Jogging Stroller & Last Week’s Workouts

Last week I picked up a jogging stroller someone was giving away for free. I was quite surprised that it was so large, but I guess most jogging strollers are and I’m just used to smaller Japanese strollers.

We tested it out on Ty at home. He seemed quite comfortable even though I think the stroller is for older kids as the straps are a little too large for him.
He just chilled out in the stroller for a long time.

I hopped he’d be this relaxed in it when we took it for a spin.

On Sat we went out for our first family run. We had wonderful weather on Sat, but getting to the park was a bit hairy as we need to go through crowded Harajuku. We got many glances jogging with this monster. It’s basically the size of a bicycle. I must say, and I don’t mean this is a bad way, but I feel very American pushing this thing.

Ty only made a couple peeps on the way to the park, but after 1 lap in the park he was fast asleep. Motozo is still recovering from his marathon from last week so he took over the stroller so I could run a head a little faster. All my runs these days are rushed as I feel I need to get as much exercise in as possible while Ty is sleeping. Or if I leave Ty at home then I feel like I need to get home as fast as possible. So to get the most out of my short workouts I tend to push and Motozo was impressed 🙂 hehe.
I’m feeling a little stronger and fitter these days. Even though my workouts are super short I am seeing results as far as building stamina.

Ty slept peacefully the whole time until we were done and popped into a Starbucks.

Over all, the stroller was quite nice to use. Its light weight and with the huge wheels it was a super smooth ride for Ty and with him falling asleep (very rare for him) in it it was a good sign that he was comfortable. We’ll see how many times I can manage to use this thing.

And while were talking exercise. Here are the workouts I did last week.

Mon 27th -30min jog. Felt really tough!

Wed 29th
ZWOW#6 10mins. Good leg workout.

Fri 2nd – 30min jog. Magically felt a lot easier.

Sat 3rd – Around 30min jog, half the time pushing jogging stroller.

It was a good workout week with 3 runs! 🙂 Happy happy.

3 thoughts on “Jogging Stroller & Last Week’s Workouts

  1. artsyduct says:

    ooh nice! And for free. Those are monstor for sure, but you need heavy duty to be able to jog safely, when I try and run with the stroller we have the wheels immediately start shaking back and forth ahha. great pic of motozo running with it too, it’s like an ad lol. I can see why you would feel very non-japanese with that beast. It’s so huge!!

  2. Ellen says:

    this is great!!!! and the baby slept all the way!! Ivè never seen anybody here jogging with a stroller but I think it`s fantastic!!

  3. Mia says:

    I`ve never seen anybody jogging with a stroller here either. Strangely, I felt so American too. I got, as a present, a big red one, much like yours, from Costco. It is really comfy (I sat in it myself) and very sturdy (Gabe would push it like a wheelbarrow with my younger sisters and Micky pilled in).
    I totally loved it, except for 2 things: it didn`t fit through the ticket machines in train stations (we didn`t have a car then), and turning was pain, with having to pick up the front wheel to pivot. I see yours is built that way too. It`s so nice you have a good place to run.

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