Workouts Of The Week

Last weeks workouts that is.

I kept them short and sweet. I used older workouts because I’m not too into the recent host.

Wed 22nd
Fit Hotties Workout
12mins interval workout and I finished everything off with a couple dozen lunges, squats, and crunches as I had a little more power left in the tank.

Thurs 23rd
Crazy Home Bootcamp Workout
12mins again. I didn’t have time to do anything after the workout as Ty needed attention.

Fri 24
Butt Fat Melt Down Workout
13mins. On my workout notes I wrote down “good and tough”

As you can see I only managed 3 workouts as I was too busy, but all of them kicked my ass and I got a good sweat on. I did all 3 in front of Ty while he was busy putting all his toys in his mouth, but by the end of my workout he was bored and needed to be picked up.

I’ve already noticed a little more body tone over all, but unfortunately, I put on muscle very easily on my lower half which meant the jeans I tried on last week felt a lot tighter this week 😦 grrrr. I need more cardio to slim out my thighs.

Since no post is complete without something of Ty.

Cracker time. He slowly is eating a tiny tiny bit more. I figured out he needs things watered down A LOT! But every now and then he’ll nibble on some rice crackers. But still his poo doesn’t smell bad so I guess that means he’s hardly eating anything, but it has changed to green again which possibly means a food intolerance? Perhaps his stomach just needs time to adjust to solids.

Major teething going on!

He looks angry, but he just was concentrating with all his might to bite down on the apple. ha.


6 thoughts on “Workouts Of The Week

  1. lil says:

    oh his face! Such a little man he is. I think rice and starches dont really make stnkies i dont think? Its more protein/fruit/veggies?

  2. Oh I didn’t know that. He had a tiny bit of pumpkin yesterday, but still no stinky poo. I thought the poo smell changes even with tiny bit of solids in the diet.?

  3. Tramp says:

    hehe look at him chomp down, he’s really going for it. Good for you with your workouts! You fit in more then I do, and that’s with a baby as well. Keep it up and I’m sure you’ll see the results you want.

  4. Lisa says:

    OMG MEG! Stop stressing! Your getting worked up over the smell of poo! Come-on yoga-meditation lady chilax. Every baby is different and babies do weird things and get weird rashes and coughs etc.

    Babies Poos change colour depending on what they eat. Orange food-Orange Poo, Green food- Green Poo. Mostly you get weird poo’s. At this stage the colour changes everyday.

    If he’s happy and eating what he wants, let him at it. He’ll let you know what he needs. Just relax and enjoy the squishy

  5. Meg says:

    I haven’t given him any green food though so the green food = green poo isn’t the case for this.
    But yes, you’re right. I must relax a bit.

  6. Lisa says:

    Most foods make te poo green and multi coloured it’s like a surprise 🙂

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