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I was talking to mum on the phone tonight and she mentioned that the “My Poor Baby” post has been up for a long time “hint hint, when are you going to update?” ha.
Yeah, its been forever! Ever since coming back from the hospital Ty has needed a lot more attention and care for. For the last few weeks I couldn’t walk a couple steps away from him without him bursting in tears and being that his voice was pretty shot from all the crying he did in the hospital, I obliged and carried him a lot. His schedule was completely whacked for a little while too. It’s actually finally coming around to a good schedule that it was before. He’d wake up on the dot at 6AM and then it started getting earlier and earlier. He wouldn’t nap much in the mornings, but want to take long naps in the afternoon and I needed to lay down with him or his naps wouldn’t last longer than 10mins.
And in the evenings once he went down he’d wake up every 30mins and I’d have to nurses him back to sleep. He’s finally starting to sleep a whole lot better in the evenings, but still wakes up a lot and I’ve accepted more or less that that’s how its going to be for a while.

I won’t get into too much detail but we still are dealing with after effects of him being an antibiotics. Major loose stools for a WHOLE MONTH! Its been driving me crazy! I seriously feel like I spend 24hrs nursing and changing poo diapers. It’s not uncommon for him to poo up to 3 times at night and his poor bottom is suffering from it. Finally, today I called his Dr and asked if we can give his meds (he’s still on meds) a break just to give his stomach a break and see if there will change any  in his pooing situation. She thought it was fine since he doesn’t have a cough any more, so fingers crossed that things get better. I also saw a pediatric nutritionist today to maybe get some ideas on how I can get Ty to eat more solids and do something about his EXTREMELY sensitive stomach (did I mention that it still takes forever to nurse him because his burps just don’t come up easily?) and she’s going to put Ty on probiotic and other stomach friendly supplements. FINGERS CROSSED this fixes things a bit as I seriously feel like I’m going OUT OF MY MIND!

Anyway, let’s get on to the photos.

LOVES his bath times. When he came back from the hospital he would cry if daddy gave him a bath, but he’s finally more comfortable and feels secure now so he’s happy as a clam regardless of who gives him a bath. He’s in water and with toys, he’s happy!

And daddy is happy to squirt him. Good thing Ty is a pretty good sport and doesn’t protest at all.

As for solids, its SLOWLY getting a bit better. He sometimes lets me feed him with my fingers 1-2 bites of something, but pretty much the only thing he really will eat eagerly is baby rice crackers. He did enjoy gumming on this celery and looked on at the papaya very suspiciously. He’s not a huge fan of fruits it seems like. He actually prefers pretty bland or savory foods.

Mom got this cool butterfly toy for Ty. Thanks mom!

Ty is still not crawling despite being 9 1/2 months. To say I’m not concerned would be a lie. I’m a little concerned so we’ve been doing more tummy time. But I don’t think we can rush it and he’ll crawl (or skip it all together) whenever he’s ready to. He’ll reach for toys.

But gives up pretty quick. Lazy boy.

2 weeks ago he finally mastered rolling in both directions! In the hospital he preferred sleeping on his side and I think that helped get him to learn how to roll onto his stomach.
But he seems to know soft and hard surfaces as he only rolls around a lot on our bed. Since he sleeps on his side now he often wakes himself up when he rolls on his stomach and I’m thinking I might need to install mesh walls on the side of our bed to prevent him from falling off. In the morning he’s super genki and spends about an hr, in between nursing, rolling around and shouting. It’s really cute.

He’s teething again! The poor boy doesn’t get a break. This time 4 teeth are coming in! 2 on either side of his top teeth. That’ll be a total of 8 teeth! Thankfully he doesn’t bite me as often as he used to.

But he bites pretty hard on his other toys.

More photos coming soon…..well, we’ll see about soon ha.


5 thoughts on “Random Photos

  1. artsyduct says:

    HAHA the last one of him biting is so good! He’s such a love bug. Poor things both of you, can’t seem to get a break eh?! Hopefully after stopping meds his stomach can calm down! I remember there was a time with amelie where she started doing like 4 to 5 poos in the day like a newborn again and it was insane! He’s such a cutie, hope he crawls soon. I remember amelie JUST started sitting at around 8 or 9 months and that worried me sick haha. little trouble makers these are! lol, thanks for the updates, he brightens my day always!

  2. Mia says:

    Arrgh, such a difficult pooch. You poor things, I really wish I could help somehow.

    Don`t be too worried about his crawling/walking, often when babies get badly sick some milestones are sorta put on hold. Sometimes they`ll pick it up where they left off, other times they start from scratch again. Pneumonia can take months to get over, anyway, so it`s prob. good he`s taking it slow.

    That last pic is so funny, I`d hate to get bit by him, he chomps with all he`s got, lol!

  3. Jewel says:

    You poor thing … its really one thing after another for you guys huh! Hang in there! He already has 8 teeth? Papoosie still only has 6! His 7th is coming out now.
    He’s looking so cute … Hope he fully recovers soon!!

  4. Well, very soon he’ll have 8 teeth. Right now its 4 in and 4 coming in. His teeth are coming in crazy fast.
    Yeah, it is one thing after another for us. 😦 I hope we get a break soon.

  5. Thanks Mia. That sounds like a nice excuse to use that he was sick thats why he’s a little delayed. And you’re right, its good he’s not exerting himself too much as he still needs to recover completely from Pneumonia.

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