He Needs A Bra

My baby is 8 months!

Looks like I’m not the only one surprised.

Not a whole lot changed with him. Still very very wary of solids.

Looks are deceiving. This is the classic case of food everywhere BUT in the mouth. Zero avocado/banana mush ingested.

He does like his little millet rings though. And what I mean by “like” is when he willingly puts it in his mouth.

Likes tasting it.

But as soon as the whole thing gets in his mouth he doesn’t know what to do with it. He’ll gum on it for a little bit, but will eventually gag and spit it out. And then he doesn’t want anything to do with the rings.

Same thing goes for his rice crackers. At least he has a few things he will willingly put in his mouth. Today I tried sweet potato. One lick and he wouldn’t touch it, ha. Tomorrow we try broccoli. I’ve been offering him foods about 2-3xs a day to see if there’s a certain time he’ll take some solids. But rather than expecting/hoping he’ll eat something, its more for him to explore different textures, smells, and practice using his pincher fingers.

Today I talked with a mum who made me feel pretty good. Both her sons were slow solid food eaters. Her first didn’t take solids well until he was 1.5yrs old and her 2nd son from 10 months.

My boy is clearly on his on schedule and can’t be pushed. But I think his teeth coming in is bothering him quite a bit so I can’t blame him for not being so into solids.

You can’t really tell with all the clothes on.

But breast milk alone has obviously been quiet sufficient. When daddy saw this photo he said, “He needs a bra!” haha.

I love those rolls of his! 8 months 8 kilos – yeah, I have nothing to worry about.

I’ll do a proper 8 month update soon.


4 thoughts on “He Needs A Bra

  1. artsyductlil says:

    oh he’s a chunky monkey alright! 7kg was amelie at 8 months, and even she tried some solids, it’s definetely not for eating, just playing lol. that first pic of him is soooo cute. He’s just so sweet looking! I love his face expressions too. I think for 1 food group they get used to it the more it’s offered, so it’s good you’re offering so often. I found amelie’s scehedule was nothing all day until the evening where she eats the most. Still now evening is when she gets all her intake basically. We almost have all 3 meals then and just snacks, fruits and crackers throughout the day. He’ll take it to it. The doc said as long as she tripples her birth weight by 18 months it’s fine! So that was easy heh.

    love his man boobs. he’s adorable!

  2. sheba says:

    LOL! the last pic is sooo funny! couldnt stop laughing! he seriously gets cuter and cuter!!!

  3. nina says:

    he is an absolute cutie, and totally getting cuter every post.
    HA! Just the title alone made me laugh, and when I scrolled down it was like wow! Yup, bm is def good enough.

  4. Merch says:

    i love that first picture of his face! hez so cute!

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