My Poor Baby!

I’ve been MIA, but for valid reasons. For the pass week I’ve been in the hospital with Ty. Poor baby had pneumonia!

😦 The whole of March, he was suffering with a cold. Major stuffy nose that made it tough for him to nurse and then I came down with a cold and a cough, then Ty came down with my cough. 2 weekends ago I thought his breathing was strange, very shallow and he was throwing up on a daily basis. On Sunday evening we took him to the ER because he had a high fever and had difficulty breathing. The hospital didn’t think it was anything more serious than a cold so they send us home with meds and said he needed rest. He was up constantly that night crying off and on so it was no wonder that his condition was no better on Monday. In the afternoon I took him to the hospital(a different hospital from the first) again because he had zero appetite (my engorged boobs!) and his fever was creeping up again.
Immediately, at the hospital the Dr could tell it was pretty serious. His heartrate was high, his breathing shallow, and he was in obvious discomfort. A blood test and x-ray showed he’s anemic and had pneumonia.
He was hooked up on oxygen and the Dr explained that lack of oxygen might be the cause of him throwing up. He also got IV because he was slightly dehydrated and they started him on rounds of antibotics.

The first night in the hospital was rough! He couldn’t get comfortable. He was so tired, but couldn’t sleep for long stretches. It broke my heart seeing him like this. All I could do was try to give him comfort by carrying him lots, proping him up on pillows to sleep, and trying to stay sane myself with close to zero sleep for 2 nights.

The next day the Dr’s suspected that he might have asthma as well. Its still not 100% confirmed that he has asthma since its difficult to diagnosis it in babies, but they prescribed him meds for his asthma like symptoms. Since we also found out he’s anemic we have to give him supplements twice a day and he hates it like nothing else. Its tough, but we have to force him to drink it with a syringe.
Long story short, it was a really tough week for everyone. Ty wanted to held a lot, he had trouble sleeping since the hospital was loud and the nurses check up on him every 2 hrs. At night I felt I was going out of my mind. As soon as Id manage to put him down the nurse will come in and fiddle around with his IV or ask me a question with a regular voice and wake Ty up and I’d have to start from square one again putting him to sleep.

Luckily, the other two patients in the room were discharged so we had the room to ourselves for 2 days and it was a lot quieter then.
He spent most of the day like this, too tired to sit upright or have much interest in toys.

But eventually he started getting a bit better and he could sit up for brief periods and play with toys.

After not long he’ll choose the less physically demanding position to gum on his toys. Oh, and to make him even more uncomfortable both of his upper teeth decided to break in while he was in the hospital! This is off the topic, but he grinds his teeth now which gives me shivers. Oh, and he bites more than ever too. With 4 teeth it’s painful!!

I had quite a few stressful nights where it seems my supply really dipped and we had to use our stash of frozen breast milk to satisfy him. It was a very emotional time and I was emailing Lilia daily of how disappointed I was if this was the end of my breastfeeding days. The Drs and nurses were telling me I was probably just exhausted (and I was) and once we go home and got back into our regular routine then my milk would come back. One night Motozo, Lilia and another friend persuaded me that one night of sleep would do me good so Motozo stayed at the hospital with Ty that night and I slept for 7hrs at home! The first time for me to sleep that long in weeks! Ty didn’t like the bottle, but sometimes he’d drink a little bit from it, just enough to take the hunger off and then he’d whine for the boob. There was only one occasion where he drank 50ML one after the other. Then after that one night I handed him the bottle as a toy and he brought it to his mouth and drank a little from it. In a way, both Motozo and I wanted him to get used to the bottle because it was stressful trying to give him the bottle and him refusing it. But the following nights after he vehemently refused the bottle. Thankfully, ever since we got back home my supply doesn’t seem to be an issue any more. I’ve been drinking fenugreek/raspberry leaf tea, and brewers yeast like its my job, but I think more than anything being back in my environment (a whole lot less stressful) and having a healthy baby whos sleeping better at night and eating a lot better is doing my milk supply wonders! Man, was I was worried Id have to supplement from there on out and Im so glad I don’t have to! That experience made me realize how much breastfeeding really means to me. I know I said it many times that I’ve considered switching over to formula because breastfeeding has always been pretty tough for me. Ty isn’t a good nursing, never was, and probably never will be. For those of you who’ve been following this blog since Ty’s birth might remember that he was bottle fed for the first month of his life. He couldn’t/wouldn’t nurse and it took a lot of effort (sweat and tears!) to get him to nurse and its continued to be a constant struggle with his sensitive stomach, my previous oversupply, his inability to do a solid nursing session and be finished for couple of hours (still is a snacker), and the constant night nursing that has given me permanent bags under my eyes. Its been and is still tough I tell you! Everyone said it gets easier, but it hasn’t in Ty’s case. But this situation of having to supplement made me very devestated that I may find myself gradually nursing less and less all without my control or choice. I told myself Id nurse for at least a year and I committed to that despite how tough it is. And now more than ever, I’m sure I want to continue to nurse a year or even longer if I and Ty are still interested and if I’m still capable. It made me realize how precious and special breastfeeding is and I’m totally not ready to stop even though there are countless times I’ve entertained that idea.

One good thing that came out of this situation is that now Ty is boob crazy and doesn’t mind nursing anywhere at home. He used to be very particular and would only nurse in either the Ergo or in the bedroom and the lights had to be dimmed. Now he doesn’t mind nursing in the living room etc, but he gets distracted real easily so I now prefer to use the the bedroom so he can concentrate better.

Ok, back about Ty.

Two days before we were discharged he finally cracked a smile. He didn’t need the IV after the 3rd day in the hospital, but they still left a needle in his arm to administer his meds so he had his right arm all wrapped up and unusable. He often would look at his arm like what the heck is this and why can’t I use my hands. The boy was a trooper though and didn’t seem all that bothered about the arm.

And then the day before we were discharged he was deemed fine without the oxygen in the day, but at night they put it back on since his breathing got shallow at night. It was so nice to have the oxygen off since it strapped him to the bed. We weren’t allowed to take him out of his room, but it was nice to just walk around the room more and let him look out the window. He was pretty stoked to be off the the oxygen too!

Funny thing happened in the hospital. He suddenly got a little bit of an appetite for solids. I found out that iron and appetite go hand in hand. Maybe the iron supplements that he’s taking did something to increase his appetite? He chow down two baby rice crackers in no time. First time EVER! Now that we are home and were offering him solids 3x a day, he def is more interested and actually manages to swallow a couple bites of solids. But it has to be finger food. He won’t have anything to do with mush.
Anyway, I’m quite happy about this.

The day we were discharged the Dr was surprised how good his lungs sounded. all healed up! We were told to take it easy for a couple of days and to keep an eye/ear on his breathing just incase he does have asthma. With happy and relieve (tired) faces we were sent home with lots of meds.

Ty is doing a whole lot better and is basically back to himself. His voice is completely shot though because he did A LOT of crying in the hospital. He’s ultra ultra 100% more insanely attached to me which is to be expected after the ordeal he’s been through. Poor man needs to have a blood test almost on a weekly basis to keep an eye on his anemia and he might have to deal with asthma for the rest of his life, but we’ll deal with that. I’m just so happy to be home with a healthy baby again!

Thank you so much everyone who visited and relieved me for a couple mins to take a shower daily. Mom, Sherry, Jen, Jayne, and Mary thank you! And thank you so much Lils, Sara, and Yeon for being a motherly ear for me to phone and cry to. All your words of comfort and advice really helped get me through my stress and anxiety.

And HUGE props to daddy of the year, Motozo, who took care of Ty all on his own one night (first time) so I can get some must needed rest. Motozo was awesome!


6 thoughts on “My Poor Baby!

  1. artsyduct says:

    ohhh ty had us all worried so much! You are a wonderful persevering mom!! So amazed how you go through what you do with such grace and even more devotion to your boy!! Yesterday on skype was HIlarious with his funny faces! Just looking at these pics makes me so worried haha, it must have been SOO stressing! Hopefully he evens out, I imagine anything seems easier after that :), even for him he’s probably more used to feeding anywhere and anytime, jut thankful to be home! He’s sooo cute, chunky too for how little he’s been eating! Yay for having a great hubby motozo! how brave of him to take him overnight in the hospital. I hope he doesnt have asthma and all the best with breastfeeding to a year. If you can get through that I dpnt think there’s anything else that will stop it

  2. mama says:

    yoku MAMA dayo.

  3. Mia says:

    Aww, so sorry Meg… and Moto and Ty… for having to go through that. And really happy to hear Ty is doing better and that you all got through it. It`s not easy seeing your kid in that situation… Gabe almost bailed on me in Helsinki, it`s quite emotional. So sorry.
    No wonder your milk supply went down, mine nearly disappeared altogether but after about a month of still trying to nurse, the milk came back fully again.
    Just wanna say…
    When Raiden started Hoikuen at 1~2 years old, he`d get every cold, flu, bug that was going around. It was really like he was constantly sick and I thought he would be weak like that for the rest of his life. But this past year (2~3 yrs old) he`s only gotten sick once, during flu season, and he doesn`t catch everything and he`s not the one that gets it the worse now. Not saying Ty will be the same, but just hoping to encourage that as Ty gets older his body gets stronger…. so less sick, less worry, it does get easier. Gambatte ne.
    Hope his anemia clears up quick.

  4. Okagesamade! I wouldn’t have managed without you and the girls help!

  5. Merch says:

    poor thing! get well soon

  6. I can totally sympathize what you went through with Raiden! Its totally an emotional thing to see your child in the hospital!
    I hope Ty does get stronger like Raiden did.

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