from last month.


Height: 67.5cm (last month 65.4cm)

Weight: 7.59kg (last month 7.25kg)

Not a huge difference in his measurements from last month, but I’ve read that it’s perfectly normal and healthy. According to Baby Center.com there’s been studies that showed that breastfed babies grow A LOT in the first 3-4 months and then it slows down drastically from there. Formula fed babies showed a slower growth in the first few months and then things picked up from 5-6 months. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but its interesting and it puts my mind at rest anyway.


Sitting! He really just suddenly picked it up one day. He’s still not completely solid and topples overs occasionally, but for the most part he’s pretty good. Now that he can sit, when he’s in his stroller he doesn’t like to recline back (even when we have the recline on the highest level).

Rolling is still not on the agenda for him. There were more than a dozen occasions where Motozo and I really thought he’d roll from his back to stomach, but it never happened. He just doesn’t seem interested in rolling at all! If he didn’t manage to learn how to sit then I would be concerned over this, but I think he just skipped this skill and I’m pretty confident he’ll learn how to roll eventually. You don’t ever see an adult who can’t roll right?

He absolutely HATES being on his stomach. Its like he’s completely forgotten how to put his arms in-front of him for a baby push up. He’ll instead lift both his arms and legs and “fly” complaining with his loud voice until we flip him over.


Two bottom teeth coming in. My baby isn’t going to have a toothless grin any more!!

He likes standing. He’s quite mobile in his walker and now he seems to know how to maneuver the walker to get to where he wants to go. If I’m in the kitchen he’ll deliberately scoot his way to the kitchen door. I can’t say he really likes the walker though. He doesn’t like to stay in it for long even though he knows how to get around now.

To me he has started to really slim out. I know he still has his rolls, but his face has slimmed out and I miss having a huge blob! 😦 He had diarrhea for the first 2 weeks of Feb and I was concerned about his slow weight gain, but he’s fine and healthy.


Super strong! He’s very vocal and boisterous! I can see when he’s angry. When we were at a friend’s place over the weekend. Marta (8 month old) was interested in him and crawled up to him. Ty just woke up from a nap and was bothered I guess and I could see the intensity in his eyes as he shouted and grabbed Marta’s face. Dangerous! He was angry and he showed it.

I think it comes down to him just being a little nervous. Some babies get quiet, Ty gets loud and eventually starts crying unless we pick him up. He gets overwhelmed pretty easily as well. If it’s a new inclosed environment that also happens to have a lot of noise he’s not too happy. Recently at My Gym he moved up a class and its a lot more loud and active from the baby class he was in. He’s the youngest in class with most of the babies being able to crawl etc. They play the music louder, the play time is longer and he obviously was pretty nervous about everything. He doesn’t cry a lot when he’s at home, but he cries quite a bit at My Gym these days :(There is a specific “separation time” where the parents are supposed to step back and let their kids play amongst themselves. Ty will start off alright and gets a little interested in the toys, but as soon as he notices that I’m not right next to him he’ll start bawling his eyes out.

Yeah, we have a mamas boy on our hands! He’s becoming more and more attached. When he wants to be carried he’ll lift his arms up when I come near him and if he’s facing outward while sitting on my lap (and he wants to be cuddled) he’ll turn his body around to me. Its kind of sweet when he does that, but I do wish he wouldn’t freak out when Dad picks him up at night when he wakes up. Sometimes that’s the only time Motozo gets the chance to see him during the week and it’s too bad that Ty insists on being held by me instead.

This may be due to teething, but recently he can’t sleep at times unless he’s on my chest or unless I’m cradling him in my arms. Sleep is a whole other issue I’ll get into later.

He’s pretty tough. As clumsy as I am, I sometimes accidental bump his head against the wall or something and he’s cool with it. He has never cried when it comes to bumps caused by Motozo or I.

He does get scared sometimes though with loud noises. If he’s drifting off to sleep and Motozo sneezes he’ll start whimpering. There was a time he got scared of the water draining in his tub. But ever since then he hasn’t been scared of that.


NO CHANGE! He’s a terrible sleeper and recently it has become worse. I’m really hoping it’s because of his teeth and that it’ll eventually calm down. Earlier in the month when he had loose stools he’d wake up on the dot at 5AM to do a big one. And then an hour later he’d do another one. It was rough! Once Ty is woken up completely at night he has a hard time settling back down. There are nights when he’ll wake up at 3AM, won’t go back  to sleep until 5AM and then proceed to wake up crying hysterically every 30mins.  On average he still wakes up every 2 hours or so. Sometimes he just needs to comfort suck and other times he needs to really nurse. When he does nurse at night there’s still the issue of him having to burp eventually so I feel like I’m CONSTANTLY pulling him onto my stomach so he can burp. If I don’t burp him he often pukes up quite a bit. I know him nursing in the reclining position next to me at night isn’t helping his gas issues, but I really am too tired to sit up and nurse.

Because of his separation anxiety he wakes up at as soon as he notices that I’ve left the bed (to go to the bathroom). We often stay in bed until 8-10 in the morning just so we both can catch up on some much-needed sleep. But on average he wakes up around 7:30AM.

His naps have changed. He used to take a 30min nap 2 hours after he woke up every single day without fail! Now its really hard to get him to nap in the morning. He gets tired just an hour after waking up, but he’s not tired enough I think to stay sleeping once I put him down.  He now goes down for a 30min nap around 12PM and then an hour later he’s ready for another 30min – 1hr nap. I think I’ve been a little too busy these days out and about that he hasn’t been napping very good so that could be affecting his sleep at night. I’m going to try to make sure he gets more sleep throughout the day if possible.


He’s a big nurser. No interest in solids as I’ve mentioned many times. When the solid area changes I’ll be sure to let you know! Right now were doing both BLW and regular spoon-feeding. Sometimes I ask my helpers to feed him with a spoon and he eats a bit more at those times, but I think it has something to do with the fact that they push him more than I do. I really don’t want to force solids on him so as long as he’s thriving and growing then I’m trying not to stress about it.

Even though he likes to nurse, he’s picky about it. He only likes to nurse in the bedroom or in the Ergo. I feel like there was absolutely no point in buying a nursing wrap because there is no chance he’ll nurse under it. On the other hand, the Ergo is our BEST baby purchase EVER! I use it multiple times a day. It’s in dire need of a wash, but I don’t know if I’ll manage without it for one day ha. He naps in it, he nurses in it. 2 very important things!


He has gotten a lot better at playing with his toys by himself once he started sitting. Its a wonderful difference and I actually can exercise in front of him or wash the dishes now unlike before when he was on his back or in his bouncer.

He loves playing peek-a-boo games and laughs silly even though he gets startled every time.

In Summery:

I know there is more about him I’m sure I missed. But time is an issue.

Over all he’s quite a handful. It’s really hard not to compare with other babies who seem a lot more easy-going and happier than Ty. But he really is so adorable and loveable! At times he doesn’t seem like a baby at all, but a little complicated man. I’m trying my best to respect who he is, try to understand all his emotions (and he has many!), and provide for him in the best way I can. He’s such a cuddly monkey who loves being carried and I’m savoring ever moment as I know he’ll outgrow it eventually. One of these days soon he’ll be running away from me, so for now he can be mamas little boy and I’ll continue to spoil him silly.

Mama loves you very very much Ty!


6 thoughts on “Ty’s 7 Month Update

  1. Ellen says:

    He is growing really fast and from what you say, perfectly well !!! I hope he starts sleeping longer hours so you can have a better rest.

  2. lil says:

    Oh so sweet, spoil him rotten! Ull definitly miss the moments as a baby
    Hes quite full on but youre such a good mom, keeping him close. Hes learning to trust and be secure so soon..or eventually hehe he’ll be easier going. Only now amelie os sleeping 5 hours straight! Its awesome. But the naps cam drive u batty. Specially when they are cutting out and shifting times! As soon as u get something good its bound to change lol. Hes adorable, i love how hes a big mommy boy, its so sweet! Hes still very much like 6 months probably nerve and digestion wise. Its good u let him go at his pace. And so great ure still feefing. I was worried aboit ams weight when her growth curve dramatically went down but also read about formula vs bf growth and most charts based on formula fef babies. Keep bfing as long as possible for immune and other awesome benifits. I dont think hed let u stop amyway lol! Ive read lots bout bfing exclusively till 1 as well and some bonuses with that as far as gut develpment, but either way hes got his own ideas im sure lol

    Am is going through peak separation anxiety right now but its normal. Hope it passes. Sje gets anxious if i close the door in the bathroom. But thankfully daddy is equal. He should get better with daddy in a few months for sure. Its just a phase

  3. Lisa says:

    Hey Meg,

    Congratulations on your cute little man. He sounds so much like Caleb as a baby, while every baby is different it may turn out that he does have some anxiety issues. I just wanted to mention a few things we learned in hindsight with Caleb, in case they help.

    Firstly these babies are TOUGH, all babies are, but these special little guys even more so. It is very important that you get out and spend sometime doing things with yourself that you enjoy, or you will lose it.

    Secondly, ignore the rules, ignore the supposed milestones,ignore what other kids are doing pretty much ignore everything and just go with what works. It will make everything easier.

    Thirdly, I’m not saying that your son has any of these, but he is acting as a baby exactly as Caleb did, with behaviours I had never seen in other babies. It turned out Caleb had high anxiety and texture/sound sensitivities.

    These caused the issues your seeing with large groups,aggression, food etc.

    My advice would be to follow your babies clues, if he seems upset in loud nosy places, stay with him, let him sit with you, don’t push him. The more he experiences these situations without any negatives the more his brain learns that its ok.

    Sit next to him with other babies, and introduce them slowly, model appropriate play.

    With the food, keep offer different things, but keep in mind it can take up to twelve times before a child accepts a new food.

    I really feel for you Meg, these complex little guys are tough. It’s hard not to compare with other much easier babies.

    Please remember ask for help if you need it, it’s so important. Good luck, you’re doing an amazing job.

    If you ever need someone to sympathize you know where to find me. 🙂

  4. Lisa, your comment means the world to me! Such terrific advice! Thank u so much! It feel so nice that Im not the only one experiencing a high-needs baby.thanks a million again. I’ll totally be referring to your comment often!

  5. Lisa says:

    Big Kisses and Hugs

  6. So wonderful! Your relationship with Ty; the way he’s growing and learning; wanting to be with Mommy; and everything is so wonderful!
    Reading this makes me think that maybe babies at this age are naturally Mama’s boys. And I read something about Separation Anxiety between baby and parents. Around this time the baby wants to learn new things ; touch and feel and taste whatever they can get there hands on, etc… but then they’re also scared to be away from there Mommy, so they get all emotional and (in our eyes) “difficult”. Brian seems just like that too. I thought Brian was just being difficult and has to constantly be with me in order to be happy and content, but after reading this, it’s starting to dawn on me that it’s just this special age, and they’ll grow out of it soon, and into another one before we know it. 🙂
    You’re a great Mom, giving Ty lots of attention and experiences! Can’t wait to see you in April!

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