Tokyo Marathon 2012!

Oh, my shoulders are so sore! Why, when I didn’t even run the race? Well, that’s what happens when you cheer for hubby and everyone else for 5hrs while carrying an almost 8kilo baby.

Of course, you can imagine how Motozo feels after running a full marathon in 4hrs 14mins. Well done my love with close to zero training and only 2 months ago he ran Honolulu Marathon at 4hrs 44mins. We all thought he’d finish the race around 4:40, but I think he was faster due to his favorites (Ty and I of course!) cheering him on the sidelines.

The race plans started a day early as we went to Sara’s place to borrow a batman costume Motozo tentatively considered wearing. After trying on the suit he decided to just go with the mask and cape.

Ty is unimpressed. ha

But in the end he decided the cape would slow him down so he went with regular running clothes. He was specific about wearing bright orange and a tall hat though so I’d spot him easier.

Ty and I got out the door the earliest ever at 9AM! Why is it that baby’s (or is it just Ty?) have perfect timing to make life a little harder whenever its the most inconvenient? Like taking a big poo outside when I don’t have a change of clothes for him. Or like Sat night when he woke up at 2AM to poo and then took 2 hrs to go back to sleep! GAH! No matter! I was determined to get on the racing course by 9:30AM so I can catch everyone (running club friends) at the 10k point.

Ty was just drifting off for his morning nap when I spotted running club friends and shouted their names and took blurry photos of them. Ty woke up instantly and was very disturbed with all the shouting from his mom and people next to me. Darn it!

Not too long later Motozo spotted us. For some reason I totally missed him, but he saw us and him and Mika ran back to say hi.

My goofy man asked for some “action shots” of him. Ha! A total runners high going on. Because he had no high goals for his finish time he took his time saying hi to Ty and I.

By then, Ty was really due for a nap so after Motozo carried on running I proceeded to walk down to the 20k point and made an effort not to shout Gambare/Gambatte to the runners. I needed Ty to last for as long as possible in the baby carrier so his nap had to be prioritized 😦 I remember cheering last year for TM and I get really excited at races! I’m really loud and enthusiastic, so it was hard for me to stay quiet!

I found a pretty good cheering spot just before the 20k marker, but there was this horrible policeman who wanted to ruin the spectators day by saying we were jama (in the way) even though we were a good 3 meters away from the all the runners. He kept pushing us farther and farther away and getting upset at anyone who leaned against the “keep out” tape. Grouchy policeman!
But this time I was able to spot Motozo. He insisted on pulling Ty out of the baby carrier. He just woke up from his nap and was not into it as much as daddy was. People were laughing and at one point Motozo pretended like he was going to run off with Ty and one lady was very concerned haha.

I didn’t know how much longer Ty would last in the Ergo so I told Motozo we might not be able to make it to the 30k point as planned. He waved good-bye and said he’ll see us at home then. But after we freshened up a little bit in the Emperor Hotel I was ready to cheer a little more.
I went down to the 34k point and waited and waited! An hr went by, we saw lots of running friends, and Ty continued to get cranker and cranker. I had to call it a day and felt very zannen that I obviously missed Motozo at that spot.
After going home and checking his finish time online I was very perplexed because he totally must have passed us when we were still standing there. So much for bright orange and a tall hat! Boohoo. I was carrying chocolate bars for him so I was hoping he didn’t need them.


It was a tough day for all 3 of us! We were all exhausted in the end. I remember very naively declaring last year (almost 3 months pregnant) that I planned to run the 2012 race. Ha, fat chance I’d have been able to train for it. Good thing I didn’t even get into the 10k that I registered for. Actually, if I got into the 10k I might have trained more. But a full marathon was very far fetched and unrealistic 7 months after having a baby. Maybe 2013 will be my running year? We’ll see…..

This is totally unrelated to the race, but I had to blog about it because I’ve been enjoying it so much! 2 weeks ago I made Protein Bars as my go-to snack. Last week I made seed bars. I LOVE them! So easy to make with simply chia, sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame seeds. Pack full of nutrition!

I’ve been enjoying them all week long! I’m even thinking of making it again this week as its super convenient to have on hand in the fridge whenever hunger strikes.

In case anyone is interested, I followed this recipe


7 thoughts on “Tokyo Marathon 2012!

  1. Mia says:

    Awww, totally get how you feel. Gabe ran in the Hitachi company relay marathon in Feb, we were looking forward to it for so long but then, just like they planned it or something, the 2 youngest got sick the day before. I was so bummed out and Gabe too was quite disappointed that we wouldn`t be there. We`re hoping to make it next year but Feb being a cold season, I almost don`t want to get my hopes up.

  2. artsyduct says:

    haha man I was cracking up the whole time, motozo is such a goof! Why would he even consider a batman costume, and the cape as a slow down made the decision LOL TOO FUNNY! Ty is SOOO cute, I could never get upset at such a lump, he is the best looking boy EVER! Poor things though, I can’t imagine walking those kms with 8 kg strapped on you! Hey, in a way it’s training for next year marathon ? 😀 If Amelie is anything to go by, he will be at his peak seperation anxiety at that time of the year bahaha, but you’ll probably have good help and friends to look after him so I think it’s not too far fetched to go next year! zannen about not meeting moto at the looks so cold! Do they have marathons in singapore…:D if they do, Id so baby sit for you so you could run.

  3. Oh, thats such a shame! Yeah, kids have impeccable timing always!
    How did Gabe’s team do for the relay?

  4. Well, actually 2 years before he ran the race as superman. But chaffing in between the legs sort of burned him on the whole costume wearing experience so I think that was the real reason he decided not to go with batman this time ha. The costumes are so much fun! SO many people wear wonderful costumes and its super entertaining!

    Thanks so much for the offer. We totally should look into races in SIng. It’ll be a good excuse to go there. I know there are lots of races, but the heat would be an issue for me. Running is more pleasant in cool weather. The weather yesterday was almost perfect for a marathon. Slightly chilly, but at least no rain!

  5. nina says:

    so cool! It would’ve been awesome if he used the batman costume. So cool how he’s so psyched for the run and goofs off all the time.
    That seed bar looks so good! I wish they had chia here, i’m sure they do but i’d probably have to order them online.

  6. Mia says:

    Yeah, costumes of all kinds, usually tight clingy ones that won`t get in the way of running. One team in Gabes relay, stripped down to just boxers and it had snowed earlier that week, and that day was sprinkling on and off, freezing.

  7. Mia says:

    I don`t know the exact numbers, but his team did one of the worst, but he did above average. Everyone was really impressed and totally didn`t see it coming.

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