8 Month Update

Again, it’s so strange for me to say he’s 8 months. He still feels like a 6-7 month old. I think I’ll be saying this at every monthly update! I can’t believe he’s 4 months away from being a year old! CRAZY! He has been around for as long as I was pregnant! It still feels like my pregnancy was long, but 8 months of having Ty around definitely has zoomed by! He has grown and changed so much since when he was a newborn! One of these days I need to do a comparison photo update of him.

My poor baby this month has been suffering from a cold. The worse cold he’s had yet! He was so stuffy at night and had such difficulty breathing through his nose that it caused us both to lose A LOT of sleep. I seriously felt as exhausted as the newborn days – ZOMBIE! I also came down with a cough so its been really tough! Just a couple of days ago he seems to be on the mend. At least he can breath through his nose at night, but in the day his nose is still running and he seems to have caught my cough.

He has not gained a single gram in 2 weeks! I am concerned. This has to do with him not being able to nurse comfortably with his plugged nose. Like in the newborn days, I’m waking up super engorged and I’ve had to pump quite often lately because he just refuses to nurse as much as he did precold. His over night diaper is a pitiful over night diaper. He used to wet his diaper to the BRIM (I don’t change his diaper in the middle of the night), but come morning these days it’s really not as wet.
From just last night he started nursing a bit more at night so I hope he continues to get his appetite back. Right now, I don’t care if he wakes me up a lot to nurse, I want his diaper count to go up and for him to put on some weight to put my mind at ease.

Not only is he uncomfortable with his cold, but his second tooth is coming in now and it must be bothering him as well. There was one night he woke up every 30mins screaming in pain! That was a long night!

Due to teething he will bite on anything he can get in his hands on, including me. This pass week he has bitten me constantly while nursing. It’s usually when he’s frustrated because he can’t breath through his nose or when he needs to burp. I’ve tried different methods to get him to stop. I shout and take him off or silently just push his face into my boobs to smother him a bit so he let’s go of my nipple. Neither have worked very well and he keeps biting. Sometimes he smiles at me when I shout “Ouch” and other time he gets scared and starts crying. SIGH!

Speaking of being scared. The most scariest thing for him is me blowing my nose, especially at night, haha. He better get used to it as blowing nose is quite a frequent thing around this season.

Want to see his tooth? Wala! The second one is coming in right next to the first one and it looks like the top teeth are going to come in pretty soon too. Poor baby doesn’t have any break.

This photo is a couple weeks back and his tooth a lot longer now.

Still doing the BLW method and although he still is not a big fan of solids, at least he isn’t completely refusing to touch food. He will willingly pick up what I put in front of him and give it a taste. Hey, it’s a start! He explores with his finger and mouth, but as soon as he bites a piece off he starts freaking out a bit and hates it when he gags.

I’ve spoon fed him pureed homemade applesauce on 2 different occasions and both times he did a proper vomit. I guess he really didn’t like it.
His stomach is still definitely pretty sensitive as he seems to vomit more often than before these days. They say if a baby refuses solids he’s protecting himself from some possible allergies etc, so I’m letting him take his time with the solids.
It’s actually kind of nice that I don’t have to stress about it. I don’t HAVE to pack some food for him when we go out since I know it won’t be taken anyway. I kind of just offer him food whenever its convenient for me which is whenever were at home.

But then again, if he was into food I wouldn’t complain either.

He really is quite a curious soul always watching what people are doing and trying to get involved. His anxiety for going outside to loud places suddenly disappeared over night it seems. This makes my life so much easier! I just have to make sure I carry a couple of toys with me wherever I go and he’s pretty good  just looking around at the surroundings while gumming away on his toys.

Playing with him is pretty fun. Although, I think I’m having more fun then him ha.

He’s still not showing any signs of crawling, but sometimes if I’m siting in front of him he’ll pull himself up to me. Maybe he’ll skip crawling and start standing? who knows.

His separation anxiety has intensified and he gets pretty anxious if he can’t see me. But i suppose that is normal around this stage.

Although, I’ve started pumping regularly again, Ty has decided he doesn’t want a bottle, period! I guess that was to be expected as we didn’t give him a bottle in 4 months. I’ve tried different bottles, his baby sitter tried, and Motozo tried with no success. There wasn’t really any need for me to give him a bottle since I’m with him all day long, but as of this week I started teaching prenatal yoga on a weekly basis so if he took a bottle it would come in handy and might sooth his anxiety of me not being around. On Wed, the last time he nursed was 8:30AM and he refused to nurse before I left to teach so he went 5hrs with nothing. He refused both the bottle and solids from the sitter. When I left he cried for 30mins straight (ouch, my heart!), luckily went down for a 40min nap. woke up crying again, but when I met them outside after my class he seemed really content  being pushed in his stroller.  It’s an adjustment for both of us. But I have to say, it was wonderful to get away for a bit. I felt pretty refreshed after the class and very eager to see him. And for the first time I didn’t have that horrible intense feeling of guilt for leaving him for an extended period of time. I’d say, it’s about time and maybe he’ll eventually take the bottle so I can leave to TAKE a yoga class one of these days.

Preping for my class though is hard work since lately he needs me to sit next to him while he plays.

I’m sure there is tons more that is new with him, but this post has already taken me 3 whole days to complete so I’m ending it here.
Its Friday and I hope you all have fun plans for the weekend!


2 thoughts on “8 Month Update

  1. artsyduct says:

    oh I was wondering how he went with your yoga class! HURRAH 30 minutes is not bad at all and good that yu didnt feel guilty, 5 hours is totally fine for his age now and he can make due. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of him with the broccoli. he is the cutest cutest cutest! His facial expressions are jsut the best. I would also have so much fun just taking pics of him, you’re obviusly enjoying it too much with that bowl on his head LOLOL. Defineteily relax about the solids, only start getting worried when hes 1 and not eating but I dont think that’ll be a problem. Also weight will slow considerably from this point, specially bf babies. wears the same clothes as 8months sometimes!! and they actually fit better because her legs are slim!! UGH the worry never stops does it. Good to hear he’s recovering from cold though..great that you can have him watch you do yoga pratice, love that last photo. Hes like , look mom, I’ve got toys on my mat, you don’t LOL

  2. Jesse says:

    He’s really cute. And I’m glad that he is doing better. Looking forward to seeing everyone this year.

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